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Does anyone else have trouble keeping up with their routines and general "picking up" on the weekends?

I do fine during the week, when DH is at work, but when he's home on the weekends I get totally off track! Sometimes I can't even manage to get the dishwasher emptied, mu bed made, or my sink shined!

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I think there are several things causing this:
1. We're busier. Always running around. Not home much on weekends.
2. DH makes more messes.
3. I expect DH to help w/ the kids so I can clean (which he usually doesn't since ds2 is soooo attached to me that he just cries when I'm not holding him). When DH is not here I don't expect this and manage to clean up just fine, so this is obviously an expectation that I need to let go of!
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Originally Posted by smillerky
Does anyone else have trouble keeping up with their routines and general "picking up" on the weekends?
Yes, but it isn't as extreme now as when my kids were little.

Focus on just a couple of things --at night have a 10 minutes pick up time and make your DH help. It is only 10 minutes -- it won't kill him. Start your dishwasher at night and empty it in the morning.

Everything else can wait. Although I've gotten really addicted to having my bed made, it was never made before I started flylady so if it occasionally misses a day the world won't end. The dishwasher, on the other hand, causes the kitchen to fall apart.
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I feel like I'm back in control now!!

It felt like all my FlyBaby routines had gone out the window during a fibroflare- I literally had not been able to sweep, much less mop, under the dining room table in over a month!!! It was getting to the point where I was tripping over clutter just walking around the apt and it was just a depressing place to be I shouldn't say ALL my routines- I did manage to stay on top of the dishes, for the most part.

We also had a "moisture situation" in my bedroom and somehow blankets kept falling onto the wet spots- it smelled gross in there and we were out of clean blankets!!!

Well, on Sunday my ex came over and helped me clean up- no, who am I kidding? My ex came over and cleaned up my apt!!! All the clutter is off the floors and we were able to sweep up. I've been doing laundry nearly non-stop since Sunday- I only have about 4 or 5 loads to go!! Today, my Mom's cleaning lady came to do the deep cleaning- the bathroom is clean, the floors are mopped, the beds are made with fresh clean sheets and blankets- it just feels wonderful!!

I know FlyLady frowns on "crisis cleaning" but it just feels so good to have a home again instead of a pigstye!! Doing the routines to maintain this shouldn't be too hard.
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I don't do anything but shine the sink on the weekends! I can't do much with my dh around. And he works M - TH so I get a whole 3 days of dh and kids running around pulling all sorts of stuff out and not putting it back.

Monday I usually pick-up the place from the weekend and Tuesday is my off day. Yesterday being a fed holiday and dh at home, through my routine.

I got my shoes on at 12;30 today!!! : I have been doing some laundry and I cooked dinner. I've been playing all day too much.

My dd learned to climb the stairs today to get me!!! She is 11 mo old today!!!
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I've been looking for a place to talk flylady!

Now I've found it! I've been a flybaby since November 2004. I have gone back and forth between loving it and getting annoyed with it but I always go back to loving it. I try to ignore the blatent product placement too, but I did get a feather duster, which I have to admit it a good one. (my mom got one for herself and one for me too) Here are the ways that I modify flylady to me...
1. I am NOT a morning person at all. So needless to say I don't wake up before my family, but I do make the bed, dress to shoes, and lay out my clothes the night before.
2. I delegate some of the evening routine to dh. He does dishes. I do a load of laundry. He takes out the trash. I sweep and wipe counters.
3. I do my weekly home blessing on Fridays because it makes the house extra tidy to live in on the weekends. If feels nice.
4. I'm baby stepping into a control journal.
5. Friday during weekly homeblessing, I do one or two zone missions instead of trying to get them done during the week.
6. I have been major decluttering our closets and storage areas making them emptier and I like the way it looks. I take the "15 minutes at a time" thing and run with it.

I have been doing this since November and it is a sloooow process. I just got into the habit of making my bed. My college roommate would faint if she saw me doing that. I NEVER made my bed before. My 2 proudest accomplishments are that I have cleared the top of the dryer and my bathroom counter. For me those are huge.

