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Immune boosters for children

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Last winter (all winter)ds (24 months) was very sick with every cold and flu that came our way, at its worst he had a febril convulsion from a virus, ugggh It was awful, So need less to say i really dont want either of us to go through that again this winter.
I think our diet is good and now he is taking greens plus for kids just in case. Is there anthing else that might be good to keep him heathy this winter.
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Hello Juliepatchouli, there are quite a few things you can do to boost his immune system. one of the best immune boosters is Astragalus, it is a herb which you can give in tincture form, tea, or what I do is also put it in soup. it is a bark which is tasteless. just let it boil with the soup. You can make tea from red clover, burdock root, echinacea, calendula, nettle and elder. Shiitake mushrooms and garlic are also wonderful for boosting the immune system. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables and avoiding cold foods is important to do in the fall and winter months. HTH! ~Holly
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Wow--what great ideas! But Holly, what do you mean by cold foods? And I have some astragulus--its these 6 inch strips of bark--to make dd a tea do I just boil or simmer some? Ia is possible to get too much astragulous, or what would be a good doseage? Thanks--I really want to avoid sickness this season!
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WOW Thanks, thats so much great info! We actually had a feast of pesto with lots of garlic for dinner tonight! I cant believe how much raw garlic my Two year old will eat if introduced in the right way. Yay.
I have heard that you body builds up an immunity to echinaca if you use it all the time and was wondering if It was the same case with Astragalus?
And cold food, I too would like to hear more
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Wildflower - what I mean by cold foods is actually just that- cold foods- such as ice cream or cold beverages, frozen foods, anything that is very cold. It is hardest on your body to digest anything that is cold, it constricts blood vessels and muscle tissue such as those in your digestive system, which makes the body work harder, and when the body has to work harder on digestion, other things such as detoxification are sacrificed. this is why fasting is so beneficial, it gives your body a break to detoxify itself because so much of the body's energy is expended on digestion alone.

That's not to say that you will get sick if you have a glass of cold apple juice every morning, but in the winter months especially, just take care to keep it in moderation or at a minimum if possible. This is because the natural rhythm and cycle of our bodies is to keep itself warm during fall and winter, and to cool itself down in spring and summer, you go against this and you go against the instinctual workings of your body, you go with it and your body responds better to fighting against viruses and bacteria as it should.

As for astragalus yes, you can make a tea out of the bark, I have a strainer that just sits on top of the cup, which makes it easier to put the strips in without having to break them up. you can decoct four strips in about a pint of water and let it seep for about 30 min. drink about 1/4-1/2 cup at a time, a few times a day if you like, and no, I haven't heard of having too much astragalus, but just as with anything moderation is probably best The only conraindication for astraglalus is not to use it during times of acute infections or fever because it has a heating nature.

Juliepatchouli- I hope the above comments help, and as for echinacea I too have heard that your body builds an immunity to it- if you take it longer than about a week at a time. But it's not the same way with astragalus as far as I know.
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Holly, Thanks so much! I think I can put that cold thing into practice right away--makes a lot of sense!
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We use: collostrum, echinacea, royal jelly, vit C, garlic, and grapefruit seed extract.

Sometime they work sometimes not....: I sure hope we don't have colds all winter like we did last winter.
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