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milk allergy?

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My 13 month old was breastfed/formula fed until about 8 months at which time he continued on formula only. He likes many kinds of babyfoods and table foods. A month ago I switched him from formula to cow's milk and almost immediately saw a change in sleeping behavior. He started waking up more during the night and getting up as early as 4:30 am. Before this he was a consistent 8 pm - 7 am sleeper. So I went back to formula and his sleeping improved. He also cut some teeth during this time, but I find that every time I try to replace formula with milk he has a bad night.

My concern is that I thought formula was based on cow's milk, so why would an allergy show up now that never had before?

Also, I have always given my kids cow's milk and now faced with one who might not tolerate it, I'm now sure how to feed him. I'd really like to get rid of the formula for cost and other reasons. I think he needs more than water to drink. I'm not crazy about soy. What do kids with milk allergies do?
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My DD does not normaly drink cows milk. I don't like it. She gets dairy in other sources (cheese and yogurt, plus other foods.) In her sippy cup is usaly water. She has been enjoying my tea, so I let her have a glass. She also gets a swig of juice in her water as a rare treat.
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The formula is meant to be a "food" for babies until such time they are old enough to eat table food and other things. Milk is just a drink. IMO your baby is waking up because he is hungry. My 12 month old dd still nurses twice a night.

Also remember too much cows milk is not good for your baby. I would not allow more than 4-6oz a day at that age. My middle daughter drank milk like water when she was younger because I "thought" it was good for you. She ended up being severly anemic. I cut out the milk and the anemia went away. Just something to think about.
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