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What's cheaper to buy online? Any tips?

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I do lots of online shopping. First, I did it because we lived in the sticks and I couldn't find bargains on the stuff I wanted. Now I do it out of habit and to save time.

I'm not very good at garage saling or thrift shops : , but I do like to bargain shop for used items at ebay because I can use the search feature and find things quickly. Before buying anything, I usually go to http://www.froogle.com and see what the going rate is. I also use http://www.fetchbook.info to find the cheapest price on books if I'm buying a gift or it's something I absolutely can't get from the library.

I think frugality is as much about not buying as it is buying in bargains, but when you do have to buy something, where do you look online? Any tips?

Does anyone buy food online (bulk type items or staples)? Most places I've looked are shipping-prohibitive.

Also just wanted to say I love the new forums and am looking forward to learning from you all!
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You're right, these new forums are great!
I don't know how much help this is but I used to buy a lot of things used on ebay and found that after shipping I wasn't really saving that much money. Now I pretty much shop online for things I can find locally (like cloth diapers, decent nursing bras) and everything else I try to find at thrift stores or odd lot stores (Big Lots type places). I've never purchased any food online because of the hefty shipping costs involved.
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The biggest savings we find online are car parts on ebay. Well, we buy other things on ebay too after making sure that cost including shipping is cheaper than anywhere local. Like PUR replacement water filters, for example.
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I use fetchbook too. I would say that books are my biggest online savings. And I guess the occasional co-op saves me a few dollars too.
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I these forums!! It's so great to finally get a place where people will respond to these kinds of topics. I can't wait to check those sites out!
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overstock.com and smartbargains.com are good for items that would normally be really expensive (e.g. i got my winter coat at SB for about $60 marked down from $200)

PV -- I totally love your name!
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Thanks! I'm amazed at how many people have liked it!
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well, vaginas are a big hit around here, so that's a pretty good starting point...
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Nosy--I've never heard of Froogle before until I clicked on your link. What a great thing!!

I find that where we live, it is much cheaper to buy almost anything on line than it is to drive to the city and spend a whole Saturday shopping, paying for gas, eating out, etc. But due to finances we haven't done a "big shop" in awhile. Dh wears out his running shoes a few times a year, and those have to be replaced new, so he's the only one around here that gets to buy new things lately, lol.

Thanks for the links!
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