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Luka's Birth Story + Pics

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Luka’s Birth story
Born Jan 25, 2005 3:34am
Monday morn mom, Noam and Ra’am and I went hiking in Kalopa. I’d started having increased discharge the day before and that coupled with the fact that I was 41 weeks let me know that I would soon not be pregnant.

We had a nice hike and then ran home to meet Roxanne for a prenatal. Prenatal was all good- baby was posterior though then, as I had told Rox. But while she was feeling my belly, he turned anterior, so we figured that he had plenty of room to rotate the “right” way. She left, and unfortunately I didn’t nap- the one day in the last month, probably that I didn’t.

I made dinner and got in bed after we ate. All was good. GB and I watched some stuff on his puter and though I had had a few days the week before with painful contractions, this day there hadn’t been any.
Around 8:30ish I did have a couple of painful ones. I sorta disregarded them because I was so sleepy. By 9 pm I had been to pee several times and was feeling a little uncomfy and thinking that I was really TOO tired to go into labor.
I kept getting up and going to the bathroom. I had to poop several times- but not diarrhea, so I wasn’t thinking it was “real” labor. Finally I said to GB, I think it’s happening….. unless it stops.

Contractions were close and seemed just way too intense for just starting. I started having diarrhea and found the toilet so intense. Lying down was uncomfy too. I sat on the toilet and did a crossword puzzle I had done already online to distract myself. It was silly.

GB had told me to just let me know when I needed him. He was exhausted from his long work day.

At probably 9:30? GB noticed that things seemed intense and got up and started to get stuff ready. I was standing in the hallway and leaning over the banister with the contractions. I swayed my hips and bent my knees and breathed. I was shocked at how fast they were intensifying and GB wanted to know if he should call Roxanne. But I didn’t want her here yet- I was wanting her to come at the end….. but finally at maybe 10:30 he called her. I was moaning by then and obviously very far along. I was hot and nauseous and thinking how cool it was that it seemed like I would have the baby quickly. Ha!

GB filled up the tub and asked me if I wanted to get in. But I was feeling much better standing up and leaning over though the contractions were way intense. It just felt right.

I finally did get in and it felt really good to lean over the edge. I was fine between contractions- telling my mom (who had woken up from the noise) and GB what to do- where to put things, etc…..

Roxanne arrived sometime- maybe 11:30? I was moaning in the tub and trying to be patient and await a pushing urge. Everyone quietly did their thing. Ra’am woke up and came upstairs. He had been awake and was trying to sleep more, but couldn’t. So he sat on the couch with the video camera and provided a running commentary. A few times he cried- and I felt so badly. I tried to reassure him that all was ok, but he’s just a sensitive being and he wanted to be there. He told me the next day that he was just worried about the baby.

At some point I decided to check myself to see where I was at. I felt a bulgy BOW and a little bit of cervix- maybe 8-9 cm…. Head was still high, but that’s was ok. During each contraction, I leaned forward on the edge of the tub and someone would pour water over my back- heavenly. I couldn’t stand to have a contraction without that water. When someone would lag on it, I’d yell.

I had GB get in the water with me at some point. I had been in the same position for a long time and it felt good to have him to lean on. Poor guy was really tired, and tried to sleep in between my contractions.

I started to have some pushing urges and pushed a teeny when I felt like it. They went to go wake up Noam, but I guess he didn’t want to get up (or couldn’t). But after maybe 15 minutes, out he came, dragging his comforter and making himself a nest on the couch.
We all thought that since I had started pushing, that it wouldn’t be long. How wrong we were. Noam was born after maybe 15 minutes of pushing. I knew this baby would be a little bigger, but I didn’t expect what was to follow.

I pushed a little and it was slow at first- I only was pushing when I absolutely felt like it, so it wasn’t every contraction. Once the urge kicked in though, I pushed and pushed (after all, I felt like it)…. And my water bad broke with a pop—lots of vernix floated around the pool. I felt lots of hair on the baby’s head after that. Woo hoo!

Things felt different after that, but progress felt slow to me. His head had not entered my pelvis yet and I was feeling so discouraged. How big of a baby had I grown??? I was making some good pushes but not feeling progress. My belly hurt so much with every contraction that I thought maybe I was missing a cervical lip or something, and though I had told Roxanne I didn’t want her to touch me or anything, I had her check me. She kept asking, “Are you sure???” But I was. She said it was all gone and I was good to go.
She did ask me if I wanted her to press on my hips to help open my lower pelvis. It felt really good for her to do that- I couldn’t tell if it specifically helped, but it was very distracting from the other pain and that was helpful.

