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Of course we will not defect to February! You all have been GREAT. I love my bead thread, sitting in front of the little labor shrine. Every once in a while I touch the beads and feel reassured somehow. I'm really looking forward to this birth, and you all are a good-sized part of that.

And hey, there are a few hours left in January. Let's have some babies!

Az, your blanket sounds like it will be pretty. A new baby should have a homemade blanket to wrap up in. Add to the list of reasons to homebirth: those white blankets with blue and pink stripes that EVERY hospital baby is wrapped in for the first few pictures.

Lisa, from way over here, the study of colors and fizziness of poop is kinda funny. I'm glad she is getting better.

Karen, sorry your little one was fussy. This newborn thing sounds tricky.

Yesterday I finally ran into our new neighbor (like 6 months), and he said they just had a new baby, their first, three weeks ago. We're going over there tonight to meet them. I'm excited. Our baby will have at least one neighbor just his/her age.
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It's not February yet!
I think us PP mamas with babes will stick around as long as it takes for the rest of you to have your babes!! They will come when they're ready- and not a moment sooner!

Still have a fussy baby here today..... now I don't want to eat the dinner that our friends brought over last night- the rest of the family can finish it. We also got a heavy tray of lasagna today, so maybe I'll stick to that.

Do any of you have some kind of waterproof pad that you're sleeping on? I bought this one when I bought my birth kit and it's just kinda synthetic-y and makes us sweat. Luka wakes up drenched- and that's with just a little t-shirt on. I took it off the bed and I did find I have a relatively small fleece blanket that I'll try- It won't absorb liquids but will keep the bed from getting icky.

I just looked at that MeiTei website- I like those carriers- are they easy to nurse in??? Anyone have one? Didn't someone say they sewed their own? Heather? Was it easy? Where'd you get the pattern?

I'm sitting here in my rocker with Luka on my chest and feeling HOT. They are such little heaters.
I wanted to maybe walk to my post office today, but the thought started to sound overwhelming- I have to walk over an overpass thing with lots of stairs and well, I just can't handle. Not ready to face the world.
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I'm still pregnant...and so jealous of all of you who have had your babies. Starting to hate my midwife and think I'll call her just before the baby comes. I'm a week late today, I was 10 days late with dd. and she wants to make a plan because I'm over due. I thought that having a homebirth would mean less pressure to have the kid "on time." I'm feeling tired and moody and pressured and not comforatble at all.

I know this baby will come and everything will be fine. I know my body works and I just tend to hold on to my babies a little longer...I make 'em small so they need a little extra time to bake. Dh has actually been really great and I think he's disappointed that our mw is making me feel stressed.

I'm going to go clean a bit and my sis said she would give dh and I a date night.

Send me labor vibes please...and I'm sending good vibes out to all of you.

PS just talked to my mom...she's worried the baby's going to be "too big." I hate worry vibes...they seem so negative and unhelpful. And that's why we didn't tell her about the homebirth.
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Karen, what is your goal for the pad? Are you keeping Luka w/o a dipe cover at night? Want to catch leaky boobs? Just sweat?

When Lauren had bum rash, we went diaper free for a night (she slept on a diaper) and we both slept on this (bottom to top) bed with regular bed stuff (mattress pad and sheet) then the "ultimate crib sheet" (waterproof but soft on top) and then a beach towel, us and our top blankets - it was SO sweaty because of the plastic layer in the crib sheet. That lasted 2 nights before I ripped it off the bed. Now we have 2 layers of beach towel (the big ones - they go from just under my pillow to my bum, edge of bed to dh) and I put her on a lap pad that's about 10x12" because we aren't using diaper covers in the house. It's still too hot for my perfect sleeping conditions, but I'm pretty sure that's because the towels aren't 100% cotton, I might switch to bath towels and see if that's more comfy.

My leaky breasts don't leak through the layers, her diaper hasn't either, as long as she's on the lap pad, and we're doing ok. I change out the towels every other day. If you have an old wool blanket, you can wash and dry it on hot to felt it up, and it should give you some waterproofing, same with fleece, it will wick the moisture away, although fleece makes me sweat. So either of those on top of a towel might work. Good luck!

