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dh and i went thrifting the other day. my favorite score that day was a baby scale, which i wanted, but didn't want to pay the $ for, at babies r us. i also thought it would be useful for estimating shipping on ebay. it was 3 dollars.

today i went garage saling with my sister and scored big time. i got a little tykes wagon for $2. a cool tye dye shirt for myself for .50. a few other little things, and then we hit the garage sale jackpot of the day. we hit a sale where they were selling tons of nice baby stuff, for cheap. i ended up getting about 20 baby outfits (like new, and mostly brand name), 2 maternity shirts and a maternity dress for me, a baby bathtub, two really nice musical crib toy thingys (one i had registered for at target for about $25), and one of those shopping cart seat covers. the grand total was $38 and some change. my sister insisted on paying half of it, so it was a heck of a deal.

yay, i love garage sale season
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I passed up a baby scale once and regretted it- good job mama!@
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We found some children's books (the ones with hard pages) in great condition for 10 cents each and we also found some great Sassy toys in great condition for 25 cents each ( i then saw the same ones at target for $13!!!)
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last week we went down to a new mexico thrift store .. one of those tiny ones with tons of stuff crammed in and a little old lady who just randomly makes up a price - usually insanely low! I got a Hanna Andersson shirt for DS#1 (which he has worn the last 2 days and nights, he loves it so much!) and a summer outfit for DS#2, and a crappy burgerking toy (ugh) all for 85 cents!!

On an ebayin' note~ Our big thrift store in town put out all their spring clothes, so even though there were no super great prices, we got alot of stuff to go on ebay: 3 Patagonia organic & hemp items (5-7$ each), a smocked gymbo and smocked Lilly Pulitzer dresses for $2 and $3 . More than I'd normally spend, but I'm hoping I'll get a good return!
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Ive gotten a ton of good deals in the past but ive filled up my moms house with so many toys that im not ALLOWED lol to buy any thing else! lol...my little secret is the bargain barn, lol least thats what they call it in santa cruz ive gotten tons and tons of almost brand new books for my 2 yr old(the ones that make the noises and others), 3 my first leap pads(gave them away but kept one) a leap pad pro, and even big things like a little tyke victorian kitchen vanity and slides, and a small toddler play structure. i never spend more than 20 bucks there. and thats when i load up on big things-other than that it always comes out to like 8 bucks! would definetly recommend it if you like a great deal!!!!!!!!!
also i had a great find at a local goodwill in seaside BEBE blazer jacket that costs over 100 dollars new for only 6 bucks~and i felt bad because i thought it was 2 expensive when i bought it lol daum im cheap.
i dont have any friends that like to go shopping w me, but they do sure like it when i get them things lol. i have one friend who has gone with me but like everyone else that does not like to look! she liked going because she found a fisher price learning thorugh music toy there(the same exact one i purchased at toys r us for xmas at 35 dollars!man i shoulda waited).i started laughing!

any of u frugal moms live near me? would love to go hunting for stuff.its always more fun w a partner in crime
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Originally Posted by aka_angelz
i dont have any friends that like to go shopping w me, but they do sure like it when i get them things lol.
I know how you feel, I wish I had a buddy to hunt for deals with.
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Today we found the Family Pastimes Co-op Game Roundup for .50 !! And a Hanna mama shirt and fresh produce shirt for 3.00

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I understand being too cheap to buy things even at the Thrift Store. I saw a Hanna turtleneck for 2 dollars yesterday but passed since my older dd who would have fit it will not wear turtlenecks.

Did get a bunch of good trash scores the other day. A nice striped futon cover, a ridge rest foam pad for camping, a few pieces of clothing for me and a brand new set of hot rollers. Have no idea how to use those but my 8yr old is kind of the girly girl type and maybe we can figure out how to make her a curly girl once and a while.

I did buy a pair of winter boots at the Thrift store the other day. It's cold here in NE so I make sure they always have the ones with the felt liners. DD1 is a 3 now but I am prepared for further groth with 4,5 and 6 in the basement!

Have fun everyone.
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We spent over $100 at Goodwill today! Nothing spectacular, mostly just average brand clothes (Liz Claiborne, Ralph Lauren, some boutique) to sell. Got myself a couple of skirts, a backpack and a few clothes for the kids (not much, their drawers are already overflowing!), only one pair of shoes. Did get a nice pair of riding pants to sell, the ones we got last week are at $30 in bids with 5 days to go!
Tried to go yard saling this morning, but the few we went to were small and picked over
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Lots of stuff! At the thrift store on the marine base where my mom works, we found a bunch of baby clothes. Ralph Lauren, Carters, Oshkosh, JCPenny, (some with tagfs still on them!!!) all for under $3 a piece. We bought a huge bag full. Also, my mom bought my father some dress shirts for $5 each and I bought some knit baby blankets for $2 a piece. We have gotten lots of toys too! Sometimes the toys are there for a few weeks and they lower the price down to $0.25! I love thrift stores.
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I am addicted to thrift shops,which can be a good thing or a bad thing.
I think my best find ever has been my Birkenstocks in chocolate brown leather closed toe with strap around back of ankle. $2.99
I never buy clothes new for myself or my children.It's the thrill of the hunt isn't it mamas?
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