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Doula in NE PA?

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Any advice on finding a doula in my area? I live in North East Pennsylvania, in a midwife-free town (serious bummer).

I got one name from a friend, but she's two hours away, and my last baby came quickly.

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I found my doula from the DONA website. www.dona.com
Good luck to you - they also have interview questions on the website that I found helpful when I was in the interviewing process.
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Hi! I am near allentown Pa, and had 2 midwife assisted births. With my last birth i had a wonderful doula, Tracey. She is a very nice lady i met trough a mutual friend. She is a childbirth educator who lives in hellertown. She has traveled as far as delaware i think to attend a birth! her e mail is Traceynpa@aol.com. Give her a holler, tell her laura sent you! Good luck to you!
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