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Eyeglasses - I need AFFORDABLE!

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Love the new board !

My dh, dd and I all have eye exams this week, and I know we all need new prescription eye glasses and contacts. We have gone to Pearle Vision up to this point, but I have to wonder if there isn't a cheaper place to buy glasses. Would I save if I had a Sam's or Costco membership? They won't give me much info on the phone. Oh yeah, we wear gas perms so 1-800-contacts isn't an option.

This issue is just going to become more and more a major expense for us. We have four kids and expect all four to wear glasses eventually, thanks to genetics and nearsighted blue-eyed parents.

Thanks for any ideas!
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I get mine at Sams...

for 200 bucks I got my eyeglasses, lenses (had that thing done that makes the lenses not look so huge) and 4 boxes of contacts. HTH. Membership is 35/yr. It's only 30/yr if you have your own business though.
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I just got my pair and they're amazing. There's a really limited selection for frames to choose from, but they're all plain and reasonably fashionable. AND they come with the polycarbonate high index lenses which are best for kids (they're shatter proof and scratch resistant) and necessary for people like me who are blind as a bat and need the uber-prescription lenses.

I don't think that they do gas permeable contacts, though.
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Was that...

for your frames only or the whole shebang?? That's an awesome deal. I pd that for my frames only at Sams.
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I don't know if you have a for eyes in your area but they do 2 pairs for $99 complete with a decent selection of frames
link ForEyes
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Thanks ladies, those are better deals than we have had in the past. We don't have a For Eyes in my area, and the $39 eyeglasses site doesn't seem to be up. I am going to take a look at Sam's again!
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I know this may not sound terribly helpful, but we ask around for recommendations from neighbors, coworkers, family, etc. We found a practice in a poorer section of the nearest big city. I don't know if they cater to lower income families, but DH and I got contact exams for $40 each, my contacts for a year for $15, his contacts for a year for $40 (he has an astigmatism), plus glasses (lenses and frames) for me for $100. The dr said we won't need exams again for a few years, so our yearly cost is now only $55 for our contacts.
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I recommend Sam’s also. I was able to get a pair of regular glasses and sunglasses for $200.
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I agree with Sam's or Costco....they are the best bet!!

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Oops. I'm a dork. That should be http://www.39dollarglasses.com/

The deal is $39.00 for both the lenses and the frames. Like I said, I'm really happy with them. I'm thinking I'll order another pair for sunglasses because the glare off the snow is killing me.
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I second the 39dollarglasses
I love mine.

And dh had a great time laughing at me while I cut out the paper frames to try them on :LOL
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Grace, you are hardcore! I just looked for ones that we're mostly like my previous disintegrating frames and hoped for the best.
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I broke my one pair of glasses one evening and I had to run to the Lenscrafter at the mall. When I explianed that I didn't want to spend a fortune the salesman showed me the sunglasses selection. The sunglasses were all less than half the price of the other frames and they can make them into a regular pair of glasses.

No flame please -but someone I know got their glasses at Walmart for $88.
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Belleweather, thanks for fixing the link! That site is awesome! Grace, I can totally see myself checking out paper frames!

I think we will probably end up with a combination of strategies, the $39 website would be great for me, I only wear my glasses before bed, I keep the same pair for years. For dd we probably need a local source, we take her and her glasses for adjustments at least once a month. Brooklyngirl, I think that is funny about the sunglasses, they didn't mention that trick to me when I went there last.

Jennisee, that sounds like an interesting program. I have no idea where to find something like that around here. I already skip years between exams and wear the same contacts (gas perms) for 2+ years. Unfortunately my dh has had retinal detachments twice, so he has to see a specialist, and my dd is entering puberty and her eyesight is changing rapidly. Like her current glasses aren't even 9 months old.

Thanks guys for your great ideas!
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Sorry that I wasn't clearer. This isn't actually a program that we participate in--those amounts are just this practice's regular rates. We just happened to find this place by asking everyone we knew for recommendations. For whatever reason, these doctors decided to set up shop in a poorer neighborhood, and their prices seem to reflect that. They're really nice, though, and they gave me a more thorough eye exam than I've ever gotten, even when I've paid twice as much!
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I am loving the $39 glasses link!!! Our*new* health insurance doesn't cover eye exams, glasses or contacts anymore. Luckily, lol, dd#2 broke her glasses before the switch so we got her exam & glasses at a discount. I only wear my glasses in the am, or right before bed, and overwear my monthly use contacts.
GREAT link!
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I 3rd the 39$ eyegalsses place.

Dh had an exam and the place wanted 225 for the complete package and we got great glasses for 39$.
They did get a scratch on them recently though. DH is a builder so he could have rubbed them against a screw or something but we noticed at some random time and they could have possibly just scratched on anything so they aren't "scratch resistant" as they claim.
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Just wanted to add that I just got a new pair of classes from Costco for $69 (lenses & frames). I did not get any of the special services - anti-glare, etc. They said anti-glare was an additional $30 and that was not in the budget. My goal was less than a $100 and I happily made it

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Just got a pair of glasses from walmart : for $55 (frames $20 lenses $35). They are decent quality, and the lenses are anti glare.
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We buy our glasses and contacts from Costco. They had the best prices around here, especially if you want the 'extras' like tint, etc. Soooo much cheaper.
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