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Cool meal planning email service....

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This was posted on a Yahoo group that I belong to...it is a meal planning service where they will email you weekly dinner plans based on the grocery store of your choice. They plan the meals based on the sales that week. They send you all the meals, recipies and a shopping list - the total cost is usually under $65 and the meals make 4-6 servings.

I have to say that I am *not* a cook or a planner so I decided to give it a try. It is GREAT for someone like me. I don't have to think about what we are going to eat or plan - I just grab the list, buy what's on it and I am ready for the week! None of the meals have taken me over 30 minutes to prepare. I have never in my life made more then 3 meals in a row - and now I have had a meal on the table everday for over 2 weeks

Now I do have to say that some of the 'meals' are convience items - usually once a week they have you buying a frozen dinner for a 'meal' but that is OK with me. Since the kids don't eat alot we have plenty of leftovers for lunch or dinner so I usually just cross off 2 of the meals each week....usually the convinece foods.

Anyway - I feel like I am accomplishing so much and we are eating meals *as a family* so for me it is so worth the $5 a month they charge. I also know it is run by some SAHM's so I feel good that I supporting them.
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Interesting.... I do a meal plan for the week every sunday (which is why this caught my interest!) Unfortunately I don't shop at any of the stores they use. I tend to do our grocery shopping at Trader Joes and New Seasons (local market).

I am curious to see what the 'meal plans' are... see if there are any good ideas!
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That sounds great. Even if I don't use it exclusively, it will give me quite a few ideas.

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Have you seen "Just Tell Me What to Cook"?
I really like it!
You sign up and once a week you get a week's worth of menus in your mailbox. They are all pretty healthy (and yummy!) too.
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I signed up the other day and OMG!!! The yummy tasty meals. Yes, some of them are more on the unhealthy side (seared sausage for example) but you can always substitute the meals you don't like with something that you cook usually. My DH and I had a chicken, potatoe, carrot meal the other night where all of the ingrediaents were combined and then cooked and WOW, it was sooo good. We froze the leftover to see how good it would freeze and finished it tonight. Froze wonderfully!

I think $15 every 3 months is totally worth it! :
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