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Hi...FLYing in here a bit late...
I'm a FLYfetus...I'm trying...I really really am trying...but like a PP...I have no motivation. I kept my sink clean for a whole week...and then we left town for a wedding and now it's full again. I'm out of sorts....I know, excuses excuses...Just send me some FLY thoughts and I'll do what I can from my end. Tomorrow, my goal is to clean the sink and pick up Willow's toys out of the living room...

I'll see ya'll tomorrow.
Happy FLYing!
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I just unsubscribed from the flylady emails. The testimonials and even the daily missions where starting to repeat themselves. I miss the motivation though. baby crying, gotta go
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christeenybeany, willowsmom & NorCal Mama - Sorry you guys are having a tough time. Sometimes you have to let stuff go for a while and then start again.

I started my Control Journal. I find the morning and evening routines really helpful, but I have to admit I am still finding it tough to get stuff done in the time that I am at home. Between commuting and work I am out of the house every weekday from 6:30 am to 5:30pm. Oh well I am still doing better than I was before I started fluttering.
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You guys, as a FLYBaby who's been on/off the FLYwagon for years, my best advice is to remember what Flylady always says; your house did not get messy in one day, it will not get clean in one day.

Start small, JUST shine your sink, and then, incorporate making sure it stays clean and clear into your daily routine. This is how you build routines, by changing ONE thing at a time.

When you feel up to it, add something else. DON"T TRY TO DO EVERYTHING AT ONCE OR YOU WILL BURN OUT. Trust me on this, I have been there.

I don't get the emails. I can't deal with that much email. But, i visit the website every day. You can find testamonials there, you can find zone work and kelly's missions and everything else there. You don't need the emails when you get into a routine anyway, because you're automatically doing just about everything that's in the emails, anyway.


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I must confess that I haven't been doing so well for the last 2-3 weeks either. Just too much to do and not enough time in the day, I guess. But, I am very proud of myself for keeping up with the basic morning and evening routines. So, while I feel like I haven't made any real progress lately and things are a little messier than they were a month ago, I also haven't lost any significant ground. Which is saying a lot compared to how things were 6 months ago. My goal is to tackle a couple of missions tomorrow and re-dedicate myself.
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I'm feeling better about myself too. I have almost all of my weekly house blessings done. Just having the floors vacuumed, swept and mopped makes a world of difference.

Remember, "Housework done incorrectly, still blesses the family." -The FlyLady

I've been reminding myself this lately.
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I need to remind myself of that too NorCal.

I'm in a terrible depression right now...and talking with DH about it last night...I really am the perfectionist. I'm so overwhelmed with all that needs to be done...and if I can't do it all right when I want it done..then I don't bother. Oy...Vicious circle...Anyway...I cleaned my sink today...got the kitchen looking better...picked up some of Willow's toys...so...I suppose I just have to...Get over my issues and do it.

Talk to ya'll later.
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I am not the least bit ashamed to say that my sink is FULL of dishes right now. I didn't have the energy to load the dishwasher after dinner last night, and I didn't have the time to do it this morning.

It feels like an overwhelming, insurmountable task right now. There are dishes IN the dishwasher. I know I don't have enough space left in the dishwasher to fit all the dishes that are in the sink. This means I'll either have to clean some by hand, or fill the dishwasher up part way after the first load is done. And I hate doing that. I want it done NOW and I want it done RIGHT, or it's not getting done at ALL!

How whiny and silly does THAT sound? :LOL You guys are right, even housework done incorrectly blesses my family; and screw my family, it blesses me. I'll feel better when it's done and I know it.

Guess who's shining her sink after work today?
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I run my dishwasher every night even if it not completely full, it helps keep things running a bit more smoothly.

I used to empty the dishwasher every morning and refill it as the day goes on, but I've been dizzy and sick and lately I've been getting the girls to empty the dishwshwer whenver they can and filling the dishwasher and running it right before bed.

I have so much to do I don't even know where to begin!!

We're putting the house on the market in a few weeks. There's mold in my bedroom. My bedroom furniture is in the living room, and I haven't finished emptying all the stuff out of my bedroom (going in there makes me even sicker, so how am I supposed to get the rest of the junk out of there?)

I have a lot of stuff to either sell or give away. I'm planning to give away the stuff that's not worth the effort to sell and sell the stuff that I can make decent money from. The problem is that I've been sick, and home with a sick toddler, so I haven't gotten any pics online of the stuff I want to sell.

