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21 Menus..

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My family is boring, we rarely eat exotic or different things. So what I have done I have a partition in my control journal for 21 menus. And then through out the month, I pull these out to plan my weekly menus. I do weekly because that is how often we get paid so it's how often we shop, LOL! You could do it monthly really. And that leaves a few days open for going out, ordering pizza, or the ever popular mom has a headache-cook for yourselves!
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Great idea! I've been thinking of a system like this for awhile.
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I'm not sure I understand..do you put 21 different recipes in your binder and then change them out every month? Tell me more, this sounds interesting!
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nope, we are super boring, it's the same 21 recipies each month, I just sort them around. Now I do cook new things every once in a while but mostly we eat the same 21 things every month... LOL!

If you think about it, by the time you eat thing number 21, it's been a while since you have had thing number 1, right?
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OK, so you just picked your favorite 21 recipes and then you just flip through them each week to choose a menu for the week? Is that right?
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Can you share some of your 21 recipes. I just started my weekly meal planning and was looking around for the easiest, quickest and most healthful recipes and had the hardest time finding them!

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I have been working on meal planning as well. My first step has been to make a list of recipes we cook often. However I am having a hard time putting this to use as I for some reason hate to plan. I like your idea just pick something and go with it.
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Sounds like a good system
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That's a great idea! we were stuck on the same TEN things so 21 is more than enough! you could even switch out like 5 or so each month!
I also like the idea of having it in a binder, makes it easier to flip through.
I started a control binder in Jan too, so I'm going to jump all over your idea.
Thanks for sharing

off to hunt down 21 meals

Oh and I just found this little area
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Just wanted to let you know you've inspired me to do the same thing! Thanks!
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Yay! I'm so excited ... I just did this! First, I printed out two blank calendars from Publisher - I pared them down to only 4 "weeks" - so my menu cycle would be a 28 day cycle. Then, I got out my user friendly cookbooks (skipped the Betty Crockers and Martha Stewarts ...) and went through them. Between the cookbooks and our usual dinners, I can up with 25 ideas for dinner! WOO HOO!! Here's my list (warning, most are chicken dishes and a couple are made with beef - no pork or shellfish though):
1. Asian Chicken Wraps (Eating Better pg. 82)
2. Caesar Chicken (Eating Better pg. 84)
3. Chicken Fingers (EB pg. 86)
4. Stir Fry
5. Shredded Chicken and Beans w/ Tortillas
6. Hearty Multi-Bean Chili (EB pg. 119)
7. Homemade Pizza (Dad's Cookbook pg. 239)
8. Tuna Casserole
9. BBQ steaks
10. Pot Roast
11. Easy Sloppy Joes & Salad
12. Burritos or Tacos
13. Chicken & Sour Cream Enchiladas
14. Oven Fried/Baked Chicken & Veggies
15. Baked Chicken (Best Recipes pg. 126)
16. Baked Yogurt Chicken (BR pg. 139)
17. Meat Pie
18. Homemade Lasagna (BR pg. 188)
19. Beef Stroganoff (Church Supper pg. 2)
20. Bisquick Chicken Pot Pie
21. Bisquick Fiesta Chicken
22. Stove-Top Chicken w/ Cream of Mushroom or Chicken Gravy
23. Chicken Soufflé (CS pg. 65)
24. Baked Chicken with Potatoes and Onions
25. Eggplant Italiano (CS pg. 105)
(*The abbreviations after are the cookbook reference ... so don't mind that. )
I think I'm going to plan meals maybe every other week and try to shop 2x a month for stuff (except fresh produce and milk). We are going to Sam's tonight (no flames please ) so I think I'll start for the next two weeks.
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Brit, the asian chicken wraps and the cesar chicken sound great....can i get those recipes? They all sound super yummy!!!!
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Great idea mamas!!!
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5. Shredded Chicken and Beans w/ Tortillas
Can you post that recipe? That sounds like something my dh and dd would love.
I like the idea of the 21 meal plan. I'm always whining about eating the same stuff. I'm searching for 21 meals now.
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Originally Posted by mykdsmomy
Brit, the asian chicken wraps and the cesar chicken sound great....can i get those recipes? They all sound super yummy!!!!
I think I can do that for you! : I'll send them email unless anyone else on here wants a copy too.
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Me, me! I'd love them Thanks!
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Whoohoo! Glad this is working for you ladies. I kept meaning to get back here to post. I was actually rather embarassed by my 21 menus, since we aren't a terribly crunchy family when it comes to dinner time.

I look forward to seeing some of your recipies, and I will try to post my list soon, DD is on my lap right now, and I can balance her and my control journal at the same time
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I am going to start a system like this.
I love pasta and can make it 1,000 ways- so I will make pasta- with different variations.
I love homemade pizza- and can make this 1,000 different ways
I have tons of different ways to make salads-
I like the moms idea who does a pasta night, sandwhich night, taco night etc....
I think I will do a italien/pasta night
A mexican/ taco night( burrito- chalupa- etc)
a Chinese night( LO MEIN)
Pizza night
try something new night( I love to try new stuff!)
Sandwhich night( I made swiss grilled cheese with tomatoes tonight)
Breakfast for dinner night!
Casserole night
Stir fry night
these should be pretty flexible things to make- like whatever I have on hand can go in- whatevers on sale- etc etc.
I'm so excited to have a routine!
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This is a great idea! I'm going to sit down and make a list of all the recipes I make frequently and see how many I come up with. After that, I'm going to go through my cookbooks and my online cookbook at Recipe*zaar and create a list of recipes I'd like to try. I'll incorporate one new recipe every week or every other week, depending on what else is on that week's menu. I'm also going to print out the recipes so that I can put them into page protectors so they stay neat while I cook. After awhile, I should have my own personal cookbook! I'm going to include side dish recipes as well as main dish.

Oh, and dessert recipes too! Who doesn't love dessert after dinner once in awhile?

Thanks for the idea! I'm taking it and running with it, and fitting it to my needs.

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I've been adding one recipe to my control binder a day- even though I have them written elsewhere, I'm going to compile 21-30 of my most loved ones in one binder so I have them easily accesible when I'm making my grocery list, versus having to pull out 7 different cookbooks!

Thanks again for the idea!
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