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Have you felt so nauseous you want to cry?

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That's how I feel. I've been nauseous for almost 4 weeks now. But I haven't thrown up once. So dh doesn't seem to understand that I am really sick. Ya know, I'm just laying on the couch being lazy and playing the pregnancy card. I don't really feel queasy, dizzy and lightheaded. I tried Sea Bands and they don't work for me.
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I felt that way with pg #1. I was more miserable than I've ever been in my life. So miserable that I sometimes wished I wasn't pg anymore. And I thought to myself, if this is the way I feel during pg, I don't ever want to do this again. Right after my no-drug childbirth, I thought, I'd do that in a heartbeat over the weeks of nausea!

I know how you feel. It's really terrible.
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I'm lurking from the February board, but I wanted to chime in. YES YES YES YES YES I was so sick this pregnancy I didn't just want to cry, I DID cry! I remember telling my DH at the worst of it that I just couldn't do it - I couldn't do the pregnancy! (And this was after a year and half of infertility!)

I was much much sicker during this pregnancy than I ever was with my first. I was throwing up 10 times a day at its height, and I lost weight.

No advice, but just wanted to say that I've been there, done that, have the huge t-shirt, and shed many many many tears!!
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Oh my, yes! I am so nauseated sometimes! I don't actually vomit, but I just feel continuously queasy. I did w/ my last pg (though it started later this time, thank goodness). I try to eat small meals often...though that doesn't always help. I bought some Preggie Pops and they help a lot! Also, I keep a box of cereal bars by my side of the bed (not something I'd normally eat). If I wake up in the middle of the night or early morning feeling hungry or nauseated, I eat one. It really helps keep me in the clear all day.
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OMG, yes. I wish I had read this thread yesterday, I would have felt a lot better about myself. The nausea this time is actually not QUITE as bad as it was the first time (I remember that it would actually wake me up in the night last time), but it started at least two weeks earlier. I'm having a hard time brushing my teeth and a hard time finding stuff to eat. Then, whenever I do eat, I have to lay down immediately afterwards. I told DH this will be the last pregnancy, and that if, God forbid, anything happens to this PG, I think we'll have to be happy with one, because this has really been difficult! I feel like I'm shortchanging my 2 year old because I have no energy for anything, she just watches TV most of the day while I lay prostrate in bed, whining Thank goodness she's such a good sport, and that she adores Caillou.

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I'm right there with you!! I've had an awful week, and spent most of it on the couch and I haven't been here at all! That's how DH knew I was really bad! :LOL

Finally today and yesterday I'm a bit better. I switched from my OTC prenatals (Target brand) to a perscription that I got samples of from my OB at my first visit on Thursday. I think it's helped, it's the only thing that has changed in the last few days.

I hear you momma, this is bad. I wasn't this bad with my first and this is miserable. I'm thankful that I'm not actually getting sick, but being right on that edge isn't a whole lot of fun either.

I need to find some Preggie pops.

Yes, my DS has been watching way too much tv lately and I feel guilty but it's all I can do to get through the day sometimes. If I get a break while he's watching tv, I feel better and then I'm a better mommy too.
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if it's any consolation I sympatize with you. The ms this time around is kicking my butt and I've got the pukies to go along with it.
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I am so nauseous I can't stand it! It lasts all day and night, and I'm having huge issues trying to find food that doesn't make me want to vomit! I had allday sickness with my first pregnancy, but this seems a bit more severe.

I am going to try Sea Bands. What are Prego Pops?
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Oh, I forgot to add that drinking Roobios tea has seemed to help. Now I just need to find a way to have it continuously coursing through my veins!
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Originally Posted by Cedarmama
Oh, I forgot to add that drinking Roobios tea has seemed to help. Now I just need to find a way to have it continuously coursing through my veins!
What kind of tea is this?
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I am not nautious all day, but when I am - watch out! I can't stand it. I start to get nautious (I really can't spell that word right) around 11 a.m. and then it continues until around 7. If I wake up in the middle of the night, then I am nautious too and will be up gagging for a couple of hours. I am so tired of gagging. Everything makes me gag. I can't stand my bra, it feels tight and makes me gag. I can't stand my regular pants for the same reason. I just took out my maternity clothes because of that. Today I am wearing maternity overalls so nothing will be touching my waist of stomach. Smells are obnoxious and nothing to eat is appetizing. Add to that way too much saliva. I have thrown up a couple of times too.

