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What's your Household Budget?

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How much do you spend on running the house each week (or month), and where do you live?
I have $200 a week for everything that does not come in the form of a bill- this includes groceries, household items like linens, kitchenware, etc, shoes and clothing, gifts and holiday items, entertainment (excluding our Netflix bill), dog and cat food, litter, toys, etc., any classes lesson, filed trips or extra curricular activities for the kids, and whatever else comes up.
I usually spend over $100 on groceries, and try and just fit the rest in where I can- buying used or discount. But we're always squeezed.
We're in the High Dessert of California
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Wow, this is really hard to answer, but I will try...

How much we have depends on DH's bonuses...

Probably around 200.00 every two weeks....
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I'm just now getting it down to $100/week. Thanks to the help of other MDC frugal mama's.
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We are at $450 every 2 weeks. I am really determined (and stressing) to get this down to $250 every 2 weeks because the $450 is killing us. This includes food, gas, and other non-bill items.
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What part of the country are you guys in, and how many people are in your family?
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Once you take away the morgage, bills and ds's medical expenses ew are at about $120 Canadian per week. It makes things pretty tight but I'm sure that this Mindlul Homemanagement Forum will help me stretch it as far as I can!
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I have 3 kids plus babysitting kids and we live in northern Alberta, Canada (produce $ are VERY high in winter)
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I'm in Altamonte Springs FL, North of Orlando. There are 3 of us in our family. DH is a spender and really resists a budget, I am trying to convert him desperately, we have A LOT of unnecessary expenditures. My daughter is Special Needs and I am disabled with Fibro, so we do have a lot of medical expenses. Gotta find a grea tbook on budgeting and get him into it. Part of the problem is that he is in sales and primarily commission based, so we never really know what his paychecks are going to be. He did just interview for another job within his company that would give us a steadier income.
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I honestly have no idea how much we spend. : I guess knowing that would help me be more frugal. Basically, we spend what we need to get by. If we have no $$, which happens often, we find another way to make do.
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We don't really 'budget'... i know we should, cause some months we seem to have to pull money out of thin air to pay bills.

But I do all the grocery shopping one day a week, and keep it to less than $100 for the two of us. (yeah, no kids yet..... and the RE isn't cheap either!) We buy all organic free range, and if we had to alter our finances, i'd cancell the internet before I stopped buying orgainc. Hmmmm i wonder if my priorities are screwey.
we don't dine out a lot, and when we do, we tend to go to local places that are inexpensive. our 'entertainement' is mainly netflix (and yarn).

I think financially we'd be much better off if we didn't have my student loans ... they are as much as most peoples mortgages. Sigh.
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We live in the midwest. We have five kids (six in a couple weeks). Dh has gotten significant paycuts in the last year or so (totalling nearly $40,000). I have about $100/week to spend on groceries and maybe $50 on gas/other. That's even stretching it. I feel lucky to have what we have, though.
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Originally Posted by ekblad7+
I feel lucky to have what we have, though.
Amen to that!
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I live in Dallas, TX. We (family of 3) have 175 a week budgeted for everything but bills...since dd was born, I have been going over that each week...using the credit card. : I've paid it off every month, but keep running it back up the next, and haven't managed to save much..it's a vicious cycle....
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We have about $200 +/- cash every two weeks which I sort in a cupon organizer into these catagories: gas, grocheries, eating out, mis (houshold and personal items). The rest of our money goes into checking to pay bills, tithe, daycare, etc.. There are three, oops! --no four of us: me, husband, 2-1/2 year old and baby in tummy!
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5 kids, one on the way, up in the nice cold northeast.

Weekly total - including bills (mortgage, heating fuel, elec, phone, internet, grocery, car, insurance, savings($70/wk)) :$240.

Besides that $70/week we've been able to put into savings .. we usually have a $30-$50 "surplus" .. which once in a while will go to a new dvd, or a dinner out.
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Well, I live in a tourist town and things are expensive here.

We are a family of 4 and spend about 125/week on groceries and are trying to get that down to 100$.

Since we aren't including bills our groceries are about it.

We spend about 50$ every month or so at Walmart on things like trashbags, socks, toilet paper, etc. and my gas runs about 40$ a month since the town is small.

Forgot to add that DD is starting a playgroup and that will cost 35$ a week.

SOme of you mamas are amazing me with how little you spend. I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for your tips in this new forum
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Originally Posted by stretchmark
Well, I live in a tourist town and things are expensive here.
Our town's pretty similar - the only time we're NOT a tourist town is springtime, usually - because Laconia Bike Week is summer, plus we're right off Lake Winnepesaukee, then the leaf peepers all fall .. and sandwiched in between a few large ski areas. But the worst? SUMMER TRAFFIC! It starts in May and ends in Sept!
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I looked at four months, and the least we spent was $166, and the most was $422. Last month we spent $260 on non bill stuff. It's just the two of us here.
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I budget about $100 a week, in South East Michigan, but we never stick to it. We are BAD about budgets and spending. I use to blame DH but I recongize that it is me, probably more than him. I keep justifying things that are more "want" then "need." We are trying to keep me from having to work more than I am (about 15 hours a week, nights & weekends so DD is with DH). Our current cash flow is a LONG drop from where we were as a two income-no kids family... Not that DD isn't worth every penny Just wish there were more pennies!
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We also have $100 a week budgeted for non-bill items. I am beginning to suspect that this is not enough, though, as we go over every week. I try to be as frugal as possible, so hopefully one of these weeks I will get it right!

We feel very lucky to have what we have, though. And yes, amen to that!
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