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Oh, about the well baby chacks. We don't go. They're a bit pointless, unless you're doing vaxes and that kind of stuff. I do take the kids into the naturopath about every month or so and we weigh them and all that kind of stuff there.

Az- you should be able to get the on call ped. to sign the baby out. that's what we had to do...since our doc didn't have rights at that hospital. that really sucks about a mandate. I can't imagine they could FORCE you to stay in the hospital. s <<the baby is going to come this week, the baby is going to come this week....>>
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well, ok, thanks ann for advice on the pads - I will be cautious and change them lots. I also bought some really super cheap cosmetic pads (the kind that you use to take off make up). They look like small nursing pads! I got them because I really don't leak at all unless I'm nursing or it's been a lot of hours. In which case I leak a little (total wet spot is about the size of two quarters). I think these little pads would probably be sufficient for that. I'm going to try them first, as they are super soft and totally cotton. They are big enough to cover my areola, which I think is enough? I think I'll go get one of those toothbrushes tomorrow at the hfs and also more probiotics. Then I'll do the paste instead of the peroxide. Can always use the peroxide to make volcanos later in life. Do you make a load of paste first (enough for all day?), or just one or two capsuls at a time? Do you use filtered water? How watery should it be to use for her/his mouth? I'm really glad Violet is better - Ori now has one section of his cheek that has several white patches on it, and the bum rash too, which is SUCH a bummer (no pun intended - truly!). Also my breasts are sore (like Karens?). GET THIS STUFF OUTTA US!!!

Sleep well my friends, Dh is happy that NE won the stupidbowl, it was fun 'cause Ori woke up for about half of it and dh really enjoyed sharing his lazy-boy with his new boy-o. Oh, and we woke up this morning to Ori's first little flagpole! I was so surprised to see it, I guess I hadn't really thought about that part of dd changing his diapers. She noticed it and asked why it was standing up instead of flopping over like it normally does. Ok - that was a lesson in sex ed that I hadn't planned, but she was great with it all. I just told her like it is - physiology mostly. Didnt' go into the big boy stuff, and she didn't seem too interested. Hmmm...

'night all! I hope everyone gets some good sleep. Hang in there Az - I will light a candle for you and say a little prayer to the universe to help out...get those labor vibes in high gear tomorrow! xxx andy
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Been busy enjoying our new little baby. I have been able to read up on all the posts. Phew...

UGH on the thrush and roaches. Both give me the willies. I didn't have any issues with ds, and I am crossing my fingers with dd. I am hoping our dry climate is on my side.

Gentle birth vibes and birth encouragements to our remaining mamas. It will happen and it will be wonderful. Both ds and dd were 1 week "overdue" exactly. Odd...

DD loves to be held. She will awaken immediately when you put her down which makes bathrom trips a bit tough It is wonderful having her. She is a mellow one who only peeps when not held or hungry. My milk came in with a vengence. I felt like a woman with a saggy boob job for a bit yesterday and today. They were just SOOoooo full. She is regulating them now, so the discomfort is starting to end. Nipples are still a bit sore. DS weaned 4 months ago, and it is like my nipples have never been used for breastfeeding...I just don't get it.

DH is off for three weeks. It will be nice to have him around to help. It should make our transition a bit smoother.

DS is doing so well. I am proud of him. He loves checking on his sister. He always wants to know what she is doing. He is sick with a nasty cold, though. It is making him a bit weepy and dh just doesn't get it sometimes. He forgets that the little guy is only 21 months old He just needs more mama loving, so we are trying to snuggle lots

Need to work on the birth story before I forget :

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I am so hating thrush. I can't seem to do any treatment as much as I should. Taking care of the baby, diapers and life is just taking up so much time that I can't remember to do vinegar, or nystatin or anything. I think I'll get one of those brushes that you're talking about Ann.... just putting the nystatin on Luka's tongue with a qtip takes a lot of the white stuff away (though he doesn't like it).
Andy, I wouldn't use the peroxide either, though I bet it would work. My mw recommended baking soda on his tongue- but that tastes ICKY.... couldn't do that. I think that generally things that will change the pH of their mouths will work. But if it's a bad case.... Oh, and re: vinegar, the LLL book says a tb to a cup of water.... so it's diluted.
I also second changing pads often- every feeding. SInce I've been mostly at home, I just leak onto a cloth diaper and wash after each use. It's making a lot more laundry, but I wanna get rid of these things!!!