After a long while, I was feeling upset and discouraged- though I knew I could get the baby out, I was just so tired and didn’t want to be pushing anymore. I just kept saying over and over that I wanted to hold my baby already. Why was it taking soooo long?
The nicest part of all this pushing was that GB was in the tub with me and sitting up and I was hugging on him. I had my head on his chest and his slow heartbeat was so reassuring to me. Il loved hearing it…. Very calming in between pushes.

A few times Rox and/or GB suggested I might wanna get out of the tub and try pushing there, but the thought of that much moving at that point was too scary for me.
I did think that maybe that was a good idea at some point. I had already been pushing in there for 1.5 hours and clearly that wasn’t working. GB got out and they helped me. I was right outside of the tub and on my hands and knees pushing. I think somewhere about this time I said I could feel it coming. The head was finally starting to fill my yoni—maybe the process of getting out of the tub? Maybe just the gravity of being on land was what I needed.
I was on my hands and knees, with GB in front of me for a little bit and then said abruptly that I needed to lay down. I ended up birthing like that- on my left side with my right leg up.
GB sat in front of me and the rest of the family was down near my feet or something.

The head was starting to come and the stretching was intense. I couldn’t believe how big and HARD the head felt. I could feel it moving past all the landmarks in my pelvis (what happens when you know too much). As he was getting closer, the pain near my urethra was intense. I have so many issues there and I was really frightened. But I KNEW that there was no other way out. I instructed GB where to put his hands and Roxanne put some warm compresses on my perineum which felt nice.

Seemed like he was crowning forever. He started to come out and whew- there was the head. And Roxanne says “It’s posterior”. What???? I had my hands down there, but I wasn’t processing what I was feeling. And then I felt his face up at me…. Too bad I couldn’t look at him in my position. Such relief to have the head out!! Amazing. GB and I both held his head and waited for him to be born.

I pushed him out in the next contraction. Hands helped me bring him up to me. I saw right away that he was a boy.

We moved on to the couch soon after so I could actually look at him. I birthed the placenta about 1/2 hour after the birth.

In retrospect, I really just thought it would be a lot easier! I had thoughts my whole pregnancy that this baby would be posterior, but figured that if he was, that he’d turn in labor…. Guess not.


Luka Fischel weighed in a 8lbs9oz, 10 oz bigger than Ra’am and a full 2 lbs 2 oz bigger than Noam.
He was 21” long with a 14” head and chest
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Karen - what an amazing journey, huh! You really hung in there, mama. Luka's face seems so old and wise, - he just looks like... he knows, ya know? Your boys look ecstatic, too. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful and inspiring story with us. And I love seeing pics.

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He looks so old and "well formed"....he's a beautiful boy!
What a ride....Heidi
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Thank you for sharing. Luka looks so alert, and your boys look so happy.
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What an amazing birth story!! Thank you so much for sharing, Karen!

Beautiful photos also! Welcome Luka !!

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Thank you for sharing your amazing birth story. Congratulations!
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Karen- Many congratulations! What a beautiful story and loving pictures!! How sweet that Noam was so worried about the baby. Enjoy your new love!
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Congratulations Karen!! You did ***AWESOME***, Mama!!! I love your photos ~ they capture the love and serenity of Luka's birth. What an alert little guy he is, too!
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Congrats Karen. Luka is beautiful and the pics are so amazing!
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Beautiful mama, beautiful baby, beautiful story.......
Thanks for sharing!
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Oh Karen - thanks so much for your story - I love the pictures! You and dh look like you both worked really hard!!! The boys look ecstatic! All of them! I've never seen a newborn look so happy (maybe just to be born, sounds like it was hard work for you both!) :-) I hope you guys all enjoy the babymoon and beyond!!!! Andy
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Ooh congratulations Karen He looks like you. And so much bigger than your others too
Looking at Luka gave me lots of contractions. I hope my baby is born tonight.
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Awesome story, thanks for sharing!
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gorgeous story!!!

great pics, so beautiful!
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