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good luck all you cycle buddies!

The acupuncture sounds intriguing. Not ready to try it - the needles kind of freak me out.

Our fertility appointment is Friday at the new clinic. I have been spending the evening filling out all the paperwork - medical history, etc. They also sent along a bunch of documentation on financing options, etc. It's really a business, this whole thing. They make it sound like you're signing your life away to pay for this (luckily our insurance covers most things). These doctors used to be at the local university hospital, and I much preferred the low-key attitude there. The new office(private practice) is a bit much. There's even a statement that they may call you for marketing purposes to suggest new treatments. Can you imagine? The fact that they kind of push the whole financing plan for their patients just rubs me the wrong way. I would cancel the appointment and shop around for another site, but I know these doctors are good, and it will cost me more time to find a place and get an appt, etc.

So, mid-way through the 2ww. No symptoms at all, unlike last month. By now I had nausea and very sensitive nipples. So not expecting to see a BFP this time 'round.

For any of you who might use vaginal prometrium pills, the tampon applicator works great, FYI. Haven't dropped a single pill.
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I had my 2nd appt with my new GYN & we made a TTC game plan.
He did agree that the 8.2 prog was a little low.
We are gonna repeat that test this month.
We agreed that with the tad lower Prog. & 11 day LP may be keeping me from getting PG.
He also said this was very common in 38+ YO women.

Also, he did tell me that less EWCM can be in conjunction with lower Prog levels

He was not so concerned about me still b/f'ing as I'm not doing it every 2-3 hrs

So, provided DH's swimmies are good (we need to do this) & my ONE tube is clear... we could conceive with minor help.

He was concered about my age (44) & my history that we need to get on the band wagon now !!

So, I'm getting an U/S this mon & and HORRORS a HSG.. I'm scared to death as I had 1 HSG 18 yrs ago & had a VERY bad reaction & massive pain & my tubes were not even blocked then

DH & I did decide that after we get out taxes back, we might try IUI a few times but that would be it.

I do feel better about having a game plan but not thrilled about the tests.

Wanna hear something spooky? Exactly this time 24 YRS ago, is when I got PG with DD (& I was on BCP )
& 24 is my lucky # - do, do do, do do do (twilight zone music)
I'm hoping this will be a lucky month for me

How is everyone else holding up?

This TTC stuff takes alot out of you - very frustrating.
I'm close to taking a break - it hurts my head.

I'm cross-posting this in 30+ & 40+
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Good luck with the docs, GM and Polka! Dh and I talked about going--he's going for counts, I already had hormone levels checked. We've decided not to go any further with that. This ttc is taking a toll on me and just the thought of ivf or other assistance exhausts me.

I hope, if your comfortable of course, that you'll share your experience here though!

Polka, I often think about how much effort I put into NOT getting pregnant when I was younger. Sort of ironic, huh?

: I hope 24 brings you luck this month!

I saw a nice, quick, large rise in temp the day after O this month. (As compared to the gradual little rises of last month.) If this is my month, I'll have 2 children born in March and 2 in December. I'd be due a few days after Christmas. A nice way to wind up my fertile years, I think. Guess we'll know in about 12 days or so.
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Reboot - CD3

Hi all-
just checking in.

GM-good luck on Friday. I hope it goes well!
Polka-Sounds like a GOOD plan and your Gyn sounds nice. RE: HSG - I had one in 2002 and took tylenol ahead of time and it really helped. Plus I have to believe they have come a long way in making them more....quick, comfortable etc. On a real positive note there,we conceived same month as HSG. Good luck!
Joan-good luck on the rise!
Velv - do you now a cheap place to get the FM sticks?? I am out and need to get some for this month. (since last months plan did not work)

Not much new with me. AF showed up on DPO9 instead of early on DPO10. Not sure what that says for the accu? But I did go again on Monday
and it really helped me to maintain emotions alot better the last few days plus feel more energetic I think. I will be watching this cycle more carefully to see if there is more effect from the accu. At least DH likes the better moods!

All for now. Need to make hay while the child sleeps
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Me again!

