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Oh, and just to make sure this is an "on-topic" thread:


My daughter is a 4 year old nursling.
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I bfed my kids for 2 1/2, 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 yrs respectively.

That is 10 1/2 yrs total.
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my daughters are 1 and nearly 4, both still nurse.
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Hey y'all!!!

I have a 13 1/2 mo DS! Let the posting begin.......
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My girlie will be 20 mos tomorrow. My longest previous nursling weaned at about 21 mos, so I'm about to head into uncharted territory here!
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just here to listen and learn... mine new son is 2 months BUT, I am technically partially breastfeeding my 2 1/2 year old. She is recieving my breastmilk a few times a day through her feeding tube. Just glad this forum is here now.
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So do I belong here yet? dd is 11.5 months
I will be back.....
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hey, this is new!
i'm lorrie and my nursling (katie, aka. k) is almost 13.5 months old and i see no end in sight!
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woo hoo!!!!! I have al almost 1 year old, he'll be one in February, I LOVE the idea of this forum!
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thank you thank you!!!!!

my nursing is 25 months nightweaned at 15 using dr jay gordon and still going strong in the daytime
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DS is 41 months (today!) and still going strong.

DD has been weaned going on two years now.
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almost 14 mo over here
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We're not there yet (3.5 months to go), but I'm glad the forum's back.
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Good stuff!

My nurslings are 17 mo & soon to be 4.
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Kudos all!

As my almost-2-yr old breezed through the latest round of colds and flu that set most kids back at least 2 weeks, I paused again to reflect thankfully on breastmilk. Do you mamas all realize what a WONDERFUL gift you are giving to your children??!! Yes, sometimes it's inconvenient. Yes, sometimes it means less sleep (sometimes it means more!). Yes, sometimes it means fewer dates w/ your partner. It is one million times infinity worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My little breastfed guy is 19 mons
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MY ds3 is 19 months.. Our older 2 had weaned themselves by now, so this is new to us.. SOOO glad the forum is back!!!

Warm Squishy Feelings..

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My 12.5 mo and and I have a place!
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DD is 21 months and still a nursing fanatic!
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Still nursing my 13.5 month old and no end in sight!! I'm so glad the forum is back!!
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