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Karen - is there some way around the visa? For instance, could you host a japanese student from UH Hilo. They would probably have their own priorities, but it might work. Lots of people do that here on Oahu.
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DH's mum broke her leg. He's at the hospital with her right now. I guess she and fil were driving someone home from church and mil got out of the van to open the door for the lady and slipped. Her foot went one way and her body the other and she also wacked her head. DH doesn't know exactly what is wrong right now, she's still being examined, but they're saying broken ankle and leg. I guess that when they cut her shoe off the blood was just pouring out. Thank goodness fil was with her. We were out of town, on our way back when it happened and we passed her ambulance on the way home. DH is at the er with them now
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Oh, jeez, Az...that's really awful. I hope she's ok. Its good that yourdh is with her. Take care
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DH just called with the update, she completly broke both of the bones in her lower leg, shattered her ankle, the dr said the only thing holding it on is flesh. They are trying to get a hold of an orthedeic surgen at the good hospital out of town to do surgery tonight. DH says he has never seen her in so much pain and this is after two shots of morphine. He says he was just sitting there holding her while she was shaking and dry heaving. DH says the dr said that this is the worst break he has seen in his 20+ yrs

mamamaya thanks for the hugs they are very appreciated right now
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oh Az.... what a bummer!!! we had a friend with a break like that a couple of years ago... was very hard on her. So sorry for your family!!!
Sending healing vibes your mil's way!!!

ann- my dh has a bunch of interns working for him on his animation project. one of the japanese women said she's interested in teaching the kids in exchange for room- or something. In the meanwhile, we do have someone coming in 2 weeks for 2.5 months.... really need help with the laundry at this point. I can't believe how quickly we're going through diapers (on butts AND to sop up my leaky breasts) and other stuff..... wasn't like this before, right???
we have had friends who hosted japanese students- the only problem is when you do that (and you actually get paid), you have to drive them to and from school. We live in the country and don't go to town that often. University is 20+ minutes away and public trans on the big isle SUCKS.

I think we have a mild case of thrush . It's so HI. ugh. it seems pretty minor and so I have to make sure and nip it in the bud quickly. with ds2 we also had it around this time but it was short-lived, thankfully. I HATE YEAST!

hugs to everyone.
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Yep. Thrush. We had our 1 month appt today and Violet has it on her tongue. On the one hand I'm surprised since I'm sort of anal about everybody taking their probiotics, on the other I'm not - it IS Hawaii, and everybody's got the yeasties. We're gonna start the Nystatin. I don't like any of the treatments, but with Makai I was lax and we ended up on diflucan six months later after a trip to an ear nose and throat specialist.

Other than that, appt.went great. She's weighing in at a full 10 pounds!!!! What a little buddha

Nicole- that sucks about the bills. We are 8,000 (yes- that's right 8,000) dollars in the hole this year because I was hospitalized 4 times for preterm labor, once for dehydration and food poisoning, ds1 had to get stitches in his head, and had an anyphylactic reaction to eggs, ds2 broke his collar bone. It's been a crappy medical year for us...And we have insurance. I don't know how people make it without it. Come to think of it, I don't know how people make it who do have it, lol!

Andy- Poor little Ori!!! Its really common for second and subsequent babies to get sick, proabably form the older kid's germs.Hang in there mama.

Ok, labor vibes to all who need them, ds is mauling cat ---gotta fly
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Az, that sucks, sucks, sucks for your MIL! Sounds like you'll be bringing the baby to visit her instead of the other way around. The poor woman! and trying to help someone else, too.

Sorry to hear about the thrush. My best friend said today that she and her new baby have it, too. What do you recommend for prevention?

Ann, did the cat survive?
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AZ - my thoughts are with you and your family. I am so sorry about your MIL. It must be horrific. Hopefully they can help her quickly.

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AZ- I am sorry to hear about your mil. I hope she feels better soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Heather - the bead arrived today! I can't believe what you had to do with the package to get it here. I'll describe it a bit for the rest of you. It was taped to a cardboard star with packing tape. That was inside an envelop, which was inside another envelop. The outer envelope was completely sealed with packing tape. That bead was going nowhere. It is quite lovely.

On the topic of beads, did everyone get mine that was supposed to?

I am going to stop tomorrow and get a bit of fabric to try the mei tai carrier. Not sure when I will get to it, but I will, so no big deal. I find new things to sew with each kid. To bad this is the last one. I might have figured out how to do clothes by the next one.

Well, Will is almost down, so I should get some sleep too. Have a good night.