Forgot to ask aobut natural progesterone cream.
Safe while BFing?
What kind?
When? How long?
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Koko, I order my fm sticks from www.thefertilityshop.com I just ordered another box, but I hope I don't need them.

I don't know about prog. cm. while bf. I have heard of a Dr. Hale that has such questions answered on his site.

OH. You ALL need to check out the boards and lists at Women over 40. There are the stats there of all the pg ladies that are pg despite high FSH, etc. One looks at the stats and your hope is soaring!!

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cd 17 & 2 dpo

thanks Velveteen !
I was looking @ the chart.
boy am I a newbie... I didn't know that high FSH was a problem.

I guess that why my Doc was pretty pleased with 7.5 FSH for my 1 chuggin'-along ovary :LOL

I just heard from a GF in AZ that wants to have another.
She waited til she was in her later mid 30's to have kids & now in her mid 40's, her hormone #'s are pretty bad - like almost the big M .
She's so optomistic about EVERYTHING.. so I'm not worried about her. She's great to talk to.
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Velv-thanks fro the link...way cheaper thandrugstore.com!
Have a good day all!
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I don't know why, but I have a little hope for this cycle. I haven't felt this hopeful in a while. I'm 5 dpo~ breasts feel a little tingly.
How's everyone else??
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Polka, we have some funky stuff in our family with dates too... Wierd how that happens.

We went the to doctor yesterday. He seemed good, but he was very "cut to the chase" rather than getting to know us a bit. I miss our old (retired) doctor! We are to take next month off from TTC and go in and have some tests. They will determine my reproductive age (FSH and follicular dynamics) and also retest my progesterone levels. Apparently after a successful pregnancy, 50% of women who had LPD don't have it anymore and don't need to take progesterone. So they will confirm my status on that front. Then we'll meet with the doctor again to determine a plan of action.

So have to find childcare to go in for tests on at least 8 days of next cycle... Not easy to do since much will be pretty short notice. The office is not far from DH's work so he will be able to do it at least a few times.

Hate to say it, but being "forced" to take a month off actually feels good. Don't have to ride the roller coaster!

AF should arrive Monday or Tuesday; I definitely feel like it will arrive - been pretty cranky today.
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Oooh Velveteen, good luck!!
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Greenmansions, that sounds like a good plan. I think being 'forced' to not ttc for a month sounds good!
I never feel like I can take a month off, I might lose my one and only chance so to speak. That probably isn't true....but you know how it feels.
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Good luck, GM!

: for you, velveteen!

I'm something like...6 days post O. I had nice high temps, then today a dip. According to responses that I got the last time this happened, the dip could be a sign of implantation. But, since there obviously wasn't any implantation last time, I'm not getting my hopes up.

I'm not obsessing as much as usual--I'm gardening, and working out and trying to focus on other stuff.
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cd 20 & 5 dpo

Hi All
just checking in......
hope all is going well.

Cycle buddies: Joan & Velveteen...
fingers X'd

(((((((((((hugs)))))))))) & for all the 40+ women here
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Joan, I hope that's an implantation dip!!

I still feel hopeful, this is the first time in one year I feel like I have a chance! OH, what will I do if this is it?? I've grown accustomed to being disappointed.
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Joan and Velveteen

Velveteen, I am reading Inconceivable, and really like it...thanks!

We bd'd over the weekend, felt like a good time...we'll see. I had to buy a couple of baby gifts for 2 new babies on the block...oh, those little washcloths I can't wait to see the babies!
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Just checking in, waiting for AF which is now a day late. But got a BFN last night, so assuming it's on the way...

I used to be so darn regular before I had DS that it's hard for me to get used to the variation I now see from month to month.

Hope everyone is doing well in the 2ww!
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cd 2

see post # 60 in "30+ thread"

it explains it all :

KHA for you lovelies (((((((((((hugs)))))))))
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Oh Polka....I'm sorry. I wish I could offer more than I hope you're all feeling better soon!
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Polka, I'm sorry to hear you have all been so ill. Lots of our playgroup families were sick a month or so ago (we've managed to avoid it so far, knock on wood.)

Hope you're all feeling better soon!

AF finally arrived, 2 days late.
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