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Thorn!! Hi!!! Awesome to see you here!

I have around 8 nursing bras that I'm willing to wear... Four are cheap cotton ones from Motherhood that I've had since pregnancy/immediately postpartum that are pretty beaten up and stretched out now that I'm past the early engorgement phase and my rib cage has shrunk back to normal... but I still end up wearing them sometimes due to laundry laziness. And I have 3 new Bravados, and one new Medela bra. The Bravados are my faves as they're nice and comfy, but the Medela is flattering for shaping.

I also have some bras from the pregnancy that happen to be nursing bras, but I'm unwilling to wear them. They're underwire, plus they have molded cups that are a pain to pull down, bleh. I'm not even sure they'd even fit any more anyway.

I'd say don't buy too many bras right now... maybe 2 or 3. Your body changes so much in the days and months after pregnancy that what you buy now may fit lousy later.
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Originally Posted by Milakais
Thorn!! Hi!!! Awesome to see you here!
thank ya always nice to see a familiar face
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I have 3. My first came from this site http://yesbreastfeeding.com:8080/yes...initContext.do

It's a "bravado" type bra & I'm very happy with it. The WAHM who runs this company is awesome to do business with & we exchanged several e-mails with measurements and other stuff to help her determine the correct size for me.

My second is a $10 one from Walmart, which is suprisingly a pretty good bra. The straps were a bit scratchy for the first couple days while it broke in, but otherwise no problems.

The last one is a black Glamourmom tank bra. I pretty much save it for when we're going out and I'll be NIP. My Mom is getting me a nude colored one too, so I'll have one to wear under light colored tops as well.

Thought I'd need more bras than this, but honestly since I'm a SAHM I feel those 3-4 are about enough. Plus, it's not unusual for me to go without a bra during the day at home.
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Another vote for none. Just whip em out the top of my bra. May I make a recomendation? Body by Victoria. They're stretchy, seamless, and supportive without being restrictive.
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I now have 4. When dd2 was born, I only had two and I didn't like one of them. So I went and bought 2 more of the same kind. I use now on rotation 3.
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I only have like six, one fits great, three I have to put in the dryer to shrink 'em each time I wear them. Two are bravado and don't really hold anything "up" so much as give a little support.
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I think I have 6 or 8, but two are my current favorites. I have been nursing for over 5 years and I'm sure I have some yucky bras that need to go!
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a lot and none I love

I have 5 bravados that are the M++ style that doesn't cross (like the sports bra style). These are the most comfortable for me but don't flatter the figure.

I have 5 of the M+ that do cross over but I don't wear these unless the other ones are dirty. I am not sure if I shrank them or they changed after I washed them once but I don't like the way I pop out.

I have about 12 other ones including motherhood, Jcpenney, sears, playtex, and Medela and I don't really like them. I also have a few I bought when I was pregnant that don't fit. In my plight to find a good nursing bra I have bought many and never found one that I really love. I am really really busty so that is part of it. I think I will try the Japanese weekend ones next.
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Three. It's very, very hard to find them in my size (G34 when DD was born, DDD30 now)
One I special ordered through a boutique ($92 frelling dollars but it really was worth it!). Two I bought on Ebay. One of those two didn't fit properly until I surgically removed the underwires - now it's much better.
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: with big nursing boobs, I wear a tanktop! Tighter ones when I have to go out.
Bras and I don't get along. they make me
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I have five. Three from Target and two that I found on clearance at Walmart. : After 14 months, they are pretty ugly and beaten. I need some new ones, but I hate spending money on them.
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i only have 2. and neither fit me right. grr.

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I have one Bravado (2 on backorder) Also, my mother made me 3 good nursing bras while I was in the hospital recovering from my c-section. My 38DD's got so huge NO bras would fit so she ran out got some bigger sizes and converted them for me. Now I use those for bed as they are sport-type bras.
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for those of you in larger cup sizes www.birthandbaby.com I recommend you try the Goddess 511, but measure and make sure you get the right size, they don't run the same as other brands.
for comfort, try www.decentexposures.com
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