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Hi there,
I had a nice long post but my son Max while avoiding homework somehow managed to STAPLE HIS THUMB and I had to do minor surgery followed by comfort and gummi worm therapy. Meanwhile my computer froze and I had to restart. Anyway, I am 43 so thought I would hang out here and in the main thread. I had a surprise pregnancy which is currently ending with a natural miscarriage at about 5 1/2 weeks. I had grown very attached to my baby to be even though it was not expected and now am going to give things another try.

I have a history of miscarriages (4) 2 early,one at 7 and one at 11 weeks.They were scattered between births. I have 4 children, Nick 10,Max 8, Lily 5, & Helena, 3. They are all nuturing kids and a baby would be very
welcome. Max actually was weepy at Helenas past 2 birthdays because he doesnt want her to get too big!

I have decided to try to conceive immediately so I guess yesterday was a strange and unhappy day 1 of the new cycle. I will use an OPK to help me-my cycles are quite weird in the best of times!

I will try to read past posts over the next couple of days to become a better poster!

I did want to add one personal comment before I get the kids ready to accompany me to a school board meeting (Dads coaching).Green Mansions,
I have had tissue testing after 2 of my miscarriages-nothing was found. According to both OBs (really good,respected ones) they USUALLY don't find a cause. In fact while I don't know a huge number of women who have had testing none of the 3-4 that I do know have had a cause found either. So- while I am not saying you DONT have a luteal phase defect I don't think the testing neccessarily proves that there is or was one.

Good luck to everyone here-it is nice to talk to people who dont think having a baby after 40 is crazy!

By the way my computer has a virus that likes to add words like "the" "book"
"but" etc. So if you see any extra-curricular words in my posts please ignore!
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Thank you ladies. It helps to know you understand. If I'd gotten pregnant this cycle, I would have been due on my dd's birthday--I'd hoped that would bring me luck, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

Welcome, Mamaov4--yeouch about your son's finger! I know I said this on the other thread, but I'm really sorry about your loss.
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Welcome to mamaov4! It is so good to have a few new 40+ mamas to talk to !

Joan, thinking of you.
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Just found this thread and since I will be 40 in 3 weeks-it seems to fit

You all are a very caring, warm group and I hope I can be a part of it for a while. I am a better lurker than I am poster but will try to stay up on things.

As for me....I am a nursing Mom of my precious DD who is 14mo. We still nurse about 6-8xs a day and 2-20 at night (we are going thru some teething and milestones issues here). Wondering if nightweaning would help...and looking to do it after these teeth come in. Soon I hope!

We have only been TTCing for the past 3 months but I have been tracking my cycle thru OPK's and fertility monitor for 5 months now and know that my LP is averaging 9 days. I have just started to take Chaste berry (Vitex) and Wild Yam together in capsule form. Hopeully will see improvement next cycle.

I look forward to getting to know all of you better!
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Welcome Kokomom!

I hope you see improvement with your Chasteberry. Sometimes it can take a few months to be effective, so don't give up. I heard six months before it is really effective.
In the meantime, I hope you will hang out with us!
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Welcome momov4 and Kokomom. The more the merrier. Or should it be 'misery loves company' - not sure this week I have that yucky nervous feeling I get every month, as sometime later this week we'll be trying again. I am so not happy to be back on the TTC roller coaster again... We have house guests coming to stay this weekend, so am hoping there is no overlap with their visit. Our house isn't big enough for privacy from guests if you KWIM. Interestingly they have just adopted a baby after 6 years TTC #2.

FYI, momof4, I had pooled progesterone tests done awhile back and do have LPD, with very low prog. levels. Wish I were dreaming it, but that ain't the case. Also the MD told me that mc's in the 10th week or so are typical of untreated LPD. That is the basis for my earlier comments.

