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Allergy help please - antihistamine questions

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Hi all. My 5 year old ds is allergic/sensitive to dairy & citrus. I strongly suspect mold also. We have had him tested, but nothing showed up. When he was having a really tough time w/symptoms (Behavioral - inattention, hyperactivity, defiance. Physical - dark eye circles, hives, pale face, sniffles, cough, eye irritation), out of desperation I tried an antihistamine (zyrtec), which works well. I am wondering how often people use antihistamines - daily, seasonally, or as needed? Is there a natural alternative to antihistamines? I am looking into homeopathy, but am open to trying other genres as well.

Also, it would be helpful to hear about other people's mold allergies & how you handle it.

Thank you wise mamas!
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There is a homeopathic called histamin, I am not sure of the spelling. There are several combination homeopathics that work for allergies. Check out a health food store and browse around.
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I am allergic to my house but can't afford to move right now. So I am doing high doses of vitamin C http://www.doctoryourself.com/allergies.html and refusing to run the heater because it is poorly sealed and is just circulating the dank moldy basement air. The vitamin C really seems to help, though I just started and I don't know if I have to keep taking it daily.
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Zach does daily Zyrtec and it really helps him out.

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