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Use it till it dies or sell it while you can??

Poll Results: What would you do?

  • 58% (27)
    Keep it and use it till it falls apart
  • 23% (11)
    Sell it while it still has some resale value
  • 17% (8)
    Fairy it
46 Total Votes  
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I recently received some used SOS that were described as VGC. Well these poor dipes have seen better days. They are completely functional, but some of the inside is getting stiff and the "sherpa" now looks like balding terry...my question is, would you resell it (I paid 9ppd each) or keep em till they die? This goes for any hyena or semi-hyena dipe...
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I would first take it up with the seller, def. let her know that they are not what you consider VGC, then either keep them and use them or fairy them, esp. if you don't think they are worth selling, but would be appreciated by a mamma in need of dipes.
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I think we just have different ideas of what "very good" is...I'm not upset. I got a good deal for them and they are totally usable. I'm just weird. :
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I would keep it until it's falling apart if I really loved it & it worked for us incredibly well.
I wouldn't sell it if it was really worn.
I would fairy something to someone who was really desperate.
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I recently bought 2 SOS off the trading post that were the very same way, described as VGC and are old as hell... elastic still works, etc but they are massively faded and the hemp is SUPER thin. *sigh*

I'm using mine for now, but it irks me each time I look at them b/c I paid way too much for the condition they are in. I'm thinking about selling them and taking the loss.
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If they are not usable I would give them away. Not fairy (they should be a good suprise for a fairy gift). Sorry that happened to you. I once bought some diapes that basically were lifted out of the package and put right into the garbage. I mostly buy new now.
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I voted fairy it, but I'd either use them or fairy them. It sucks when you get something that was misrepresented when being sold.
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Ya I'd also take it up with the mama who sold them to you... even say 'we might have different ideas about what vgc means,' but let her know you feel you didn't get what you paid for.

Fairying them is a great idea if you can afford it, as they will probably be much loved somewhere where they don't remind the mama that she got taken! :LOL

Or selling them with an accurate representation of the condition, taking the loss. Or using them if they are usable, you can use some back up dipes, and you don't want to take a financial hit on reselling.
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I assume you need the dipes, and then def. use them. I have such a big stash at the moment, so if a dipe just doesn't seem awesome to me in every way, I Just won't reach for it and it won't get used, and eventually I realize it's dumb to keep it and I'll sell it or give it away.
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I tend to either give away or use until it dies. we have some hh's that i bought in sept. 03 when we first started cding - they have been used tons but still work great. even though they aren't the best fit on j now (yet med fb's fit great??) i am saving them for the next babe. dh loves pocket dipes.
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I have a "balding" SOS that was balding when we got it. However, I didn't pay much and it was definitely presented as "well worn and cheap so you can see if the sizing/style works for you" kind of diaper. We use it ... but its not a reach-for-first one.

So, I say: use them for now, til they go a little more bald and perhaps you can then sell them the same way a Mama sold to me. But to immediately re-sell would be to lose money b/c you can't charge more and now you'll be paying shipping. So you need to at least recoup shipping money by using them for a while. (does that make any sense? I often think about "if I paid X amt for a diaper, then I need to use it for Y amt of time to "get my moneys worth")
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I'd use them in situations where you want an older dipe- like the beach, sandbox, digging in the dirt, etc, or if dc gets sick and you don't want nasties in your nicer dipes.
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LOVE this idea! "I'd use them in situations where you want an older dipe- like the beach, sandbox, digging in the dirt, etc, or if dc gets sick and you don't want nasties in your nicer dipes."

Any way you cut it, you're taking a loss. If you really love SOS, use them until they're dead. Or sell them with pics and accurate description...though you're right in saying that everyone's opinion of vgc could differ... I don't think I'd fairy a poor diaper.
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I would keep it and use it until it fell apart. I bought some CBs on eBay like this, it was in a lot and one had "a small hole"--yeah right--but I just keep using it because what else can I do with it? Luckily I didn't pay that much per diaper though so I didn't feel taken.

Another thought I had with mine was to take it apart, add a new layer of fabric where needed, and re-sew it/re-snap it... so it would look/feel nicer but would be a lot of work for what its worth.

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I guess for me it depends on how much I like something. I didn't vote. If I really loved the diapers, I would use 'em until they fell apart. If they were just okay, I would probably go ahead and re-sell them. DS finally stopped growing so fast and now we have a steady stash of diapers we love and we'll probably use them until they all fall apart :LOL
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If my dc can wear the diaper long enough to make it fall apart thats what I do. But if he grows out of it while it has some life left I usually sell it. Unless its gn or I have some attachment to it then I keep it. I give away alot of stuff that I just don't want to deal with taking pics and all that work.

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I'd give it away (not fairy). Usually I just post things Free For Shipping. But then I rarely put up items for sale. If I do they are usually in like new condition - items that didn't fit right or something along those lines.
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I voted for keep them and use them until they die. I have two FMBG AIO's, I knew when I bought them that they were well loved, and I have no complaint about their condition, but they don't fit ds well at all. I would like to sell them, but I am afraid I couldn't really get much out of them because of their condition, and I just love their prints. So I put them on Ds when we are just staying at home. Every time he wears them I think that I should sell them, but I can never seem to bring myself to do it. I have a bunch of LD candy wrappers that I paid a ton for, and waited forever to get, and it turns out I don't even like them. I need to sell them so I can buy more bum-ware AIO's that I really like, but I just can't bring myself to do because I worked so hard to get them. They are just taking up a bunch of space that I don't have to spare, and I am never going to use them. I think I might be crazy. :
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Originally Posted by amysuen
I'd use them in situations where you want an older dipe- like the beach, sandbox, digging in the dirt, etc, or if dc gets sick and you don't want nasties in your nicer dipes.
Yep! What she said! I have a "stash" of 3-4 diapers that I don't mind if they go outside, go painting, etc. Keep 'em around - you never know when you might need them.

If too much time goes by, then I like what ZenSizzled said - then try to sell them, and represent them for what they are.

A side note: I mostly buy new or barely used condition now, because I have SPECIFICALLY had this issue when buying SOS diapers used. I also read more complaints about those than any other diaper in terms of "the seller said it was X condition, but I really think it is Y." I really think that the mamas who are selling them are not intentionally misrepresenting them in any way. I just think it's clear to someone how old a diaper an SOS diaper is in particular if they've owned an SOS through its entire lifecycle. OK, rambling now. Not trying to start a conversation on this.
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I've had this happen to me, unfortunatly with diapers that did not fit my daughter too well. I could tell that the mama who sold them to me wasn't trying to be dishonest; we just had differing ideas about what good condition meant. I just sucked it up that time and sold them for a few bucks less than what I paid.
If they'd fit and worked for us, I probably would have used them till they croaked, especially if I'd paid a fair price to begin with. Now, if I'd paid an exorbadant price for a fair diaper...well, at that point I'd probably take it up with the seller.
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