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she got her "report card" today and i have questions...

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My daughter will be 4 in April. She's in the 3-6 class at a new Montessori charter school here.

Today she got a report card. A few areas are marked "support required". They are:
Works independently.
Able to give attention in group setting.
Resolves conflicts appropriately.
Follows classroom routine independently.
Appropriately seeks help when necessary.

Should I be worried? Everything else is either marked "progressing at age appropriate level" or "secure" (or "not yet introduced").

The thing that bothers me is that last year at a different preschool (small cooperative with just her age in the room) she did fine with things like giving attention in a group setting (circle time) and following the classroom routine. Is she regressing?

I know that she doesn't like school as much as she did last year. I don't know why except that she doesn't get as much "play" time at the M school as the traditional preschool.

I am going to set up a conference with her teachers, but I was wondering if anyone has any feedback.

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I wouldn't make too much of the report card at this point- I always figure that we as parents know our kids better than anyone else, and you'd know if there were legitimate concerns with her development. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if at times Montessori teachers "forget" the vast differences between a 3 year-old and a 4 or 5 year-old, because they're all in the same class working on alot of the same materials. Similarly, I bet some teachers feel compelled to label some areas as needing work, rather than marking everything as satisfactory- then they'll be able to note the "progress" the next time around .

In my son's Montessori school, however, (age 5 1/2, 2nd year there), the teachers always schedule parent conferences to present the report cards and explain things in detail. Sounds like it would reassure you to arrange a similar meeting to get your questions answered.

In my mind, the biggest issue is whether your child seems happy,and seems to be learning and progressing in the school environment. Beyond that, the details are less important because every child is unique and not every child fits the "Montessori ideal." (As an example, even though I really like the Montessori environment for my son, he has ADHD and therefore some of his difficulties sustaining attention or with impulsivity get focused on alot by the teachers because that's "not what good Montessori kids do." Yet, he's happy, he has friends, and he's learning and progressing like crazy.

Hope my humble opinions help.
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Mommymoses, I'm not a Montessori mama, but frankly I'd be worried if a 3 year old could Work independently, Resolve conflicts appropriately and follow classroom routine independently on a consistent basis! I hardly know any 3 year olds that can do that. I also think there is a lot of variability in how teachers "see" our children. It is very subjective. I have had my adhd son viewed oh so many ways by different teachers, even in the same year! I'll bet everything is fine, but you could always talk to the teacher to get it clarified.
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