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I've not decided what I will try for. Definitely not what Holli is going for. I stink at HyenaCart, anyway.

Hmm. I wonder why she actually specified that Virginia residents also had to pay a 5% sales tax?
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There are laws of commerce for some states that if a resident of your home state purchases goods from you, they must pay sales tax. There's a lot of those listed on ebay as well. Luckily I live in a state that doesn't do that
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Okay, well, those Tempest pants are freakin' GORGEOUS, but we can only wear longies for like one month here...does she do shorts? Or maybe I should just try for a teeny tiny soaker for the baby that not only isn't conceived, isn't even really THOUGHT of yet except in my little brain...:
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OMG Vanessa made an identical pair of pants to the buggle's custom pants in a size small and she even gave it the same name! I came up with that color combo because it reminded me of the golden sand and the turquoise waters of Hawaii, where I grew up (and miss terribly!) The buggle looks soooo sweet in his large Turquoise Sunset pants and I just HAVE to have matching pants for his little sister next summer (there are like a whopping 2 weeks per year in Finland where it would be too warm for wool pants, so season doesn't matter for us here, BBB longies get used basically year-round). What a gorgeous picture that would make with the buggle and his new litle sibling with them in matching pants!! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but.. but.... it's hard when I dreamed up those pants myself and now it's version in size small is tempting me and my pregnant hormones! I've been trying to think of a really sweet matching set for the buggle and the new mini-the-snug on the way....

If anyone will help me stalk those pants, I promise a lifetime of stalking slavery and I'll be your best friend and and and.... ....Um, I have brand new OV medium elbees on their way to me that I am willing to dangle as bait for someone with a fast mouse/connection...
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Oh, you will still probably get them--you're known to be great with HC!

I Just wanted to LYK in case you weren't sure, that size medium BBB pants fit my buggle awesome when he was 4 months old, with the cuffs rolled up--I can show you pics if you'd like to see. You have some really pretty medium BBB pants and Mari will be over 4 months when you get her, right? So you'll have some really great BBB pants to put on her as soon as you get her, no matter what happens tomorrow. But good luck on these, I know you like them (they are super color choices, aren't they? ).
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Slowly. . .back away from Rose Water.
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Holli, the medium soaker I got from her was almost too small on Kesi at 7 months so I am not convinced that a small would fit Mari's even at 4+ months...but of course every baby is shaped differently.
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Wow those pants are gorgeous!
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Ok, I have definitely decided on the Mango Tango. I just have to have it! I love the colors and it would look great on Jack or Sara. Plus mango is my all time favorite fruit
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Naaah. I think theyd fit her, Those Smalls would fit my baby, the Medium I had was too big and he is 17 months.
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Yup the smalls are dd's dimensions too
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Originally Posted by ustasmom
I've not decided what I will try for. Definitely not what Holli is going for. I stink at HyenaCart, anyway.

Hmm. I wonder why she actually specified that Virginia residents also had to pay a 5% sales tax?
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ok, while everyone feels sad about not getting their 2nd, 3rd or more pair of BBB pants, i just want my FIRST and ONLY ones for DD!!!
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I just love the mango. I need that soaker.
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I don't usually ask (beg) for stalking help but any kind soul who snags me Rose Water might find themselves with a delightful V-day gift... wink wink...
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Yes, please let me have the pants!!! I covet those pants and I have yet to feel the BBB love!!!!!
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I think you just check out by selecting the option to pay with a check or MO, and then the person you are stalking for sends paypal.

Good Luck everyone! I can't stand the heart ache of losing another item I covet this week. <Oregon pants>

:LOL I'm not really taking myself too seriously.
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I was pleasantly suprised that Vanessa didn't stagger the sale times. At least the hyenacart pros can only get one. So think positive everyone. There will likely be six different winners tomorrow. And, one thing you can be sure of, as beautiful as these are, Vanessa will have something equally as beautiful next time!
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Holli - I will help.... just please remind me in the morning :LOL
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I just meant someone could maybe buy it and then I would pay them for it. No extra work for Vanessa...

Anyhoo, I won't be home during the stocking so good luck everyone!
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