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Oh, Az ouch for your MIL. The worst thing about such a severe break is they often have to wait to work on it a few days till swelling goes down. There can't be anything in the world like that kind of pain...

Yeast, if it can be prevented, is prevented with good quality probiotics like acidophilus. I bet in super humid climates like Hawaii though that is an uphill battle.

Sorry about the au pair thing. It seems like it would be a dream job for someone, to go to Hawaii and have a place to stay when they were in their teens or twenties. I would have loved that kind of chance! Can't you just tell the second best one's it's off and go for your first choice anyway? I am sure there are no plane tickets bought- better to be a bit of a jerk now to au pair #2 choice than sorely unsatisfied and a real jerk to her later when she's living with you. Seems far too personal to settle for second best! Don't let boobie brain cause you to default to less than you deserve! Can't believe you can sew right now...forget the walks, too- aren't you still bleeding? You don't need to go that far yet!

Nicole, that's some pricey stuff, no wonder you are sweating the months to come with Will's heart. so glad you got the bead-rose quartz is heart charka, thought you could all use that! I have not updated anyone on the bead thread cause I received them all with glee, and put them in a pile, the beads in a little carriage. I soon forgot who's beads came and who's got lost-but now that I take a good look at it and match up cards and number of beads, maybe none got lost...... I know I got 1-Lisa's, 2-Heather, 3-Jessitron, 4-malama's, 5-nicole, 6-leigh's, and 7-mamabeca (deluxe! very pretty!), 8-Tiffany's, and 9-Ann's. So I think I may have actually got them all?! Mine were rascally and escaped from lots of peopels'

JessMom-glad you uncovered the source of weirdness with the midwife. Trust divine timing, if you end up with the other one you wanted it was all good in the end. I am curious how labor will be, but I imagine maybe hanging out a bit in very early labor if it's a long one that starts during the day (first baby you know!), but really imagine calling folks here at the last minute so the birth is intimate. Depends on how much support me and DH need. Which will largely depend on sleep, so I am going to bed!

No action here at all. I am a get it done by 42 weeks midwife, so I am gonna be a get it done by 42 weeks mama, too. My mom went 42 weeks with me. At 10 days over we usually do NST's for postdates at the hospital- I am giving myself until 10 days over before I start doing anything to get it going. That is Feb 8th, our wedding anniversary. So we can kick off the "get the baby out window" with some GIO in celebration, and then follow with some other labor-y inducing things afterwards. I am not into herbs to start labor, and that seems a bit early for castor oil, so I guess just sex and acupuncture, maybe a clary sage bath or so...Those NSTs cost a lot, though, so I'd like to get it out before I'd have to go for one Feb 10th-won't go on the anniversary and closed next day, oops! The 4th of Feb. is my birthday of choice, though....best time off for dh and my midwives (one covering my practice will have no work and can be fully present with out challenging her schedule, the other is a friend traveling from 5 hours away). Plus my to-do list is almost to-done. Not that I actually have a choice, but its nice to maintain my illusion of control for a few more days till baby comes.
Didn't I say I was going to bed?
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Ann- "glad"? to know I'm not the only one with thrush. It's terrible here in HI! I have, so far, just been putting a light vinegar solution on my nipples- but really should be done after every nursing (yeah, easier said than done!). I don't feel like doing more though.... stupid me. I am taking probiotics and will maybe put some on Luka's tongue. I HATE thrush. I helped a mom of twins last year who had it for 6 months with both babies. Ugh. I love HI.

re: the au pair thing- the 2nd choice one bought her tix already- from arkansas. so we can't tell her not to come. She sounds great- just can't come for as long as we'd like. we're going travelleing in late june and wanted someone to stay until then. oh well. AND the 1st choice woman- she knew we needed to hear from her. why did she wait? lame on her part, for sure.

Heidi- hang in there mama.... the 4th sounds good. convenient for everyone. Some women do maintain control over some things. maybe you can be one of them . And I know, I didn't need to rush out on a walk.... but I needed a change of scenery. I feel fine from it and glad I got some fresh air. I am still bleeding, though pretty minor. nothing bright red or anything. sunshine is great medicine for me!!!! If I could only get in the OCEAN! but will avoid that, promise!!!

OK> time for bed!
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Karen- I put the probiotics on the tongue, and gently brush it in with a baby toothbrush. Just swabbing doesn't seem to work. Anyways, we've been seeing a naturopath for the darn yeasties for a whole year now. I highly doubt nystatin will actually do anything, and the darn stuff is horrible tasting, but I am beyond paranoid about yeast. You could say its my arch nemesis It never really goes away in our family - so I have to be extremely diligent in attacking it at first glance!!!
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Heidi, my family is all rooting for the 4th too. That does sound like a good day to have a baby. Let's both go into labor on Friday.
With everyone telling the baby "Come now, ope not now, come this day," I'm trying to tell the baby to come whenever he or she is ready and to ignore the rest of us. Yet, I have my preferences too. Like, soon!

