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Yeast rash?

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My 14 month old daughter keeps getting yeast rashes on her diaper area, ever since she was on antibiotics about 5 months ago. The doctor prescribed nystatin cream, and it clears it up wonderfully, but a week or two later it is back. What can I do to get rid of this once and for all? She has no symptoms of yeast anywhere but this diaper rash.
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How long do you do the Nystatin before stopping? My doc said do it for two weeks even if rash is gone before that, so if you didn't do that, I'd try that. My ds went away after two weeks of nystatin, and the 2nd time he got it, we stopped a little before 2 weeks and it came back! HTH
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I will try that, thanks. Also, one thing I have noticed lately is that dd's pee smells horribly of ammonia, what's up with that?
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Another thing you might consider since the diaper rash is not clearing up is that the yeast is now in the intestines. A simple urine test can give the results of that. If that is the case, you can try Grape Seed Extract drops, or Diflucan, or Nystatin (perscription). You can try yogurt to help clear this also, this can help to re-establish good gut growth. Grape seed will kill the Canditis. Nystatin may take longer than several weeks especially if the candidtis really has a stronghold.

This is a very common problem with children who later develop autism. Is the child vaxed?
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No, we have never done any vaccinations. Like I said, this all started during a round of antibiotics, about 3 months ago.
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oh my GOSH!! i am seriously freaked out.. my daughter has had a persistent yeast rash and now i'm freaked about autism!!!!!! please tell me more!!!!! she is only 6 months and i am so scared of autism now!!!!!!!!!!
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Autism is very complex. I'm just stating that a lot of kids with persistant rash can develop autism post mmr vaccination. There are many things wich all contribute to developing autism, this perhaps is just one piece. I wouldn't freak. My daughter has had yeast trouble post antibiotic. She is unvaxed. We clear it up with no problems.

I would still look into healing the gut from the yeast. Antibiotics kill the "good" flora in the intestines. The stuff is very persistant and you have to be diligent. Yogurt, grape seed extract and pro-biotics to recolonize. That should probably be suffiecient.
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