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Thanks, Jane, for your warm thoughts I think I should just go ahead with the mercury removal. Good luck with yours - let us know how it goes!

CircleMama, the dentist that I saw tested me via ART muscle testing and found that I'm highly reactive to mercury. Is this similar to how your doctor tested you?
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How many are you having replaced? How many do you have total? Are you having hair testing done before or after?
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Thank you and for sure I will update every step of the way

I have...gulp...10.
I'm getting them ALL out. One quadrant of the mouth at a time. As I understand it, hair testing can show your history of exposure, I'm having it done this week. And having DS's hair tested too.

I truly love my dentist can I just say...she's a BF'ing mom too!!!! I think her protocol for removal and detox support is excellent. We are also visiting our Naturopath to help us through this.
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Well the last week has been difficult...I went ahead with removing 2 fillings yesterday but not without some angst.

Our naturopath thought I should wait until I was finished bf'ing. She thought that removal of the fillings would substantially increase the mercury in my system. (Actually we discussed other issues I was having too and she thought it was time to wean for my health too, so in retrospect, she was not very supportive of me as a whole I think.)

I had asked my dentist specifically about this and her protocol for removal is completely different than the average dentist (the whole reason why I'm going to her in the first place). My dentist uses the IAOMT guidelines of oxygen tube for my nose, outside air venting, rubber dam, water spray cutting and even puts charcoal in my mouth. Perhaps my naturopath wasn't familiar with this protocol and the difference it can make.

It was not an easy decision for me, but to help me I spent quite some time reading the IAOMT site and also found a medical study that supports the safety of this protocol:

The Hg-concentrations did not significantly increase in the two groups after amalgam removal. Six days after the removal the plasma mean concentrationwas significantly decreased at p<0.05 level and ten days after the decrease was at a permanent p<0.005 level.
I've decided to reduce the frequency of bf'ing for a week after the removal and feel that is an easy way to cut down on any potential increase in exposure. Abrupt weaning or even waiting and weaning gradually just didn't feel right for us right now. Thankfully this is the weekend and DH can distract DS easily and put him to bed at night. I am down to only bf'ing him once in the middle of the night for the next few days b/c that is the most crucial time of need for him when distractions don't work. This is a lot less than our usual 4x a day.

I feel very good about this decision and the removal wasn't bad at all.

I'm on some supplements to help digestion and elimination but am not doing any supplements that could cause the mercury to be dislodged from within my tissues as I want it to stay where it is for now so as not to be released in my milk.

I'm taking extra vitamin C and eating foods that contain a lot of sulfur (eggs, garlic, onions, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, nuts, red meat, coconut, avocado) ... both substances bind to mercury and help to excrete it. I'm also using psyllium and bentonite to absorb toxins, an herbal Colon Clear product for short term and digestive enzymes.

Can I just say I HATE pumping and dumping, ugh.
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Originally Posted by Pilgrim
It is also my understanding that it is downright dangerous to have your amalgam fillings messed with while your are pregnant or breastfeeding.
After reading this thread I'm horrified. Why? Because while 7 months pregnant, my dentist told me it was fine to replace ALL of my mercury fillings with the white ones - about TEN of them within a span of 2 days. She never informed me of ANY of this information and told me it was perfectly fine and wouldn't effect the baby at all. She didn't take any precautions while doing it, either. Now I'm just... I can't believe I just trusted her and didn't take the time to research it..
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I am so sorry for the stress you are now going through, that really sucks.

Can you print off the info and take it to her, and discuss this so she won't do this to another pregnant mama?
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Originally Posted by Star
After reading this thread I'm horrified. Why? Because while 7 months pregnant, my dentist told me it was fine to replace ALL of my mercury fillings with the white ones - about TEN of them within a span of 2 days. She never informed me of ANY of this information and told me it was perfectly fine and wouldn't effect the baby at all. She didn't take any precautions while doing it, either. Now I'm just... I can't believe I just trusted her and didn't take the time to research it..
Ugh, Star, I'm so sorry.
I can't believe it... but really that is what the conventional dentist's think. It's very sad. There are plenty of published studies that show a mercury increase when fillings are removed, especially that many.