Karen, maybe the woman you found will work out better in the end. Who knows, maybe she'll love it so much she'll change her mind and stay longer.

It is an insomnia night for me. Couldn't sleep until DH read me poetry until I drifted off. (We both love that relaxation technique from Bradley.) One of the poems, "Keep A-goin'," he sings. He is a terrible singer but I love to hear it anyway. What a sweetheart.

Now I'm up again and downstairs checking whether Fluffymail stocked tonight. and working on my knitting. I dreamed about knitting. click, click, click go the needles.

So good morning everyone! Happy baby vibes to those with babies, and good labor vibes to the rest of us.
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Heidi and Jessitron - Personally, I like the 5th, but that's my birthday. When everyone was giving me their opinions on what day to have the kid, it was always someone else's birthday. I just replied that I wanted the baby to have a day that was just his. My intentions were good, but clearly that is not going to happen now. New Year's Day. At least we can tell him that everyone is partying for him the night before.

The nights are getting easier. He is slepping more, but we are having problems with him waking up our daughter at 5am. We have been coming down to read the paper and have a cup of coffee, but he just won't stay asleep for that. DD needs as much sleep as she can get as she is only 2.5. Okay, I can't figure out how to share the shutterfly pictures online. So if anyone wants to see pictures of Will, please PM me with your e-mail and I will send them to you.

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I figured it out! Here is the link to the picturs of Will.

Happy viewing. Sorry it took a month to get them to you.

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hi - nicole - I saw the pics and he's beautiful! thanks for getting it figured out. I had a learning curve w/posting those addresses too.

Karen - I think the au pair you are getting will somehow fill a niche that the other couldn't have filled...thus the universe works. I'm only sorry it caused such hassles. Did you look at using a service? I know they charge a lot for their help, but so far as I know their help really works...I think it's great that you guys cn do this for you and your kids!!!

My little boy is up and smelly and hubgry anf\d still snuffly and coughing, poor kid. Gotta go! andy
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Originally Posted by Human_Being
Oh, Az ouch for your MIL. The worst thing about such a severe break is they often have to wait to work on it a few days till swelling goes down. There can't be anything in the world like that kind of pain...
Actually the break was so bad that they operated last night, the surgen said it could not wait until the swelling was reduced. They had to removed several inches of her shin bone becuase it was beyond repair and put a metal rod and pins in. I guess that when she fell her foot actually turned totally around. She also broke most of the bones in the top of her foot. They dr said that she won't be walking with out crutches or a cane for 1-2 years. They don't know how long she'll be in hospital yet. They don't expect her to wake up from the surgery until around noon so I imagine they have a better idea of things then.

DH and I are going to go over to cook for the kids tonight. Its either us or dh's dad, so we're going to go. Thank god that dh used to help cook for his family growing up becuase I have no idea how to make a meal for that many people. There are 6 kids still at home plus the three of us, and maybe his sister at college, I don't know if she came home or not.

On another note. I had a wonderful birth dream last night. This is the first dream that I've had where dh was actually there for the whole thing. We had the baby at home in my bed, the midwives came to the house. I delivered pretty easily (ahhh dreams.....) with dh "catching". She was a good sized baby a little bigger than ds with dark dark hair, I only say from behind. In my dream I fell alseep and woke up with dh sitting next to the bed cuddling with me and miss emma (the bichon) laying next to my side. My mum was down stairs sleeping for some reason, and I told dh that I'd better go wake her up so she knows about the baby. He said that I didn't need to becuase the midwives had taken the baby downstairs to measure and weigh her. So I got up and got dressed! and was walking down the stairs, with very minimal discomfort and then I woke up. It was a very nice dream, the kind with nice loving feelings.

I actually feel pretty good this morning, not too much back pain, my hands are a little less swollen, I'm in pretty good spirits and have some energy. I'm very surprised with everything that happend last night, then I didn't get to bed until after 1 and I was up at 6:30. I've already made a cake, becuase bake goods make everything better. And I'm going to get started on my pot roast, that I've been meaning to make for a couple of days (hopefully the meat is still good) real soon.

Oh I had to call the disabilty people for my work today (actually I was supposed to call monday ) becuase I'm past my dd, and the woman asked if the dr had plans for a c-section!?!? or if we were just going to wait some more. wtf?

