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When to worry about breech baby?

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At what point should I/we start worrying about our baby being breech? I don't mean "worry" as in the stressful kind, but the kind where you try and do something about it prior to labor.

I ask because I can tell just by the movements and kicks that Azalyah is still breech. With Elijah...very early on he was head down and he stayed that way. He was already head down at this point I do remember that. (I'm 26 weeks) So I never had to worry about this...but after a few dreams, I'm really afraid I'm in for a breech situation..and I'm not interested in a c-section!

So I was just wondering. Also...WHAT do you do to help a breech baby find their way around naturally?

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several MWs I interviewed said they'd start doing something about a breech at 34 weeks.

what can help to turn the baby (just a couple of things that come to mind right away): pelvic tilts, chiropractic Webster technique, homeopathic Pulsatilla, moxibustion.
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Hi, I found this great link that I was reading last night. http://gentlebirth.org/archives/breech.html

I am 25 weeks, had an U/s yesterday and baby is breech. Well, I figured this out before than anyway because of all the kicks down low. I don't think chiropractic or the slant board or anything like that is used until much later. But I am going to do the gentler things, like having DH talk to the baby to move head-down, play some music on my pelvis, and some pelvic tilts. Can't hurt, right? I figure it's easier for them to turn now, that they are smaller, than 10 weeks from now.
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I never worry before 34 weeks. This monster is laying transverse. I fully expect him to switch in the next few weeks, but I'm not going to bother with it until I need to.
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I'm in the same boat -- trying very hard not to worry (25 weeks today) about breech but I am pretty sure this little bugger is still butt down. I found this site linked in another thread here. The birth story of her twins is cool. Also lots of breech info. My fear is what happens if I'm still breech at the end and the docs know it ahead of time - ie., will they push me into a schedule c/s. I think at my next prenatal in two weeks, I'm going to ask how the docs in my ob's group handle breech babies. I didn't make it past 34 weeks with dd and she was head down for sure anyway so this is all new to me.
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I have heard of babies turning around even in the last few days, so I refuse to worry about it much now!

For encouraging a head-down position, pelvic tilts are great. Wash the floor on your hands and knees while and do some tilts while you're down there.

And if for any reason you're being pushed toward a c/s due to a breech baby, INSIST on confirming the baby's position beforehand. I have heard too many stories of women being opened up and hey, baby isn't breech at all, she's head-down! Most of the time this happens because the doc didn't do an u/s before the surgery to check the baby's position. Doing a quick u/s is much less invasive than cutting you open, and any cautious doc should do it.
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Pelvic tilts worked for me..lol. I had forgotten that I had much worse back pain with Elijah, and was doing pelfic tilts ALL THE TIME just to try and relieve some of that. So I started doing those again..not nightly, but close to it. I can already tell that she's moved around some.

Thanks for all the websites and the help. I never even thought of a braxton hix as being a "stepping stone" to help the baby walk into its position. I found that pretty interesting..and have actually wanted to share the knowledge with others. Of course if I actually would just come out and say something like that - everyone would look at me as if I'm nuts. Not because I don't know what I'm talking about...but because I'm the only one who really cares at the moment! lol
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I'm beginning to think my little squiggler inside is on the move. I keep trying to objectively determine if the kicks have moved higher or if I just want it to be so badly that I'm imagining they are higher than they were. But, I really think the jabs are more at mid-belly now whereas a week or so ago they felt very low. The only real kicks I can remember from my dd were when she was almost here and her foot was always under my ribs. I can't remember the 25-26 week feeling. Got to start doing those tilts.
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