Dh just went to school, he's taking a math class. I think he has seriously begun to regret not going to school like the rest of us did when we were 18. He's 30 and a frosh in college now. And hating every moment of life with all the 18 yr olds. But at least he left us well fed and dry, and babe is sleeping. She's actually slept a decent amount today, I hope it's more because of an impending growth spurt than a wakeful night to come. I think we're going to bed at 7:30 tonight, that gives me an hour or so to finish up things around here and then start the bedtime routine. Aaah if only we had a routine!

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The asian baby carrier(ABC)/mei tei carriers are pretty easy to make. As are the pouches. I don't have the original site I used for the pattern. Usually I save them If you do a search, you should be able to find some instructions for them. If you need better assistance, let me know.

Only a few January hours left. Thanks mamas for letting us late-daters stay in your January group

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Originally Posted by lisa2976
He's 30 and a frosh in college now. And hating every moment of life with all the 18 yr olds.
Lisa, I know what you mean. DH went to school from the time he was 18 on and off. He had many different institutions under his belt when we met. One thing we wanted was for him to get his degree. He graduated in 2001 at the age of 30. He definitely had a different perspective on things as the older student. His age also helped him with his degree choice and GPA. I cannot say that I used my degree the way he has, and I definitely didn't have his awards upon graduation A few years makes a difference...

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On bedding and co-sleeping...

(Geez, you'd think I was Kahil Gibran with opening lines like that!)

I have some worries about my co-sleeping- I like a cool house, and sleep on a feather bed, with a thick feather pillow flung over my head burying it completely, with a big queen sized feather comforter crowded around me (no pregnancy pillows necessary, enough blanket to get everything in the right position). Dh has his own twin feather comforter he sleep with ( which we got when he realized I am bad at sharing!) Anyway, I sleep in quite a nest....I will lack sleep when babe comes, and half will probably be from missing my blankies...

So, with the co-sleeping instruction that I can not have extra bedding, we are planning on removing the feather bed. I got a regular mattress pad just for comfort to replace the down. But I have seen some co-sleeoing instructions that say NO bedding at all- sleep in clothes and put clothes on baby. How far do people go. I am just thinking I'll get the hang of it and trust I will work it out with my baby, but how sparsely do I have to go? And when will the kid be old enough to tolerate a more cushy situation?

For waterproofing at birth and beyond (we plan a homebirth, then to CD and EC) I needed something to protect the bed for birth that would also work after baby comes. I was not into vinyl for reasons of heat/off gasing, so I found a cloth/Teflon covered mattress pad at Target. I was a bit skeptical, and when I got it home poured blueberry juice on it. It beaded up didn't stain...but beaded up and needed to be wiped off. So I wonder what it will be like with leaky stuff- it will make surethe mattress isn't ruined, and will keep it al lto the sheets i guess. Anyway, I will see if this is any good. At least it won't be hot I hope.....If not i have these big waterproof pads someone gave me- like 3 feet square. I was thinking of tucking those under baby's spot in case of leaky boobs and butts.

Sorry your feeling pressure from the midwife momjess! If you can clear up the air with her before birth- not good to have weird vibes with anyone on the birth team, esp the midwife! I hope you two can get on the same page. Hang in there- birth vibes to you!

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thanks Heather.... I did some searches and found a few meitai patterns- WAY easy. Wish i made one BEFORE Luka was born- could busy that out in no time at all....now will be an endeavor.

Heidi- we use blankets and stuff and co-sleep. main thing for safety(IMO) is to have a good firm surface- not a mushy bed. But blankets are ok- just don't suffocate them on the kid. Half the time it seems you sleep with the baby in the crook of your arm, so they're "protected" in your embrace. AND, all the worrisome stuff is for when they're real little.... you;ll find something that works- though the "nest" you use now might be challenging!!!

OK. Gotta run. DS1 is prepping dinner for us. Dad is on the way home.
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Had a bunch of stuff to write, but now its late and I'm way too tired...Karen, Andy - mei tais are great, we use one a lot, because my chubby buddhas are too fat for those baby bjorn thingys. I got my KKACP today. Its great, but its sort of skin colored and I feel weird wearing something that color, so I think I'll exchange it. There are no good colors left. I think I'll have to go with the red retro print. Bummer...

Lisa- glad everything seems to be working out. Hang in there. You too Karen .

I think V is going the EC route too. We always go coverless, but she hates having a diaperon. I usually just lay her on a prefold for about 15 minutes, she goes, and we're done. Um...EC I believe is a Pacific Rim tradition,(New Zealand, Japan, East Asia...) although there are other areas that do it too.

