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7 pounds weight gain normal at 15 weeks?

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I am gaining weight so fast this pregnancy. Last time I hadn't gained any yet at this point. Plus I look bigger than my 24 week friends. I mean huge. A tiny bit of it may be on my butt but most of it is belly. I was lifting my shirt up to show co workers yesterday and they were like holy cow! Is 7 pounds excessive at this point? I know I can't slow down now since now is when my baby is starting to need the extra calories to grow but I wonder if I have been a gluttonous pig the last couple months or what. And I'm skinny to begin with so the belly is really obvious.
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Two cents from a 1st timer (so it's probably worth that much!): don't worry if everything else points to a healthy pregnancy! Just try to eat healthy most of the time and relax a bit.

Everyone kept warning me "you'll gain all your weight in the last month/two months". Whatever! There were weeks VERY EARLY that I gained up to 4 lbs a week!!! Scared the bejesus out of me. Like you I was also skinny and fairly athletic. Between about 30-36wks I barely gained or the gaining slowed to a crawl. I'm due in two weeks and total gain is currently about 36 lbs. now.
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I have already gained 7lbs already and I'm 13 weeks tomorrow :
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Not EVEN going to hop on the scale. I know all I need to know about my weight gain at this point based on my inability to button my pants!
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I think 7 lbs sounds about perfect!
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I am really trying to keep an eye on my weight (or diet rather) this pg as I gained 60lbs with ds (didn't gain a pound until 5 months though, then I averaged about 3-5lbs a WEEK!) I did eat like a pig though : and whatever I wanted.

anyway I was surprised I had gained weight already this time around!
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I think that 5-10 is what I've read. There is a whole range of normal and healthy. As long as you are eating well I'd not be too concerned.

At least you can gain weight! With dd I had lost 10 lbs.
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this time i am just not gonna go there! last time i got so many questions/flack about weight gain that i am not even gonna get on the scale!!! i dont mean from my mw from other folks including the staff at those dumb maternity clothes stores. i was very healthy and exercised lots and ate lots of healthy food. when i stopped weighing myself at about 30-32 weeks i had only gained 8 lbs.
BUT i started out weighing more than my ideal by quite a bit soooo i probably gained just a perfect amount b/c bigger = less weight gain and thinner = more weight gain for the same outcome of a healthy pregnancy. your body does what it needs to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like you are right on track for your body and your baby. dont let anybody tell you otherwise!!!!!!!!!!
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I think that's totally normal, probably a bit less than I tend to gain by that point. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I tend to gain exactly the same amount at the same time, and lose exactly the same post-baby, all with no real intentional effort either way. I think particularly if you are smallish to begin with, as am I, you are perhaps likely to gain some a bit earlier. No worries!
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My mw told me 12-15 lbs in the first 20 weeks and 1 lb/week after that. So you sound like you are fine -
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I almost have to laugh reading these since I have already gained 18 pounds (yes I said 18 POUNDS!) at 12 weeks. I gained 70 total with dd. I'm not a heavy person (I average 120) but for some reason gain lots during pg. I feel awful unless I am eating. I'm very dissappointed because i didn't want to have a repeat of last time, so I'm going to see a dietitian in 2 weeks. My doc said that we'll work on the weight thing once I get through the miserable morning sickness. The prob with dd was that after I started feeling better, I didn't modify my diet and ate like a pig. Oh, I should mention that I started that pregnancy underweight at 105, so the doc started counting my weight gain once I reached 125 (6 weeks). I delivered by csection at 175 lbs.

Don't freak out too much about your weight. I was back down to 125 within 5 months-- breastfeeding is the key!!! That said, the weight gain took a terrible toll on me physically - I had lots of joint pain and of course was terribly uncomfortable. I'm trying to have some willpower this time - starting now!
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7 Pounds at 15 weeks??? I am SO jealous! I gained 60 pounds with DS and seem to be on track for a repeat this time around. At 6 weeks I may have gained 7 pounds already! (I will not set foot on a scale until I have to.) I started both pregnancies underweight so maybe my body is forcing me to catch up?
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