Heather- it sounds like transition to 2 kids is going ok at your house despite ds being sick (poor thing!). Those full boobies sure suck... I hope she regulates them fast! I'm looking forward to reading your birth story!

We went to a bday party for a friend's kid. The mamas there were all shocked to see me there.... baby is almost 2 weeks old and sitting in the house is getting old....is it that big a deal to be out and about?? these are our closest friends, so it wasn't any old bday party for a 6 year old.
the nice part was that they had a sun shade set up outside with chairs underneath, so we spent all day outside. It's all a nice change.
Now Luka is asleep in the slinmg and I'm on the birth ball.... when he gets fussy, nothing works as good as a good bounce session. at least SOMETHING works!
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Ooh - that's good to know about the birth ball. I'd forgotten we even had one! I really didn't enjoy it too much at the birth itself, sitting on it made me feel like I was pushing the little guy UP rather than letting him down, and it was kind of too big for leaning on while on the bed. Oh well, it was useful in the shower on hands and knees. But ...um...where was I going with this? Oh well. Oh yeah - reminded of having it means we get to go back to USING it, maybe even for some EXERCISE! Ori has been so not fussy - so long as he has boob and bed he's a happy camper. Only cries when tired, hungry or being changed (cold?). That's another nice thing about HI, girls, it's not too likely that naked babies will be COLD. We've got the heat CRANKED here and it's still a bit chilly for little dude. Cranked still has to heat 2700sq. ft., plus the great outdoors when dd leaves the door open (about once a weekend). sigh. Well, another good night of sleep here, I'm hoping to get some errands done today and also some household stuff that's piling up. I'm spposed to hear from a cleaning lady this week who was going to come in a few hrs. a week for 3 weeks or so, just until I can manage to get cleaning back into the weekly schedule. Like Karen, I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the thrush, diapers, feedings etc., so I'm not rushing into keeping a clean home at this point. ho hum on clean floors! I did do toilets the other day - thought that was pretty super of me!

Ok, best to get moving with the day here. LOL! Take care mamas! andy
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PS - Karen - I think it's great that you're getting out with Luka a bit. I'm not suggesting climbing mtns yet, but visiting with friends is great and a good way to keep your attitude in high gear, I think. Staying inside is pretty old here, too. We're getting out and about today because the weather is supposed to turn to nasty again tomorrow. bummer :-(
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So I just managed to read all of the posts and baby is crying. Back later to chat!
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Ok - started probiotic treatment and my nips are not feeling too much better yet - the immediate gratification corner over here! I think I do need to use the nursing pads, though, because the cosmetic pads are linty and they stick to my nips and it HURTS to get them off. Ugh! Off to do errands. Hang tough Lisa - she'll be into the tupperware drawer before you know it! Love, andy
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Andy, I was also looking for "instant relief" with the thrush stuff. But I guess it doesn't work that way .

Yeah, it's easy having kids here with the warm weather. Ds1 was born in Northern California in Dec, and it was cold. The first time we left the house he was so bundled up, the kid couldn't move at all.... I felt so sorry for him!!! Here, a thin receiving blanket over any clothing is fine at night. It makes it easy for playing outside and for when they're old enough to eat (just get em naked- no mess with bibs and stuff- then hose em down afterwards!).
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Yeah, my two ds's were born in NorCal in winter too. It is so much nicer here. Although, I feel sort of bad. Everyone keeps sending V cute little outfits. Half of them she's already grown out of and never worn or only worn once We just don't need alot of clothes here.

I'm feeling really exhausted and overwhelmed with tandem nursing lately. Makai is sooo demanding about it. He wants to nurse ALL the time for like and hour stretch. If I try to limit it, he has these huge breakdown, screaming for hours spells -- usually in the middle of the night, so he wakes everybody up. I suppose I just need to find a balance. I feel sort of bad limiting him, but he's 2, so he really doesn't need to nurse all the time. Also, he's boosting up my milk supply too much and its making it hard for Violet to nurse, and he sucks really hard and it hurts my thrushy nipple . Sorry, I love nursing him.. I suppose I just feel this is a safe place to vent.