Heidi - I wouldn't worry too much about the bedding. You might have to do away with the featherbed, but I always used adown comforter when ds1 was a bambino. He slept on my chest anyways, so suffocating wasn't a big problem. Like Karen said, mushy is more of a problem than entanglement(?)

On bed coverings- I got a wool matress pad from somewhere, about 5 years ago, and it rocks. Totally absorbs, and never smells. I usually lay a fleece blanket over the sheet to protect it from rotten milk smell, but nothing is better than the wool matress pad. I wish I could remember where I got it. I bet they would know where to get one in the diapering forum (gasp!)

Hang in there pregnant mamas! Please don't go away. Our little group is getting so close, we would miss you so. I'm not a January mama either, but I stayed :

And I'm an old college person too : I went when I was younger, but mostly partied and goofed off. I really had no idea what I wanted to do until after I had kids. It's ok though, there are lots of old people in the nursing program
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Hey good morning mamas! Wow - lots of topics...

Jess - hang in there and clear the air is my opinion too. You sound really upbeat (and pissed off) but keep that upbeat I know what I'm doing feel and you'll come through with shining colors. I don't htink your expectation of the hb/less pressure was off target. Maybe your mw has other mamas due after you and SHE is feeling some pressure? Communicate w/her and let her know your situation...maybe she just needs reminding?

Matresses: we have a wool pad under the big bed and a matress topper under the smaller bed (where we usually sleep, me and Ori). The matress topper is from the bed store. It's completely waterproofed on the bottom, padded (quite nicely) and then matress material (nasty but not hot) on top. We use a flannel fitted sheet, usually, and a down duvet. It hasn't leaked through at all, even when Ori decided to pee right at me and hit the bed when I turned him on his side. What aim! Poor guy is sick today. He got dh's sickness. Coughing, snuffling, not nursing well at all. Poor little Ori...We're staying close to the big bed/tv/lots of pillows today. So far no fever. Back to topic, I don't know what to say except that layering towels is probably a good plan, especially good cotton ones (but who wants to layer them on the bed instead of using them???) that won't make you sweat, or a wool topper pad, which isn't supposed to be too hot in warm weather (although I didn't use it during the summer, so I don't know about that), or just diving into the bed store and seeing what they have. Usually they have stuff for the twin beds they sell to kids who might still have accidents at night. Heidi - I agree on the firm matress thing (futon is really great, matress is great too, feather bed is for like maybe over a year old, maybe older). The blanket situation is a lot more flexible. My kids tend to snuggle me because dh is hotter. As Karen said, they are little furnaces, and mine don't love the ultra hot, just the snuggly warm.

I'm sending out baby vibes to those who need them...(8:16am est) I hope that those who want them do have success at their right time! And those not ready, just close your eyes and think happy pregnancy thoughts for a few minutes ...

What else, oh, Karen - chill mama - a walk is nice, but going so far that it gives you the willies is TOO FAR! I'm sorry it's so hot. Try keeping a t-shirt layer between you and Luka's head, or a flannel...I'm trying to remember to when dd was born and it was like 95degrees out - quite miserable, really. We spent a lot of time in the book store and the library, where it was air conditioned. Not much help, sorry...

Lisa - I'm glad Lauren is getting better! What a strong girl! I give you a lot of credit for doing the EC thing - I don't think I could be 'bothered'. Just as easy for me to change the poopey stuff - Ori hasn't had a terrible upthebackanddownbothlegs blow out yet. He seems to make lots of little ones all day long (what dh calls wet farts - SORRY...tmi!). Lots of wet diapers, so far. I think that's my concern, because he is having trouble breathing through his nose he's not nursing very well and I'm afraid he's going to dehydrate. I moved the air mister in with him, maybe that'll help his nose...

Well, I'm going to go snuggle up with the little dude. I am really glad we're sticking together until all our babies are born. I can't IMAGINE losing some of our mamas at THIS stage! Have a great day mamas! Andy

PS - thanks for the sling/pouch info. I'm not convinced the pouch would be that much more comfortable for him, if he isn't liking the sling. It seems like a similar positioning for baby, which I think is his complaint. Once he's bigger and can sit up in it I think Ori'll be happier. And he does like the front carrier, so I'm not complaining.