Last night my dh had dinner ready for me when I got home from teaching piano lessons. I walked in the door and couldn't stand the smell. He had the gall to tell me that is was all in my head. HE should have known better than to say that as this is my third pregnancy and smells have sent me over the edge every time.
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What is up with all that excess saliva in my mouth? I can't stand it! Ugh...
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Ugh yes! I'm constantly nauseated, but haven't yet puked either. The past few days I've started gagging every time a toothbrush gets near me. The worst for me is right in the middle of the day. I'm too nauseated to think about food, but if I don't eat it just gets worse and worse. Oh wait, then the worst part is when I get home and DH cooks GROUND BEEF with ONIONS and stinks up the whole house... OY!

I bought some sea-bands this weekend and they work a little bit. At least I seem to have a little more appetite and to be a little less dizzy when I'm wearing them. If it's a placebo effect it's potent!
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OMG!!! The ms is kicking my butt as well. Since this is the third time around for me you would think I would have been expecting it, but it seems so much worse than last time. I was lucky that it didn't start until I was about 7.5 weeks, but if it is anything like my other two, it will go on til 12 or 13 weeks. Yuck! Lots of smells bother me, and with this one I have the added bonus' of same time of day puking and puking for no apparent reason. Much to dh's dismay. He thinks that he makes me sick. So not true! At least I hope not.....
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I am right there with you gals. My last pregnancy was really bad, I was sick all the time and it started at about 5 weeks. This time I was feeling great until this week. Now it seems that everyday is a little worse. Last night I couldn't eat dinner and told DH that I just felt so yucky. His response? Switch to goat's milk and you'll feel better. What?! Oh, and he hasn't felt good either so it's probably a bug. What?! I just looked at him and I told him that I'm sure my feeling bad had nothing to do with me growing his child inside my body....I think the look and tone, along with my sarcasm, hit him because after that he was really nice about getting me tea and taking care of DD while I relaxed a bit..hehe....I hate having to blow up though to be taken seriously....

love and light...
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I have my good days and my bad days with the nausea, but most days I'm so nauseated that I *do* cry. Much of the time I feel like if I could just throw up I'd feel so much better....but I can't!!! UGH!

Today is a bad day. I have three kids to chase after, can't cook dinner because smells of cooking foods are really bothering me (the kids are having pb&j and carrot sticks!), and I have to clean my house. Every time I bend over, it gets TONS worse. I have no idea how I'm going to get through it. Hopefully dh won't have to work on Monday so he can help me get this house in order before my bestest friend gets here for her visit!!!
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The dry heaves make me want to cry!
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Stop your prenatals!

Have any of you tried stopping your prenatals? I was feeling so horrible I thought I was going to die, then I missed taking a prenatal and felt fabulous the next day, then I read that often times the Iron in prenatals can make you nauseous. So I stopped taking them and just got some Folic Acid.

Now I feel great, well ok not great, I do have small bouts of nausea but no where near what I had before.
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Musicmaj - The tea is Rooibos (I spelled it wrong last post). It's a tea from South Africa. It's really yummy and full of minerals. Apparently African women drink it to help with their nausea.
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I've also seen it spelled Rooibosh or African Red Bush tea.

Rooibos tea contains no colors, additives or preservatives, making it a natural beverage. It contains no caffeine. According to studies conducted in South Africa and Japan Rooibos has been shown to aid in health problems such as insomnia, irritability, headaches, nervous tension, and hypertension.

Studies also show that this tea relieves anti- spasmodic agents, which can relieve stomach cramping and colic in infants.

In South Africa Rooibos has been used to treat allergies such as hay fever, asthma and eczema very effectively .

It is also used to treat irritated skin. Rooibos is brewed and placed directly on infected areas. Rooibos contains anti - oxidants which can help slow the aging process and boost the immune system.

Rooibos is a great thirst quencher and is an excellent beverage for active people, including children.

This tea contains no oxalic acid, making it a good beverage for people prone to kidney stones. Rooibos contains the minerals, copper, iron and potassium, calcium, fluoride, zinc, manganese, alpha- hydroxy ( for healthy skin ) and magnesium ( for the nervous system ) are also components of this tea. In South Africa pregnant women and nursing mothers drink Rooibos because it contains no caffeine.<
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