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Nope, she's catch her death of cold in that thing!
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I'm not mama of teens, but I just came upon this thread, saw that link and I have to add.. there is no way in He!! that I would let me dd wear THAT! *I* as an adult, would not wear that!!!!! That girl on the picture doesn't even look fully developed yet!
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id let my daughter wear it.
i was iffy with the nypost pic but after seeing it the right way id deffinitely let her wear it.
i do think its a hideous dress.
i just hope my daughter would sew it herself because nearly $500 is pretty rediculous esspecially for a dress so ugly.
if she chose to sew it herself id help her.
ive worn more revealing things : :LOL
her father on the other hand would probably chaperone her all night if she wore that. but then he thinks women need men to protect them but thats another issue altogether.
were both pretty liberal with supporting choice in all areas of life.

on another note i think it may be a top seller because teenage girls know they can irk thier parents by wearing that.
im sure my daughter is going to take up meat eating as rebellion lol
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No way.it's hideous!
I would hope my daughter will have a little more self-respect for her body, than to flaunt it like a $2 hooker.Seriously~I do not want a son-in-law that is attracted to something like that.Like attracts like.For me, I guess, it's mostly about self-respect and security. I hope my AP parenting will establish that
Besides, it is just so trampy-it's not evben elegant, beautiful or anything of the sort.Not even stylish IMO.I would also hope my daughter has better taste than that:Puke:
And I agree- how many"accidental" dress-pulling gags are these poor insecure girls going to suffer?
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It is plain ugly. My daughter's swimwear covers more on top
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Originally Posted by Unreal
and I am still VERY glad I have boys

me too
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No. I dont have a daughter but I wouldnt let my son wear that dress :LOL. It's hideous and inappropriate, especially for a school event like prom. Would the school even allow it? I never went to any proms/dances (not my thing) but I cant imagine the public high school I went to would allow that.
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Im going to be a bit of a devils advocate here and say that while my dd is not even close to prom age, the arguement that a girl who decides to expose her body (less so than some swim suits i might add) is asking to be "tugged on" or assaulted or looked down upon as someone who is sexually promiscuous is insulting to the neo-feminist movement. It surprises me the amount of negative judgement we as women would pass - and teach our daughters to pass- on "the type of girl" who would wear this dress.
If i saw a topless girl at the beach i wouldn't think her a slut...
I've rambled enough.
Anyone get my meaning?

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I would not pay for it!! If she would want to pay for it fine, I would grudgenly let her wear it but I WOULD NOT PAY FOR IT.

My dh and I agree that once they can start earing money to pay for their clothes that is the time we step out of the clothes buying process.
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I think the designers page has the dresses looking much better than the original linked to pic. Now I am pretty sure the younger girl was wearing it back to front.

I liked the designers page dresses. Especially the one in the middle! Me and Dd both liked that one. Again wouldn't be my decision... she'd have to take it up with the school admins lol.
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Originally Posted by rockinmama
It surprises me the amount of negative judgement we as women would pass - and teach our daughters to pass- on "the type of girl" who would wear this dress.
If i saw a topless girl at the beach i wouldn't think her a slut...
I've rambled enough.
Anyone get my meaning?
Yep, I surely do! I agree.....
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Originally Posted by Unreal
Impression Bridal Excite and Extreme

this is from the designers page
See, that one - the third pic on the page - is much better looking. Maybe because it's on a WOMAN, not a girl? But I also think they adjusted it more reasonably on the second link, and deliberately more provocatively on the first.

If my (hypothetical) senior-year (17/18 yo) daughter wanted to, and if she wanted to spend the money (I sure wouldn't!), and if it was allowed by the school, then yea, she could wear the dress on the Impression page. We'd have a bit of a talk about it, what reactions from others she might expect if she wore it, and why she wanted it, but if it was (as I would hope) because she thought it was elegant and sexy and made her feel special, then I don't see why not. (Would I agree? Would I want to see my baby that sexy? Uh, no. But if she wants to, she's entitled to feel the joys of that.)

I would certainly hope any daughter of mine has the self-respect to wear something like that, and do it well, if she so chooses. And any son of mine lucky enough to have a girlfriend who was confident enough in her body to wear that certainly has my blessing.

Is it my taste, or do I like it? Well, I kind of like looking at women (not girls) IN it , but no, I wouldn't want to wear it, nor would I have at 17. But it's not my (hypothetical) prom - or my body.
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ah...lets see...its hard to imagine that my 8 month old daughter will ever trot off to kindergarden let alone go to a prom with a boy.

There is no way in hell that I would allow a dress like that. However, my hope for here is that she gets butterflies in her tummy over being asked to the prom and that she gets excited to pick out her first fancy dress....(mine looked like curtains...but that is besides the point)

It should be a special fun thing to accentuate her natural beauty, not some boobfest.

Besides, why the hell am I getting funny looks nip at starbucks if 17 year olds are wearing this crap to the prom??

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The "dress" thing is hideous. I am still TTC and sorta fell in to this forum, because of this posts title
I definitely the the NY Post girl has it on backwards.... If you can mistake back for front... then.....
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Originally Posted by MrsSmall
I'm not a Mom yet (not till September ) But there is no way in Hell that I would let me daughter walk out of the house in that! Teens need to learn self respect and boundaries at home... starting with not wearing crap like this.

I am so sick of seeing teens and tweens dressed up like floozies, watching 16 year olds doing it on "The OC" and having sex just to grow up and fit in. It's so sad.
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I wouldn't buy it. I would hope she'd have the sense not to. Not so much because of "what would people think?", but because how can you have fun in a dress like that (get your minds out of the gutter!)? She wouldn't be able to dance, and she'd be in the bathroom adjusting herself all night (unless she was an EXTREMELY free spirit). I wore a strapless but modest dress one year, and it was a pain.

And, I agree, it's fugly.

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hell no.
i would hope i would raise her with better fashion sense than to choose something that fugly! not a very pretty dress..what's happened to clothing for young woman? when i was prom aged, and this was, like, 9 years ago, no one wouldve ever made a dress like this and marketed it to prom girls. clothes have just gotten so skanky in general. i don't think a girl is "slutty" for wearing something revealing, i just don't think it's empowering . i'd rather see my daughter get attention for her thoughts and her talents, not her hooters. personally, i think it's much sexier to leave something to the imagination.
love how this sentence was just thrown into that article--"If my daughter had the body to wear it, I'd let her!"

but if she didnt have "the body", you wouldnt? how insulting.

edited to add
i just read the replies and checked that second link, and the girl in the nyp article totally has it on backwards. and i still wouldnt let my dd wear it. fuuuugly.
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1) i agree this dress is fugly
2) i agree that it would be perfect for breastfeeding
3) i would prefer she go topless... or nude for that matter.
4) there is no way in H i would let my girl wear this out of the house. or at all. but by then, she better have more respect for herself than that anyway.
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I probably wouldn't try to "forbid" my daughter from wearing it, but I would certainly discourage it. Of course, I think my husband would have a total hissy fit at the mere suggestion, so I don't think I'd be much involved in the discussion at all.

This makes me think waaaaaaaay back, to 1988, when I modeled my strapless black satin junion-prom dress for my brother and my father - I was covered from armpit to ankle, with NO cleavage showing. I'd paid for it all myself and was so excited. My brother's response? "Where's the turtleneck that goes with it?" My dad's: "You know, if you need me to, I'll pay for the rest of that dress." I can only imagine what they'd have said if I'd shown up in the dress being discussed here!
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