PPS - someone else emailed me to let me know that Orin means Pine Tree in hebrew. Huh?
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Hedi, I'm gonna jump right in and agree with everyone else here. I wouldn't worry about the down comforter but I would put the feather bed away for awhile. DS and I slept with tons of blankets, we slept in a very cold room so I must have had 3 or so in the winter and I always sleep with a blanket in the summer, it a comfort thing. I don't think I could sleep with out a blanket. We have 2 down comforters (in case one is dirty) and a down blanket those are pretty much the only blankets dh or I will sleep with. I have a heavy quilt but that doesn't really get used. So, we plan on sticking with our down and honestly I never even had any worries about it. I was looking at a feather bed over the summer when they were cheap, but....

Leaking in bed, I had sheet savers After my massive leaking got under control I would put one under my chest and it would reach over to ds's head in case of spit ups. I had to wash it almost every night but the sheets underneath stayed dry. They also worked well when ds was a little older and started having diaper leaks at night. Actually I think I may pick some up. A towel works well also, I just think it can be bulky

Those mei tais do look nice, I ordered one yesterday : I had good intentions of making one but my sewing machine is giving me lots of trouble. It needs a new stich plate and the machine is old so I don't know where I am going to get one. That receiving blanket that I made yesterday didn't get finished until 8pm! I was trying to put a nice decerative heart stich around the edge but the thread kept breaking and jamming the machine. DH filed the stich plate a lot, a real lot, and the thread broke less but it still would go for that long. So now my blanket is funny looking it has hearts on half and the other half is just a plain zig-zag stich, becuase its alot easier to pick up where you left off with a zig-zag and it seemed like I could sew more before the thread would break. I'm really bummed with my sewing machine right now.

February 1st! Well I said I wanted a february baby, so ok baby lets go. I am so tired of being pregnant right now. MY feet are so swollen it hurts just to stand up for a few second, my hands feel like I have on big winter gloves, my back and legs are killing me. I want to have this baby more to end this uncomforablness than to have to the baby here. I think I'm going to end up with stretch marks on my feet becuase of the swelling and it seems to get worse every day.

Crap ds has a half day I have to go get him now, grrr now I must rush
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Good Morning all. I have tried to post for the past day, but Will was having a difficult day so I didn't get a chance.

Well, Will is a month old today. I can't believe how quickly the month has gone by. So much has happened and we are still reeling from the various things that have happened. Anyway, I tried to upload some pictures to shutterfly and share them, but I am having a problem figuring that out. If anyone knows how to do it, I would love a tutorial. I had to resort to this instead of using our website. DH has been trying to update the site, but it is having problems uploading the pictures.

We are going to the Cardiologist again tomorrow. I had the misfortune to look at how much each one of these appointments theoretically costing the insurance: $2500! I am astounded. I will update tomorrow afternoon and let you all know what is going on. I am more excited about finding out how much he weighs. Gotta love mama's milk for getting them strong and big!

Mamabeca - Will has a small cold too. I can really hear it at night when he is sleeping.

Malama - Could you post links, or e-mail me with the mei tei patterns. I would like to give it try myself. I have a pouch that I bought, a sling that I made and I would like to try the mei tei too. I am not terribly good with a sewing machine, but I do what I can.

I am thrilled that we are all sticking together too. I have learned so much from all of you and value the friendships I have made.

I am getting brave this weekend and leaving the kids with DH for the day. My 28th birthday is Saturday and my mom, grandma and friend want to take a roadtrip from Phoenix to Palm Springs. There are these fabulous outlets there, things like Ann Taylor, Coach, Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma. Normally I wouldn't go with such a little one at home, but this is my birthday present from my mom and she is going to buy a bunch of stuff while we are there. I need some new work clothes so I am definately going to the Ann Taylor store. Since I have no problem pumping, I am taking that along and DH is going to use milk from the freezer. This has turned out to be quite a novel, so I will end it here.

Have a good morning. Happy birth vibes to those who need them and happy snuggles to those with babies already here.

Nicole and Will
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Heidi - we have a pillow top mattress and use a blanket and down comforter too. It's just so darn cold in our house! Lauren and I sleep belly to belly so I wear long sleeve tops to bed or my arms get super cold.

Maya - what do you put on Violet during the day? Just dipe? I must say, I am so in awe of the control Lauren has over her body. If only I got more of her signals! The only one I get consistently is popping off my breast while I know she is hungry.