I am so happy to have found a like minded place to share flylady adventures.
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A nice Friday Evening with Friends

Last Friday night our group meeting was about to be canceled b/c our host family has some sick ones. I actually felt comfortable volunteering my home!!! This is huge, way huge!!!

I did have some minor picking up to do, but since I've been able to clean my floors on a weekly basis, the house was in good shape. I have a big issue with stuff all over the floors and I'm too lazy/ fat to pick them up and then vac and mop. I've gotten the kids helping me keep the floors picked up, so that I can get to them to clean them - I have hard wood floors with a couple area rugs.

My kitchen has been more easy to keep up with by shining my sink. It lead to the counters etc being nice as well.

So the living areas of my house didn't look like a tornado when through and I felt very proud of myself to be able to have our friends over for our shared meal and game night.

We even ate at my dinning room table with both leaves in it with a table cloth and used real dishes!!! At our host families house we use paper. The children age at the card table in the kitchen and a little tikes table on the hardwood floor between the dinning room and living room.

All is not perfect though. My back porch which is were all the toys are stored is a disaster and I haven't had the will power to get in there and pick it up and I need desparately to get to the floor in there -- cats.

And I quickly cleared off a table top that was on my declutter list for when we go to the living room zone next time around, now it is just waiting for me inside the table!!! :

It's a snow day today, maybe I can get my oldest son to help the younger son pick up those toys on the back porch!!!
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I cleaned my closet floor today! OK, this doesn't sound like much, and I know it was yesterday's mission (I always bunch them onto the two days that I don't work), but you know how you have one area in your house the drives you nuts but you never actually do anything about it? That's what this was and getting it cleaned up feels really good! I threw away the 10 pairs of heeled pumps from my "wear a suit to work days", which ended almost 10 years ago. Two babies later and I think I'm going to wear the same size shoe, with a 2 1/2 in. slim heel no less? I couldn't even get down the stairs in them without killing myself, I'm sure. Small steps (even without the heels), but good ones!
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Zone question

How much time a week do you all spend on the current zone? A friend of mine told me that the flylady spends 3 hours a week on the current zone. I can't do that. I tried this week. But, the kids come first.

I did manage to get 1 1/2 closets organized.
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I love hearing about everyone's accomplishments. I've been feeling less than flying lately and I think I'm getting inspired from you ladies. Keep it coming.

I only do zone work if I'm feeling inspired or I have a project I've been meaning to get to in that zone or it is something kid friendly. Most of the time taking care of kids doesn't let me do basic housework much less extra work. I do like to do the zone missions and I do them after my home blessing hour. I always get extra energy at night so I choose to do it at night after kids go to bed. Then it only takes 30 minutes perhaps at the most in addition to the home blessing "hour" which doesn't really take an hour.
I went through my closet last night for a few minutes and took out stuff that was prepregnancy with first baby days that really there wasn't hope of me fitting into again and if I did I would want to celebrate with new stuff. I'm regulalry purging my closet. I'm not going to get rid of clothes that are too small but there's a chance I could fit into. I'll just put them in a box. I do think I'll be 14 again, but it may take a few more months. 9 months on 9 months off. Baby will be 6 months tomorrow.
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Mind if I join

Hi there,

I am looking to organize and simplify my life/house and I think "flying" might be the answer. I have signed up and am ready to go!
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Welcome HollysMom!

Of course, you can join. Remember baby steps, baby steps. The e-mails can be overwhelming at times. You have the option to have them all combined into one big e-mail if you like. The best place to start is with evening and morning routines.

Don't forget baby steps.
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This "Flylady" idea sounds great! I'm going to check out that website! My dh and I have been dedicating our weekends to trying to get this house organized! It is so overwhelming! As you all already know!!! but we are making progress! While I don't wish anyone a "disaster house", it is nice to know we are not alone!!

btw--hello to Electra375...hope I'm not breaking any rules here, but I'd recognize your 'slogan' anywhere....moving on but never forgetting! it always helps me to take a deep breath when I read it. I'm on the vfom list...dealt with homebirth and insurance issues...hope you and your house are well.