Kokomom, many of the nursing moms in our playgroup are having the same issues with their 12 mo+ babies nursing like newborns again. They are all like walking zombies, so good luck with that!
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Welcome, Kathleen. I just started Vitex this month--I've also read that it takes 6 months or so to see an effect.
However, my cycle is longer this month than it was in the past (to the point that I was thinking I might be preg.) I don't know if that's a coincidence or not, but thought I'd throw it out there.
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cd 1

: : : : :

Welcome Newbies !!
this is a great bunch - you'll like it here.

ok my progesterone test (cd 21) came back a 8.2 which the nurse said was pretty good THEN I went a few web sites that were posted here & they said I should be over 10 w/NO meds.
So why do the DRs put you in this little box?
my LPs are 11 days -not so great.
my Dr said - oh that's fine :
So do you think the slightly low prog. & 11 day LP would keep me from sustaining a pg?
ugh... sometimes DRs drive me crazy.

Help friends.. I made an appt to talk to him in early Apr..
I'm new to the infert. stuff so I want to go armed with info!
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Just wondering - are there any symptoms of low progesterone? Anything to look for?
Welcome to the new ladies - hope your stay is short. It's nice to see all of you.
Spring is upon us - time for some bfps on this thread!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the welcome. Wow...there are quite a few of us with the same challenges. Nice to know I am not alone. That also goes for the 'walking zombies"

Interested to see how the LP is effected by the vitex. I know 6 months is the marker ...unfortunately I am an impatient sort. I think I will be looking into acupuncture by august if nothing has changed and we are not pg.

Greenmansions mentioned friends visiting who just adopted. We are really open to that also so I feel that there are options out there. We were certified in AZ and the day before my Sara was born, our adoption guy called with a 18 mo old that we were one of the two final families they were looking at. (this was thru foster care). Of course we had to pull out. But it is still an option close to our hearts.

Oh...thought I would share that this month, while starting the herbs...I am also using the method that we used the month we got pg with DD:
did one OPK
didn't use the FM
drank a few beers

Worked before and I am just getting kind of hormonal this month with alot of other things going on. Plus I know mostly when I O sooooo....

Well all have good day!! Best wishes for those waiting!
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Polka, an 11 day lp should be fine. It needs to be at least 10 to sustain a pg I've read. I don't know about the progesterone, haven't done any reading on that.
Have you thought about using natural prog. crm. during your luteal phase? Virtually all 40 plus moms can use the boost. I have been using it in my luteal phase, just in case I am pg since it will help to sustain a pg. I would read up on it, but in my 'stay fertile longer' book, it is one of the tips for the older mom.
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Velveteen-can you use the natural prg cream when nursing???
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Kokomom; it shouldn't be a problem with nursing, but check with someone who knows more about it. Basically, so many of us are estrogen dominant because of the xenoestrogens in the environment, coupled with 40+ moms usually making less of this as we age. I really don't think that nursing with it would be a problem, but as I said I would ask someone more knowledgeable.

CD 1 for me too
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Polka & Velveteen, cd 1 for me too.

I've always read that a lp of at least 10 days was necessary.
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Joan, Velveteen, Polka. I'm sorry.

CD 25 for me.
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cd 2

Originally Posted by Joan
Polka & Velveteen, cd 1 for me too.

I've always read that a lp of at least 10 days was necessary.
on AF ladies :

we are all cycle buddies ??

I had been using natural Prog cream for a few cycles but I felt like it was mimicing PG - I gained weight, was starving all the time.... maybe I was PG ?? I don't know.
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I tried the progesterone too--seemed to make my pms worse. Now that I'm trying the vitex, I don't want to use the progesterone at the same time--seems like it would interfere--I don't know this for sure, but it seems like it would.
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Sorry ladies to hear of AF arriving. I wish there was a magic bullet for us all!

My MD said that progesterone will make you crabby and PMS would be worse. That is partially why he preferred Clomid to treat LPD vs. progesterone (the other reason was that Clomid you only had to take for a few days each cycle vs. daily and then to 12 weeks if you got a BFP.) He felt TTC was stressful enough on couples without adding the moodiness from the progesterone. True enough, it turns out. But for me, I still prefer the side effects of progesterone to those of Clomid. DH might feel otherwise, tho...
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CD 1 for me.

It was a very slow build up. I had a few cramps each day for a couple of days...then nothing. Last night I really began cramping and still nothing. AF was here this morning, a lot of blood at once....icky. I am glad it didn't come yeaterday morning...seeing the babies at church had me feeling hopeful.
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cd 7

Mom4 - sorry about AF ((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))
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