I feel for you mamas with thrush babies. I had thrush about 4 years ago, and that is not fun. Poor babies. Will that transfer to your nipples? Yeast is terrible.

Nicole I loved the picture of you and Will cuddled up resting. I don't think any of us minded the wait life with a newborn is hard even without the problems Will has been having. Glad to hear that he is sleeping more for you, bummer about him waking up dd though. Have you tried a baby moniter, maybe you could hear him as he starts to fuss and catch him before he fully awakes. Or are all 4 of you sharing a bed?

Heidi, I'm having my nst on Friday. My midwives like to do it 7 days "late" but they don't do them on saturdays, so Friday it is for me. I'm just glad I can wait 6 days with ds I had to go in for an office visit 2x a week after the dd passed! I had 3 ultrasounds in the 2.5 wks, plus a nst at every visit

Andy I hope Ori gets better soon, have you tried putting him in the bathroom while you shower? When I'm all stuffed up I hang out in there while dh showers and it helps to break some of it up.

Anyone that I forgot I'm sorry I read all the posts and had comments for them but I got 4 phones calls while typing this out (its taken over an hour!) and I forgot.
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It's 5 am here.... baby is WIDE awake. We had our first "bad" night. Between leaky diapers and fussiness and wakefulness it wasn't very restful for me. I plan on spending most of the day in bed now. I love newborns but I love older babies even more and I can't wait toget there, but at the same time I know I need to savor every minute of this time.

re:thrush. I hear ya Ann.... I know many people in your situation- scared shitless of those yeasties! I might have dh pick up some gentian violet at the store today- it's icky but works well. I have NO desire to see a dr. haven't taken Luka and don't really feellike it- though I do need to find out how to add him to my ins policy (which likely includes a visit).
I know that the thrush we have is mild (so far). I just have some soreness in my nipples and he's got the white tongue and is often fussy at the breast. I think that if he could get over the fussiness part, life will be MUCh better!

Nicole- thanks for figuring out the pics! Wil has that fuzzy sweet nb hair- makes you wanna stick your nose in it!

Az- wow. major stuff there! So your mil has 6 kids at home? young ones? What timing! Her break sounds so much like our friends-- she definitely had a loooooong recovery. Much worse than childbirth! She had the surgery, pins, all the same. Hugs to your mil..... it's a BUMMER!

It's grounhog's day today. A close friend's ds was born today. He's a way cool kid.... any of your unborn babies would be special to share the same day as him. And another close friend's dd was born on Feb 3..... all these days are good. Babies KNOW when to come!
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Nicole, will is adorable! Those are some great pictures. I love the first bath photo, and the one of you and Will resting. Those were worth waiting for.

Az, your MIL has six kids at home? Oh my gosh. That is so terrible. Those kids are going to have to learn cooking and cleaning really fast.
That's great about your birth dream! I hope the birth is as warm-fuzzy as the dream was.

"Babies know when to come." Thanks Karen. In yoga our instructor says "Your body knows what to do" at least six times per class period. She is an awesome prenatal yoga teacher; she does hypnotic birthing suggestions the whole time. (And yet half those girls go on to get induced and have C-sections. gah!)
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Originally Posted by Malama
Az- wow. major stuff there! So your mil has 6 kids at home? young ones? What timing! Her break sounds so much like our friends-- she definitely had a loooooong recovery. Much worse than childbirth! She had the surgery, pins, all the same. Hugs to your mil..... it's a BUMMER!
Yeah 6 kids at home DH is the oldest of 11. The kids are older, 13, 14, 14, 16, 17, and 26. The 26 yo is minorly retarded plus he's just above legally blind. I really don't know why none of the kids can cook, but dh says they really can't. If they could cook, dh would make sure that they were cooking, so I don't doubt it. I don't understand how you can be that old and not be able to make at least a simple meal for yourself. MIL babies them though, they are all adopted, from abusive homes, so I'm sure thats why. DH says that with him and his 2 bio-sisters and 1 adopted brother almost same age as dh, that they were made to do a lot more. They are the older kids, plus the handicapped brother.

Well I got my pot roast in the oven and it smelled so good going in that I can't wait to eat it. DH is working 2 minutes from here today so I called him and told him he and the guy he's working with, also a friend, should come over for lunch. We'll see if they will or not. MIL usually makes lunch for the 3 of them (dh, fil, and the friend) but well....

Karen I hope you do spend the day in bed, even if you don't get a nap in just resting should help.

Oh and babies really do know when to come, as I told dh. I said the we have a smart baby since she knew not to come yet because I really don't know what we would do if we had a newborn right now
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