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highly embarassing...

Okay ladies, this is a highly embarassing question for me to ask but what exactly does flylady/flybaby MEAN????!
I read through about a dozen of the many posts on here and I get that it has something to do with... cleaning/simplifying/organizing/having a positive outlook... but can anyone explain it to me like I"m a 5 year old? :
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alliegad: yes, I'd be happy to explain. There's this woman who goes by The Flylady. She wrote a book called Sink Reflections. It's a book that helps those who were not born organized (BO) to get into routines that help us to declutter, clean, and basicly have a much more organized life. She also started a web site: www.flylady.net

Fly stands for Finally Loving Yourself. It's hard to love yourself when you don't live in a loving environment. I've been a flybaby since 1-14-04 and am finally loving myself. It really has made major improvements in my self esteem my house, and ahem... my love life.

Hope this wraps it all up for you!
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I don't actually know what it is either!!!! Just heard about it a lot...

It is an acronym for something or other.. :LOL

There is a website... www.flylady.net that should explain it all...I guess I should check it out too!!!

It is I guess a basic 'system' to try to help get you organized and de-cluttered...bring peace to your life rather than constant hair-pulling....I'm sure others can explain way better than me!

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by jcdyson3
I don't actually know what it is either!!!! Just heard about it a lot...

It is an acronym for something or other.. :LOL
We must have posted at the same time. :LOL Check out my previous post right before yours.
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FlyLady saved my marriage :LOL

DH was really really sick of our apartment being a total disaster. And it was BAD, and it was MY mess, and I freely admit this.

My problem was, I had no CLUE where to start. My mom always ushered us to our rooms or outside, to play, while she cleaned. So, I had no idea what she did. I only knew that our house was ALWAYS clean. (Her house is STILL ALWAYS clean :LOL)

Then, she'd tell me to clean my room. Uh, okay...how? :LOL

Anyway, DH and I fought constantly about the house. At the time, I wasn't working, and we had no kids, unless you count the cat. I literally spent ALL DAY in front of the TV. In the meantime, DH was out working his tail off, first at his regular full time job, and then at his own electrical contracting business that he was trying to get off the ground.

He thought I was lazy. I thought I was lazy. Now, I know the truth is I just didn't know where to start.

So, when I stumbled upon FlyLady one day, I said, "hmmm...I can shine my sink. Sure."

I went to the kitchen, did the dishes that had been collecting there since the Reagan administration and put them away. Then I followed each of her steps for shining up my sink. And I was so proud of my sink.

It seemed that the shiny-ness spread around my entire kitchen of it's own accord. Next thing I knew, wow, the bathroom was clean too, and the living room, and HOLY CRAP! MY BED IS MADE! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!

I was doing routines, I was doing a five minute room rescue in my office every day, and I found myself unable to settle down for bed if something was out of place. It would nag at me if a dish was in the sink, for example. :LOL

Yes, I burned out, and just recently got back on the FlyLady wagon. Now, I'm even more excited about it, because I'm FLYing in my OWN house, instead of an apartment.

My tips? I do NOT get the emails. I just check the site everyday for Kelly's missions, which I love to do. I know what zone we're in, I know the basic FLYplan for each room, so I really don't need the extra emails. Besides, if anything is going on that's "special", it's always on the homepage, so I dn't think I"m missing a darn thing by not getting ALL those freaking emails LOL

My other tip is to get your spouse and children as involved as possible. My DH works his tail off (not that I don't, please don't misunderstand me), so I certainly don't want him to feel that he needs to come home and clean something after dragging wires through someone's 115 degree attic all day :LOL

He does, however, have his own daily and weekly routines. Mostly the daily stuff involves leaving things the way he found them (ie don't leave the toothpaste on the sink :LOL) But, his weekly stuff is a bit more labor intensive :LOL Mowing the yard and such.

It makes such a HUGE difference in how much time you spend actually cleaning, doesn't it? Before I starting FLYing, I'd reserve an entire weekend to clean. I'd crisis clean when someone was coming over.