Nicole, yikes! And I thought the bill for the epidural was bad!

Must feed babe and then self. Put Lauren in the bouncy chair with the toy bar today. Oh my was she mesmorized by the lights. Hate to use the thing, but I actually got a 15 min hot shower all to myself.

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Karen, thanks for hanging out with us. No, you should not walk to the post office and do all those stairs. You should stay in your rocking chair with the heater-babe on your chest.
What did your son make for dinner last night?

Jess, that stinks about your midwife worrying already. And about your mom. Too big, too small, tell 'em your baby will be just right and right on time (his or her own time) so hush up! My midwife says she won't worry until 43 weeks. Lucky me.

Oh, for the pad - I got a great one, I think from SweetCheeks, in a postpartum kit, that is great. It is fleece and PUL, very soft, and I'm looking forward to using it.

Oh, poor Ori! I hope he feels better soon.

Az, how frustrating with your sewing machine. Sorry you have pufferfeet and pufferhands. Lucky me, I'm much more interested in meeting baby than ending pregnancy. Mine is not so bad thus far.

Nicole, $2500 for an appointment?? Is he getting expensive tests done at each one? Your birthday trip sounds great. Have lots of fun there.

Well, it was an interesting evening last night. Yesterday for lunch I ate Indian food, lots of it. I eat that kind of thing every month or so. At 5 I started feeling queasy so went home. Long drive, then stepped out of the car and puked all over a tree. Blech. After that I felt better, but stayed very tired all night. DH took care of me, cooked and fetched me echinacea tea and arsenicum, and took some food and presents over to the neighbors. Midwife sounded a little worried. I was hoping it was a sign of labor starting, then glad it wasn't because who wants to start labor feeling that crappy? Yuck. Anyway, today all back to normal but appreciating it a bit more. I slept in this morning and came to work at noon, and that is a good thing.
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Ooooh, shower! That sounds good. We're ensconsed upstairs with the humidifier and eucalyptus oil (quick food break for me while he naps)...it's working, and Ori seems to be feeling a bit better. He;s really coughing in a raspy way that kind of scares me.So far no fever and no rash, though, so hopefully it's just a cold...poor dude. Nicole - I'm sorry about Will's cold. What a DRAG! It is really SHOCKING how much doctors cost. That's you and me paying for all that insurance (my neighbor is a doc., and I asked him how much it costs him to have insurance, and he said it's over 15,000 a year for malpractice alone...YIKES!!!). I am really so glad you have ins. to cover this procedure and visits. otherwise we'd all be coming up w/cockamamie fundraising ideas!!! Well, Ori is up and nursing again, so I'm off. LOL mamas! andy
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Mamabeca - I'm glad we don't need to do fundraising, but I do feel bad for those who don't have any way at all to pay for stuff like this. I keep wondering what they do. We really could come up with some crazy ideas though, I suppose.

Jessitron - yeah, $2500. They do an EKG and Echo (ultrasound) of he heart everytime we go. It is really to only definative way to tell if things are getting worse. I can't even imagine what the surgery is going to cost. Indain food sounds fantastic. We have a couple of friends who are from India and they cook some of the most amazing things.

Lisa - I forgot to reply to you earlier. I hate to put Will in stuff like that too, but during dinner the other night, we found that he loves the swing. He was actually smiling. I get a kick out of seeing that. I don't do it often, but it was nice to be able to cut my own meat.

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woo hoo... I just sewed me a mei tai- way easy and took about an hour. ds1 held Luka- he's more patient and competent than his dad (who will never see this so it's ok to say that) with a mildly fussy baby.

Anyhow, the instructions I used (kinda combined 2 sites)
they are really easy to sew if you know how to sew. Luka's sleeping (well nursing now), so we haven't tried it yet.

I'm feeling very frustrated now about other things though. I haven't posted before about our au pair thing. dh has a really busy year ahead and we thought having a baby would be a great opportunity to get a foreign woman to come live with us, teach the kids her language and culture and then also have help around the house- with laundry and cooking, esp.... it's kinda bourgeois, but the kids were so excited to learn another lang.
Anyhow, what a PITA to get visas, etc..... post 911 is not an easy time for travel and stuff.... so after a million emails and crap with tons of possible women, we decided that we'd get an american to come for at least a short time to help the whole family transition.
well, we finally found this great woman- we talked and emailed, but she was unsure about coming. last week I told her I really needed to know by the next day. She called (it was the day Luka was born) and we missed the call.... called her back several times and emailed and no response. So in the end we offered the job to someone else, who wasn't as great, and could come for only a short time, but worked.... now I get an email from the great one saying she wants to come. ARGHH! she waited too long to tell me! it's so LAME! I know in so many ways I shouldn't complain, but geesh, this has been a big drama. ugh.
sorry.... no one here to rant to .