This is why I'll never trust a "professional" again without doing my own research. Believe me, my health was harmed too before I came to that realization as well, so I know how you feel.

Whether or not it did effect your babe is uncertain. There are so many other factors. It depends on whether your body and/or theirs are good at getting rid of it, rather than storing it. Some are just more susceptible than others to ill effects.

How old is your baby now?
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Updating our progress...

I had the 3rd quadrant worked on a couple days ago, with 2 small fillings removed. They already feel great. Only one more appt, 3 more fillings to go and then I'll be MERCURY FREE!! My teeth all look healthy and I haven't needed any crowns thank goodness.

DS is still bf'ing less than half of what he used to before I started this process without much trouble, so I'm quite happy about that. Both of us are doing great. I'm so very glad I'm doing this and I completely adore my dentist.

Still eating a lot of sulfur rich foods, lots of vitamin C, chlorella, psyllium, etc.

My dentist had an extremely detailed poster up on her waiting room wall showing all the places in the body that mercury is stored and how it effects the organs and other body processes. With medical references. Scary.

I'm so glad I'm doing this.
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Just out of curiousity - is your son taking anything to help rid the metals from him, or are you just letting him get it from the breastmilk? I weaned my son 2-3 weeks ago so I can have my amalgams removed on June 22, but one doctor told me last week that there was no need to - she said he can take something called "Metal Free". I still have some milk and am contemplating nursing again... I also have Lyme disease and am about to start treatment for that, also, so that's another thing I have to consider. It's just that my son was *not* ready to be weaned, and I wasn't ready to wean him

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Well our naturopath thinks no and I'm not really sure why... so I'm awaiting an appt with a holistic MD recommended by my dentist to pursue this. He is on vitamin C, sulfur rich foods and kefir for now, all natural chelators.

My dentist is also a bf'ing mom and she was very supportive of my cutting my usual bf'ing sessions in half or less and continuing to bf throughout this process. Since we were going slow and she is using every precaution to minimize exposure to mercury, she didn't think he would get much mercury as a result of the removal process... and it only goes down in the blood after that. (BM is made from what's in your bloodstream.)
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So what should one do if pregnant and in misery?

I am 12 weeks pregnant. A couple of months ago I lost part of a filling and now the tooth, or mabey the one behind it is causing such pain. Does not mix well with morning sickness. I would say it gets to the range of 6-7 on the pain scale of 1-10. I am so hesitant to do any thing about it because of the mercury issue. We already have one child with an autistic spectrum disorder, Thankfully mild. There is also the lack of dental insurance. Would getting the tooth pulled be the less contaniment route to go? It is a molar, the second or third one from the back on the bottom.
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Ugh, mama, I feel for you... it's not fair to be in pain and nauseous as well!

Originally Posted by atozmama
Would getting the tooth pulled be the less contaniment route to go? It is a molar, the second or third one from the back on the bottom.
I personally think yes. And the cheapest. You'd have to be clear with the dentist pulling it that s/he wouldn't break the filling into chunks b/c I think that might expose more mercury. And make sure a rubber dam is used to help prevent the possible ingestion of little pieces. It might be worth checking around for more info on this... now that I've read about it, I would never allow a traditional dentist to touch any mercury fillings b/c they seem so unaware of the risk.

If it's hurting, it might need a root canal and then a crown, which not only very expensive, but root canals are now thought to be very unhealthy (it's impossible to clean out all the roots and they harbor bacteria and lead to cavitations.)

