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Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm doing a serious happy dance! I am nursing my 32 month old and am having the same CLW forum concerns. I will not wean her before she is ready, but I also feel that nursing is a relationship and have started setting some limits recently. The last thing in the world I want is to be criticized when I'm nursing a two and a half year old with no plans to stop.

Mainly, though, I am just overjoyed to have reclaimed a space to talk about the experiences of toddler nursing! Yay!
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DS is 34 months, and we are CLW.


Seriously, I think it's ok with an older child to set some limits. Like, if I have to pee, I have to pee now! Nursing can wait. And, hey, I'm making dinner, can you hold on a little bit? Or, speaking of dinner, would you let me finish eating first?

Also, I have been working off and on at night for the past few months, and so DH will put DS to sleep for me. I nurse before I go, and when I get back he inevitably wakes up to nurse (bc that's what he does - wake up every couple of hours to nurse)...

And, he is in preschool 3 hours/3 days a week. So he can't nurse then. But, at this age, he doesn't nurse as often during the days unless we're home and bored or he's sick or tired or...

So, my position is if you have an older child - like, say at least 18 months old but maybe closer to two - limits are fine bc the child is at a point where he/she is ready to accept waiting, etc.

Don't know if I'm explaining it well enough... I'm hungry... gotta go get a snack.

See ya around this board
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Woo hoo! We have a home again!!
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My son is 14 months
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I'm nursing my 16 month old DD!
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Not here yet with this one, but wondered why there wasn't a forum for it. Now there is AAWWEESSOOMMEE
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DS is 17.5 mos & a nursing fiend
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Glad to see this forum. I'm nursing my two year old and so far have had not issues with nursing while pregnant (except for my ob/gyn office telling me to stop!). I'm not dead set on strict CLW and am playing this whole pregnancy and tandem thing by ear.
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Thank you!!!!

My DD is a power nursin' almost 3 year old.
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Nursing my almost-20-month-old! WOHM whose job demands will get mightily rougher in another 5 months, but hoping to keep nursing until he is ready to be done! Since he nurses during the day when I'm home, two or three times before bed and two or three times at night, I think we are okay for a while.
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I'm : my 2.5 year old.
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Hi! I'm nursing my 18-month-old daughter. She's a boob addict - day and night!
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I'm nursing my 8 month old and 3 year old. Nice to know I"m not alone.

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with nurslings Adam (4.75), Boyd (3.5), and Cali (10 mos)

"it's the best stuff in the world!" says my oldest about breastmilk!

great forum name!
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: :tandem :2tandem
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I have one daughter, an almost 18 month nursling!!!
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I'm nursing my 35 1/2 month old- nursed my first until she weaned at 33 months.
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I'm so glad this forum is back!

DD is 39 months old and still nursing at night and in the AM. Love our nursing relationship
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Nursing (almost) 13 mo. old DS.
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Nursing two 16-month olds. Lately it seems like they're more interested in the boob than they've been in a LONG time.

I love the name of this forum!
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