OK, the fleece blanket on the bed worked great. We had a messy night and it all felt good and the mattress is dry... so saves me buying more STUFF. And no super sweating. yay.
Andy, where I live- no mattress store. It's a relatively small city, so we lack a lot. I do a lot of online shopping for things we need. I don't shop at Walmart, which is the big place where one could conceivably find everything, so internet it is.
so sorry to hear about Ori's cold! It sucks when they are so congested they have trouble nursing. you could do some sterile saline drops in his nose to clear it away if it gets bad. poor baby

Lisa- don't feel bad about using the bouncy chair.... we mamas gotta deal sometimes. if you're all crazy and unhappy and UN=taken care of, then how can you be a good mama. if it allows you a shower- then go for it. I am not a mama who is into feeling guilt about things like that.

hugs to the jessicas- jess- you do need to talk to your mw- bad vibes are not good. she shouldn't be pressuring you either. the "late" baby thing is so difficult though- too much fear and misinformation out there. in the past 2 years we have had sooooo many late babies. It's frustrating for sure, but a variation of normal!
and jessitron- maybe stay away from that Indian food! ick! i hate throwing up!

today I'm ready to walkt to the PO, but looks like it's about to rain. dh said was lightning and thunder on the north part of the island. maybe it's on its way here.... we'll see if it clears up at all and we'll go. the kids have music lessons here this am, so we're homebound for now.

sorry for the rant and tome.... baby's asleep, ds1 is cleaning his room and ds2 is doing math.
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Thanks for the advice girls. I kinda did the passive aggressive thing this mornign and just said I was feeling a lot pressure from everywhere. I also learned that her trip to new zealand starts this friday not next and that's part of the hurry. She's arrange for the other mw I interviewed with to be the back up and I am really ok with that 'cause I think if I had to do it over again I would have choosen her over the one we did hire.

The thing is that I kind of feel like I'm just not destined to have the super personal birth I wanted. I guess I though I would feel as comforatble with my mws as I did my doula but I've only met the assistant like 3 times and while she seems very nice I take a lot longer than that to warm up to people. I"m ok with this though and even dh is more along the lines of let's wait til the "last minute" to call...unless we get nervous or something. Honestly except for the drive to the hospital my first birth was so peaceful and relaxing because I was home alone or with dh, walking and and getting in to my labor groove. I want the same thing and the bonus this time is I don't have to deal with nurses and such after the birth. I get to sleep in my own bed with my dh and dd nearby.

So dh and I went hiking in our old 'hood this morning. I miss it there and I sometimes really wish we hadn't sold our crappy townhome for the nice new house. Nevertheless, it was beautiful (we got about 6in of snow yesterday and it's sunny today) and I was having mild contractions every 4-5min. they have slowed down since but still coming so I'll go out for another walk in a bit. Maybe today is the day....other wise I can wait. I know all is good and I just have to be patient.

Happy February to everyone!
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Jess, happy labor vibes to you! I hope this is it and you have a lovely baby soon.

Karen, how frustrating about your au pair! Are you still trying to get a foreign woman eventually? Sounds like a good idea for a midwife to have someone like that.

This morning being sick was not so bad because DH brought me breakfast in bed.
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For right now we're not trying to get a foreign one.... there is a Japanese woman who is coming to visit next month who wants to come (and my kids really want to learn Japanese), but she'd have to come on a tourist visa and then there are issues with paying her..... it's so complicated.

I actually wasn't going to have the au pair deal with the baby at all- but I am thinking that I'll go back to doing births MAYBE in 6 months and then it would be nice to have someone to watch Luka.... but we'll see. I've never left my babies before, so I don't know. Some clients would, I'm sure let me bring him, but I would only ask maybe repeat clients or friends. it's complicated.

Labor vibes to you Jess.... sounds like things may be happening! And it's great to call the mw at the end.... did that for my last 2 births and I liked not having people looking at me.
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