My dental insurance covers so little it's pathetic. But maybe it's b/c my holistic dentist is "out of plan". Sigh. It's always more expensive to do the right thing it seems. But then I plan to still be kicking around when I'm 95 and won't have to pay for a nursing home :LOL

Good luck mama, let us know how it goes.
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Warning re: Chlorella

I'm going to post this around the boards, so bear with me if you see several threads about this... I've been poking around the Yahoo Autism_Mercury group files and came across this post. I respect Andrew Hall Cutler's opinion very much as he has spent years researching mercury poisoning

His website is www.noamalgam.com. His book is excellent and his protocol for mercury detox is very well researched.
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That's interesting about Cutler. I bought his book and thumbed through it, taking notes. I then took my notes to my dentist who said Cutler has never actually done detox on anyone and doesn't have any practical experience. He's a researcher, not a practitioner. I agree that it sounds good, but - it's hard to know who to trust, you know? My doctor and dentist (both at www.nihadc.com) both want to be more aggressive (e.g., DMPS by IV, etc). I took a ton of chlorella before, during, and after the removal. That was two weeks ago, and I'm still undecided about what to do next...
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I don't believe that is true...there is many on the Yahoo group which use his protocol for their autistic kids and there is another dr. which has done studies based on it. Poke around there, see what you think.

It made sense to me that smaller doses more frequently would be better. He clearly explains why "aggressive" doses are dangerous.

I do completely agree with you that it is difficult to know who to trust. It's maddening actually!!!!
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Wow, this is scary. I had two silver fillings replaced when dd was 6 months old. The dentist knew I was breastfeeding and never said anything about risks. And I've been having problems for the past year with those two teeth and have ended up with root canals and crowns. Dd went with me to most of my followup appointments and sat on my lap as the dentist ground away at the teeth, temporary crowns, etc. My poor baby. (She has eczema and allergies, too. Wonder how it may have aggravated it?)
We are moving in a year and I will definitely look for a more holistic dentist.
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Mlle. Oiseau

I can certainly say I know how you feel. I had a tooth/crown removed when I was pg too but a regular dentist. They were more concerned about the novocaine .

The sad thing is that studies have shown dentists and their assistants to have huge mercury body loads and neurological problems from exposure to mercury vapor that is released while drilling. My holistic dentist and her asst. wore gas masks when they were removing my fillings.

I definately think the mercury is the root cause of my DS's allergies and eczema. There is actually something referred to as "mercury rashes"... eczema that appears when autistic kids start chelating mercury out. And mercury definately kills good bacteria in the gut.
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tests for mercury in the body?

I am seriously considering have my mercury fillings removed - have wanted to for a while but feel nervous because I am breastfeeding and may try to conceive again soon.

I just started going to the naturopath to answer some questions about this, and to get some testing. My naturo does not seem to think that the hair testing works - she is going to take blood - anyone have other information about this?

Also, how long would I need to wait before getting pregnant again after getting them removed?

Any info would be great.
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A blood test is completely useless for long term chronic exposure. The blood does not hold onto the mercury in the body, the organs do. The mercury is deposited in brain, kidneys, etc. See www.iaomt.org for studies and explanations.

And do not ever do a DMSA challenge by the way. It involves a large dose of DMSA or other chelator to supposedly measure the amout of mercury you excrete. This is very harmful because mobilizes a large amount of mercury all at once and since it is just one dose, the body reabsorbs most of it again, with it likely that more is going to the brain than before. And actually that is not really accurate either, since mercury is stored in many organs in the body, it can take a while for them to give it up.

The best information is found in Andrew Hall Cutler's book, his website is here:

He also belongs to the following Yahoo groups with loads of information you can search on. He will answer questions on list and help you evaulate tests according to his method as well. He does work with several doctors you can hire directly and use him as a consultant too.

He has recommended a Hair Elements test from DDI that tests all metals, and minerals as well. By seeing what your body holds on to and what it excretes, "Counting Rules" are used to determine mercury (and other metal) toxicity as well as mineral deficiencies.

I think your naturopath needs to read this book before she starts advising people on mercury removal and testing. My ND didn't know much about this either and now that I've read more about it, only a little knowledge in this area can be very dangerous.

Cutler recommends a year and a half before conceiving again based on his research. I know it's a long time, I'm still grieving about this myself.
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Thank you mamas !
I'm getting my fillings out soon and just learned even more from reading all you responses.

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