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who takes pix?

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just curious.. we are planning on having just myself and my parnter at our birth.. we have been trying to document the pregnancy, and we both very much wish to document the birth (i also feel it is nice to be able to share images from a birth without interventions for new mamas to see) we do have a nice tripod but our timer is not great.. and i dunno how to control which shots i want.. i would love one of papas face the first time he sees his child.. but he can't be taking pictures at this sacred moment.. and i sure can't.. we wondered about inviting someone else to come.. but that seems wierd to me..just looking for anyideas.. I can't really think of any solutions aside from compromising what i want.. which is nice pictures, with just us two there and neither of us taking them.. I know unreasonable me..
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Still just ttc, but I wonder about this too! Even at the hospital, with people everywhere, we never had enough pictures to satisfy me, or the right ones. I know if I had to choose, I'd go with UC over pictures, but ... I want pictures!

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i guess we're just going to wing it. i totally understand wanting pics...but for me, i want uc with just me or me and dh worlds more. besides, he's spent so much time alone in the wilderness that he's actually really good at taking pics of himself! :LOL we'll just have to wait and see what if any pics we get of the actual birth.
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One of the very first things my dh said after we decided to UC was,"So,who's going to take the pics?! I can't play baby Catcher AND Photograher."
We have tried to convince my son to do it but he's feeling squeamish right now and isn't really certain that he even wants to be there (as in the room).He's 14...well, he'll be 15 by the time the baby comes,most likely and it's just something he doesn't know if he's comfortable with. This might change and I guess it'll be a "We'll see when the time comes" kind of thing but I figure we'll end up winging it and take as many as we possibly can.
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tripod in the corner with a DV recorder? (If it's digital, then you can take stills from it later, I think). We're also still TTC, but one of the things we're going to reward ourselves with when we get pregnant is an awesome digital recorder

[I'm also thinking about designating my mom or my sister as the camera person... if I decide it's OK for either of them to be there!]
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