Well, the good news is that I'm totally caught up on laundry!!!
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Falling of the flywagon...

I haven't been keeping up anything lately. I don't know why really. I never did get "routines" down to the the hour, it just isn't who I am, but I had been shining my sink and keeping the main living areas pick-up.

This week with the oldest home on break, I've been stressed keeping peace among the children. I'm so stressed my should rumboid is out and I've got an appt in a bit to get it worked on...
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I've also been slipping off the bandwagon the past few weeks. I try to keep the sink clean, working on the 'zones' sometimes during the week, and trying to keep a few routines.
But lately I've just been feeling exhausted and have been doing the minimum as far as housecleaning/organising is concerned. I feel that taking that nap in the afternoon with my dd is a lot better than using that time to clean and organise.
Does anyone have any tips on how to build up enthusiasm again to FLY?
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Originally Posted by Hollycrand
Does anyone have any tips on how to build up enthusiasm again to FLY?

me too me too!!
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At least you guys are trying, I totally gave up. I was feeling overwhelmed and gave up. Bad me.
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I have a couple tips...some of them you guys might love and some of them you might hate :LOL

First, go back to the beginning. If you've fallen off the wagon, feeling burned out and overwhelmed, chances are, you've been doing too much. First, get dressed to your shoes (this DOES work, I swear it), and then shine your sink. And that's it, just shine the sink. Find out what zone we're working in, and spend 15 minutes in it, doing something; a 27 fling boogie, a hot spot fire drill, SOMETHING. But, just 15 minutes.

Go back to the beginning and start small; BABY STEPS.

Don't beat yourself up for not getting your house clean immediately. It didn't get messy overnight, it sure isn't going to get clean overnight.

Take care of YOURSELF. Shine your sink, hit the current zone for 15 minutes, and reward yourself that night by taking a bubble bath, or bringing the kids to the park, or something else that recharges your spirit.

Be proud of what you've DONE; don't worry about what's left to do!

No, you don't have to follow the flylady program to the letter. You should certainly adapt it to fit you and your family. But there are certain key points that cannot and should not be looked over:

The getting dressed in the morning, really. Don't hang out in PJ's all day. Dressed to the shoes? I was amazed at how well this worked for me. But it might not work for everyone, I don't know.

Shining your sink. It sounds like a little stupid exercise. But if you haven't done it yet, DO IT! The amount of pride you'll feel from looking at your sparkling sink is just amazing. It's the weirdest thing in the world. And, other people in your home may start to show pride in its appearance as well! My DH doesn't dump his leftover coffee in the kitchen sink anymore, because he doesn't want to "mess it up" :LOL

Not whining. This is a biggie. You can't make excuses and get you house clean at the same time. There is a challenge here. Everyone has something that they can use as an excuse. I made excuses last week, and this week. "I'm seven months pregnant. I'm tired. I have a cold." I made plenty of excuses, and my house suffered for it. The truth is, yes, I'm pregnant, i'm tired and I have a cold. But that didn't stop me from throwing the ball in the yard for the dog for a half an hour. It didn't stop me from shopping with my SIL. If I could do those things, why couldn't I run my dishwasher? Excuses don't do anything but get in the way of your clean home. Don't make them.

Let go of your perfectionism. Remember an earlier post by me, where I said that I coudln't do the dishes because the dishwasher didn't have enough room for all the dishes in the sink? Okay, I was being a perfectionist. Because it wasn't going to get done exactly the way I wanted it done (i.e. everything going in the dishwasher at once and getting clean together), it wasn't getting done at all. I overwhelmed myself with my perfectionism and let it roadblock me from doing what needed to be done.

Perfectionism works in another way against us, too. Let's say you shine you sink, and it looks great. But now you look at the counter next to your sink and it looks so not great. What's the point of having this gorgeous sink if it's surrounded by blech? So you scrub the counter. And what's the point of cleaning the sink and the counter if the range is speckled with pasta sauce splatters? And, wow, how did I miss that hand print on the fridge. Before you know it, you're in full frenzy cleaning mode. Your kitchen gets spic and span, you get tired and burnt out and when you child comes in and dumps a glass of milk into the sink, you don't even have the energy or inclination to clean the cup and rinse and dry the sink. Sure your kitchen's clean NOW, but it's not going to stay that way, because you've burnt yourself out. Perfectionism took over. Either that, or, you find yourself, after three hours of scrubbing and organizing, on the floor of your kitchen, surrounded by the contents of one of your cabinets, when you husband comes home from work and wonders if you've made any dinner. You shove the stuff haphazardly back into the cabinet and make a quick dinner, leave the dishes in the sink, and then collapse on teh couch. I've been there, too.