Last night I took three 5 year olds, an 8 year old, a 2 year old and a one month old out to dinner. Am I insane?!?! I think so.
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Originally Posted by mamamaya
Last night I took three 5 year olds, an 8 year old, a 2 year old and a one month old out to dinner. Am I insane?!?! I think so.
ummmm, yeah you're insane!!!!

hugs on the tandem nursing issues. i can imagine that it's hard and then throw in the thrush (can you tell i'm obsessed?) and it's worse. is Makai distractable?? if he's with other kids does he still ask??? maybe you could night wean him? it's hard to make changes when there's already the new baby.
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I am just itching to know how it went for jessi! And Az, are you doing the PG gel today or what, is there a baby coming over there- who will it be me or you as the last vocal hold over in the Jan 2005?

Glad you are all moving on beyond the homefront, triumphing in the battle of the yeasties, and enjoying the other kiddos taking in/taking care of their new siblings.

I am still just pregnant, ten days over tomorrow- the time I think is normal for a first timer to birth, and it's our anniversary, and also the day we met.

Just waiting around, I guess, being way too attached to my computer, can't believe I have to clean house AGAIN already, and generally procrastinating on mundane tasks to read and over respond on my dang e-mail and groups. Sigh.

Oh- so wit hall this thrush talk- I ordered 6 sets cloth of reuasble nursing pads, are those gonna be a set up for thrush? Someone gave a few boxes of disposables, and i will be home doing the cloth dipe on the booby thing, too. But what do you think aobut cloth vs. dispoable nursing pads?

PLus, are you all watching your bras and what not to make sure they are not reinecting you? Remember to dunk all the laundry in 10% vinegar before you wash it!

Heidi, feeling ready now
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ah Heidi- You don't need thrush too! I think cloth pads are fine- you just have to change anything that touches them everytime they get all wet. yeast just LOVES those warm and moist environments (i.e. my whole house....). WHat a PITA!

10 days over huh? You'll be holding that baby soon enough, I suspect. I think I was about that long with my first baby.
I was hoping you were laboring today as I didn't see a post from you earler.... it'll come at the right time, I guess!
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ooooh, Ann! I LOVE your new username!!! I was gonna tell Lisa that here in HI we call those velcro babies, opihis... very sweet!! I just noticed the change when I posted a new message. very cool mama.

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OOh yeah - I can hardly imagine how how that will be for him. Just NOT FAIR! Poor you, poor him. And Poor Violet for having too much of a good thing! Sheesh - just hang in there honey - it'll improve (or your boobs will fall off, one or the other!). Ok, Ori is screaming now, so I'd better go feed him. He's been really nursing a lot lately - doesn't it just happen when you can hardly stand the latch on! Oh, and YES Ann, you ARE insane!
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Ok - when I post everything updates and I see I missed like 6 mssgs., and I think I miss mamamaya, but 3_opihi is so COOL, so I wave byebye to mamamaya and HELLO opihi! Clingon mama, you are way baaad. My boobs are itching so MUCH - Ori's mouth is yeast free now, but I don't think it's working as well on his bum or my nips. Hmmm. Maybe I'll combine it with a vinegar solution. Thanks for the vinegar tip on the bras, Heidi. I forgot to do that. I'm going to rewash the three bras I washed today right now while O. sleeps and dh puts dd to bed. Caio!
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just wanted to chime in on tandem woes. sometimes i just want to wean them both! i wouldn't really, but it is overwhelming!
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I started the new thread.

I am so grateful that we don't have to deal with thrush. Guess the environment is dry enough in AZ, that it's not a big deal here. I do feel for the ladies with sore nips, though. Will has been pulling off a ton more during sessions, so I am feeling the soreness too, just not as bad as the thrushy mamas.

Happy birth vibes to those left, and happy clear up the thrush vibes to those who have it!

Have a good day!
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