Now I spend so little time CLEANING, because it's all KEPT up with! I have time to read books! Time to take my dog for long walks! Time for BUBBLE BATHS!!!

And what's really great, is that I'll have tons of time for my baby in a few months. And I'll never shoo my kids out of the house so I can clean. They can HELP!!!
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NorCal Mama!!! Yes, it does look like we posted at the same time! :LOL Nice to 'meet' you!

I've really got to learn how to 'fly'.....making progress though...patience with oneself is the first step I think.

Nice to 'hear' of your experience, SharonAnne...

We got our sink shinin' last weekend and I managed to keep it shinin' til today!! Wow! Unheard of in the past 2 1/2 years!!! And we can actually see that we have a hard wood floor in our bedroom! Who knew??!

Remembering to take **lots** of deep breaths helps me to stay calm about stuff, too. I'm even teaching 'deep breaths' to my daughter, too. It is very cool....when things start to go a little out of control for her, often she willstop, sit down, and take some deep breaths onher own and then go back to whatever it was she was doing! Amazing!

Keep it up ladies!! <<--I love that little thumbs up face!!!!

Jennifer SAHM to homebirthed Chloe 2 1/2
Peace On Earth Begins With Birth ... anybody know where you can get a bumper sticker with that phrase on it?
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Started Flying today!

Read my first email. Made my bed! Shined my sink! and got dressed with shoes!
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My Dryer is Broken

My dryer is broken!!! Friday night after spending a day washing vomit and diarrihea from ds2 instead of clothes, I go to put the last of the diapers and towels in the dryer only to discover that they are in the dryer still wet and the light isn't coming on and I can't restart the dryer. My dh does his best to see what the problem is to no avail. It is totally dead...

I can't get a repair man out to look at it until Monday afternoon. And knowing this company, I'll be lucky to have it repaired by Tuesday afternoon.

The sickening thing is that I had the whole timer contraption replace a year ago in Oct. 30, 2003. In 16 mo it is busted again!!!

I need a commercial machine. My MIL and her husband live with us and use our washer an dryer and I use our washer and dryer every day all day. I just don't think a standard household machine is made for this kind of abuse.

I may end up deciding it's time to replace the sucker, I've had it only 6 yrs (MIL and her deadbead husband moved in 5months after we bought our first home -- 2nd bankruptcy for them in less than 2 years). Stuff should last longer. It's a Maytag. The next one will likely be a Kenmore, my mother has never had any problems with her Kenmores. (Suggestions welcome on brands for replacement, since that would be a 2 days decision or less)

Anyway, Saturday the day I get the most loads done was a total wash with no dryer (and I have no clothes lines) no pun intended :LOL . I'm swimming in laundry now which hasn't happened in a long time.

Oh yeah, I got sick w/ vertigo and nausea yesterday (so I wouldn't have gotten laudry done anyway), so in that one day of my not keeping up the house it is a disaster. I'm still not 100%. Dh took our boys to church, I walked into the kitchen to get some water and just shook my head -- the sink is full of dirties, the dishwasher is full of dirties, the counters are full of dirties -- 1 freakin' day!!! Let me just get this all out VENT!!! The dining room table is full of crap and the living room looks like a tornado went through it. My hallway is filled with laundry (which isn't really anyone's fault). The bathroom is okay, not much to do there.

So, tomorrow I will hopefully feel better and start fresh with dh out of the house and hopefully ds1 has school so I won't have to be the referee all day. When I play referee all day, I just don't feel like doing house work -- it stresses me out and I eat!!! :

Monday is a new day and today I will only do what I can, vertigo is worse that any stomach bug (maybe). My dh keeps saying I'm pregnant, I keep telling him it isn't likely -- I've checked my FAM chart a couple of times yesterday and just don't see that being likely. (BTW -- wouldn't be upset if I were, just that my dd isn't even a year old yet and I feel like I missed out on ds2 with all the pregnancy problems I had w dd and they are 23 mo apart).
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