And lastly, Stop being a martyr. Thoughts like, "I'm the ONLY one who does ANYTHING around here" and "I am so unappreciated! I clean and cook and no one cares" and "No matter how many times I clean things, they just get messed up again!" don't do a thing to bless your family. In fact, I'd say they probably do whatever the opposite of "blessing" your family is. It's hard to stop these thoughts. Believe me, I know. But I am so much happier since I've been able to get a handle on them. I don't think of it as a negative thing anymore that I'm cleaning or doing laundry. I think of it as helping my family by doing these things. I don't resent them. I show my husband I love him in hundreds of little ways; like making surethere's toothpaste, washing his socks, making him dinner.

It's also been easier for me to see the hundreds of little ways he shows me he loves me, since I've stopped playing that negative record in my head.

And my house is usually pretty darn clean.

What's cool is that all this stuff is on the flylady website. There's nothing that I just typed here that you can't go read there. When I'm feeling uninspired, I go check out Kelly's mission and if that doesn't work, I go find some testamonials. If that doesn't work, I think about blessing my family. That usually does it.

Good luck guys!
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Thanks! It's good to re-read those things!!!!
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Hi everyone,

SharonAnne - Awesome post!

I am feeling very motivated today.
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I decluttered and organized my bedroom closet and dresser drawers! And folded up all of my mans' clothes pile that overtakes the chair in our bedroom.

I now have every closet in the house decluttered and organized. I'm so proud of myself.
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Originally Posted by SharonAnne
I don't think of it as a negative thing anymore that I'm cleaning or doing laundry. I think of it as helping my family by doing these things. I don't resent them. I show my husband I love him in hundreds of little ways; like making surethere's toothpaste, washing his socks, making him dinner.

It's also been easier for me to see the hundreds of little ways he shows me he loves me, since I've stopped playing that negative record in my head.
Great post Sharon. I thought this part beared repeating. The last week or so I've been slacking as I've been struggling with two episodes of Mastitis. I'm getting back on track now and so glad. I've been feeling so bad that little things weren't done like the towels weren't put away or the sink wasn't shiney. But I noticed the last week that DH actually HELPED by doing some things that I couldn't get to like some laundry the other day and last night he actually did the dishes (he NEVER does the dishes) and this was following the baby's Baptism so there were a ton of dishes out there. (He didn't shine the sink though ) I think the fact that I've stopped playing the martyr both in my head and sometimes, out loud, has really helped us both.
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How awesome! I'm so glad that you guys enjoyed my post! You know, it's easy for Flylady to say things like "quit whining" :LOL It's not so easy to say it when people are going to be replying to your post! :LOL I was worried y'all were gonna kick me right outta the club.

I'm struggling with the beginning of my third trimester. Really seriously struggling. I am just so tired, I could sleep all day if I didn't have to go to work. While I was in the shower yesterday, my wonderful DH cleaned up the kitchen for me. And he rebooted the laundry. It's little things like that, like what you posted, Kitty, that really keep me hanging in there with Flylady, and that get me back up on the wagon when I fall off.
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Just noticed this thread!

I popped into this forum because we are finally heading back to Oregon after a 6 week extended trip to California and I am overwhelmed just thinking of everything that needs to be done when we get back to our apartment!

I started the Flylady system a few years ago right after DH and I bought our first house and I was SOARING! But as life does I "fell of the wagon" and hit my head hard! So reading this has been really helpful.

Be proud of what you've DONE; don't worry about what's left to do!
I love this! This is actually an affirmation for me.

"I am proud of myself for what I have gotten done today!" I have it written on an index card and taped to my bathroom mirror.

It helps a lot when I don't feel like I have made any head way in the pile of tasks.

One other thing that has really helped me out is Flylady's reminder of "do you know where your laundry is?" That simple phrase helps keep my family in clean socks and underware!

Now with getting ready to do major spring cleaning and nesting to get ready for this baby the zones are going to be a huge help!

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