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Nausea Gone - uh oh what does that mean?

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Today I didn't have any nausea and it worries me... I was never so sick with my first and second preg (miscarriage) but I've been feeling horrible, till today, I feel fine today. I'm hoping that doesn't mean I'm going to miscarry.

Anyone else feeling no nausea all of a sudden? I'm at 7.5 weeks.
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Try not to worry... this pregnancy I had morning sickness until my 7th week too and then it just vanished (along with every other symptom I'd been having)! I was so scared I went to my midwife and had an u/s to make sure there was a heartbeat... yep, there was.

Some women are just lucky.
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music-mommy, i could have posted this one!

i am also about 7.5 weeks. now i never had nausea with ds but this one i've had bouts of it during the day. it jsut seems to have disapeared. and i am just not feeling preg. and i am so scared that i mc. i actually had a dream last night that i did. it made me so sad.
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I fortunately do not get morning sickness, but I did have slight queasiness off and on until very recently and I am at 7 or 8 weeks.
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Thanks for the reassurance. I didn't have morning sickness with dd either, and so this time I was surprised, but since I miscarried about 2 years ago, I was thinking maybe the nausea meant I had more hormones running through my body or something. Then all of a sudden it stopped! AHHH!

Maybe it was also because I was so busy yesterday fixing the toilet and replacing the faucet in the sink that I couldn't be nauseous. Hopefully that's what it was!

No spotting yet so that's a good sign. I still have incredibly sore nipples when dd bfs so that's a good sign I suppose!

I'll keep crossing my fingers!!! For you too spsmom.

Maybe when i go for my first appt with the mw I'll ask her to do the doppler... I'm not sure. I'll see how I feel by then.
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one more queasy anecdote- before i knew i was pregnant wh/ my first i was in the restaurant break room having a shift meal of pesto ( my then fave) and then had a quick smoke before going out on the floor. I finished the cigarette, stood up, opened the door and then felt an incredible rush of nausea. I ran to the bathroom and got sick. Fortunately there were so many sorority girls getting sick form a night of fuzzy navels that i fit right in. I bought a test that night and quit smoking for good. After that pyrotechnic display i was waiting for the worst, but as it turns out that was the only time i ever felt sick during that pregnancy. Now if only this one (3rd!) would go as smoothly.
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I felt really nasty until maybe days ago. I was super tired and felt sick all the time and then *wham* it just stopped. I feel like a million bucks now, but a week ago I felt awful. I hope it sticks!
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Today I felt okay. The past 3 days I thought I was going to die. I am 6.5 weeks.
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Well the nausea came back! ha ha, and funnily enough I was glad! Is that strange or what? Anyway, still going strong, so hopefully it's going to stick!
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Yeah, mine came back too.
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Well, now it is gone again. I feel really good and energetic today. It is worrisome.
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So what is up, mamas? Who is sick and who isn't? I'm worried about mine going away. My sense of smell went away too.
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I'm feeling better over the last couple of days; I'm about 9 weeks right now. I've gotten my appetite back (as evidenced by the amount of food I bought at the grocery yesterday! LOL) Still not 100%, and still a little concerned about aversions, but definitely feeling better than I was this time last week. I'm not going to worry - just go with the whole lucky concept and stay positive. I have my first dr. appointment on Wednesday, and I'll feel much better once I see my little peanut and hear the heartbeat. Besides, my boobs are heavy and sore, so I'll take that as a positive sign.

Oh, and my sense of smell isn't nearly as strong as it was my first preg. <shrug>
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Mine has been coming and going. I had a week off for a while but then it came back hard.
I've not thrown up though. With dd I threw up everyday. But was only sick during that time.
This time I am just ill all day but no throwing up. I'm not sure which is better.

I'm also a lot more tired this time but that could be that I have a toddler now.
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It is so nice to hear other people with the same feelings. I was throwing up and exhausted and it hurt so bad and I was so annoyed when ds was nursing and then all of that went away one day. I have only thrown up from coughing too much( I have had a cough for two weeks) and from rinsing some poopy dipes that have been sitting a couple of days. It is nice to be feeling better, but I have been sooo worried that something is wrong. I guess it is just normal. I go in to hear the heartbeat on Tues, hopefully that will make me feel better. I hope we all can get past the puking stage soon!
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mine is back with a vengance. with my first pregnancy, i never had any ill feelings. today, even just coughing makes me gag and almost throw up. i actually did the other day when i was cleaning out the fridge! but i guess you don't need to be pg for that one! brushing my teeth makes me gag, as well.

is anyone else b*tchy? omg, i hate it! again, with ds i never had anything but great happenings. this time, i am such to you know what to dh for the stupidest things! i feel so bad but i can't help myself.
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