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DS is 22.5 months old. I am also glad to see the return of this forum.
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Yaaaay! THank you to all the moms~

Nursing at 2.75 years and not stopping soon...
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My first dd nursed until her fourth birthday last June and my baby is 10 months and quite adamant when she wants her "mamas" so who knows how long she'll nurse. I will have been nursing for 5 years this June between the two.
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Still nursing my 26 month old. Glad to have a resource for toddler BFing issues.
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Nursing a 18 month old DS
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15mo dd - nursing strong! Yayyyyy for this new board!!!! Thank you MDC!! I just got back online today after moving - and was so glad to see this new board!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!!

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Hi, I'm Karen, nursing Victor who just turned 3 in January. It's great to have this forum
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My DS is 14 mo and still nursing every 2 - 4 hours at home, but hardly ever if we are out. Only nursing once or twice during our 10 - 11 hour sleep period. He is showing no signs of weaning! However, DH likes to make these "funny" comments about when weaning him. *sigh*

Anyways, glad that the forums are split up. I didn't feel like we belonged in the Beginning and Overcoming forum, but we also aren't at the CLW age yet, and support and advocay just didn't seem appropriate yet. So YEAY!
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I just want to say that you don't have to have a certain age baby to consider yourself to be CLW, or to belong in the CLW forum. A parent of a nursling of any age should be right at home in the CLW forum as long as she's not planning to parent-led-wean.
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My 18 month old dd is a happy nursing toddler. I'll see you in the other threads!
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Hi. We are a few weeks shy of 1 year. I made it. I made it. I made it. Horray for us. I have been waiting to post here. I feel like we are just getting started.
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I'm a tandem nursing mama to a 2 y.o. and a 4 month old and thrilled to see this forum back. I don't post often since I have a dead slow modem and rarely have the time or patience to post, but lurking has been a real sanity saver for me...knowing I'm not alone!

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Chloe is 21.5 months and still nursing strong !
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Nursing a 13.5mo and a 4.5yo. The 4.5yo just nurses occassionally, not even every day and then only for a few seconds/half a minute. At 3yo, he weaned on his own for 2 weeks. He restarted and nursed daily until he was 4 and a few months. Then he and the baby both got really sick and were passing it back and forth. This went on for over a month. So, I asked him if he could wait until everyone was better. He agreed. Now he is free to nurse again and will ask every few days or so. He sooo loves his nursies. I think the official end will be more like a long-drawn-out slowing down. I probably won't even notice it until it's past.

I think of any child less than 2 as still such a baby. Even though my 13.5mo acts like he would rather eat (and eats almost as much as his big brother - some days more) we still nurse b/c I'm not ready to drop it yet. Second child, I guess. He'd rather play and do whatever big brother is doing than nurse.

Extended nursing has been an awesome experience.
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My little one is 17 months and as of today still going strong. A few days ago I was worried that she might be close to weaning, but I think I was wrong. Yay!!!!
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My wonderful, beautiful, amazing dd is 37 months. She's showing no signs of weaning and I'm letting her call the shots on that.
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just found this forum!! Glad its here!! today i offically became a member lol as my son is now 1 :LOL
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Hi lotusdebi!

My nursling is almost 3 1/2, and #2 will be here any minute, so I will be tandem nursing for the foreseeable future. I consider myself a CLWer even though I
1) recently nightweaned during my pregnancy to prevent my complete transformation into an ogre
2) have said things like "I'm eating my supper right now. We will have nana when I'm done eating."
3) instituted a "no-nursing while mommy is sitting on the toilet" rule
4) only allow twiddling at home

My son still has almost-unfettered access to the boob, and I certainly feel that his nursing needs are more than adequately met (I'm pretty sure he does too). As one poster said, all relationships require boundaries. I am a sensitive and loving parent. I am not a doormat.
Anyway, glad to see so many sustained nursers here.
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My ds is 15 months and still going strong!!
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19 mos and going strong!
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