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Hey everyone. Lots of catching up to do here!

DH and I went out to dinner tonight. My Dad's wife watched DS. It was so nice! We went to Aladdin and had some really yummy, healthy food. The smoothie was so delicious. I still get nausea off and on....and smoothies seem to be one of those foods I can eat when I'm nauseus. Oh, and the dessert was delicious too- chocolate mouse cake. Yum.

I want to say CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME baby Irina! What a birth story!

About co-sleeping...yes, I have to agree that you need to follow some safety guidelines. I would not use blankets near the baby and make sure you put the baby on just the fitted sheet- nothing fluffy.

Shannon- I'm glad Molly pooped! And I'm glad you brought that stool sample...that's too funny that she would have an explosive poop while you were there. Where did you get the breastmilk (I may not have read back far enough and somehow missed that)? Tell me again where you live? How much would it cost to ship breastmilk from PA? I'm happy to help if I can.

Amber- Good for you for getting things done! That's some major nesting going on there! I need to do the same (our bedroom is a mess and I need to work on our tax stuff! Ugh!).

Periwinkle- I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you go into labor soon! Sex, sex, sex..................
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Hi all.

Haven't been around much lately. We had some computer stuff going on, plus it's been quite the week...

Congratulations, Dandylion! I still have to make it over to your birth story - looking forward to it!

wrt baby toiletries - our prenatal instructor said they really don't need much - as for diapering - unless there is a rash you want to protect from wetness by using a barrier cream (it won't heal the rash), that they don't need creams and powder at the diaper change. Be sure to wipe any vernix into their skin, and if they need moisturizer, to use olive or grapeseed oil. Cornstarch if you want to powder, or for massage - it's very smooth (our prenatal instructor is also a RMT). As for soaps/shampoos, she didn't say much except to say all you need is a drop of the stuff...over here, we're thinking Weleda and Dr. Bronner Aloe Vera Baby-Mild.

So, Monday was my last day, and I've had a busy week. Haven't got to washing the baby stuff yet, but had a mw appt, chiro, regular laundry and cleaning, cleaned out the deep freeze in prep for some meals for postpartum (yikes - there was stuff in there from 2002!), filed my mat leave papers...and of course, have had some lovely afternoon naps!!! Oh - and today, my birth tub was delivered and set up!

Ok, so I've been a bit weepy this week, and a bit stressed...at Tuesday's mw appt, on top of having a lively discussion about GBS testing (which I had done in the end), neither my mw, nor another one she brought in, who is more skilled at palpatation, could say 100% where baby was. Since week 30, his/her head has been down, and LOA. PLUS, she said there seemed to be an excess of amniotic fluid. So on Tuesday, they couldn't tell for sure...grumble, grumble, grumble...so on Monday, I am scheduled for a quick u/s, to measure fluid level and position only. Still have to look up what too much fluid means, besides making flipping easier, and palpatation more difficult.

So an emotional week. Last day at work for a year, unsettling news that has a cast a shadow over my positive feelings...

PLUS (have I hit my word count quota yet? - hey - it's been building up! :LOL) - I'm annoyed (call me a hormonal, ungrateful preggo lady) by some shower stuff going on...karma for whining that no one seemed to be wanting to throw me a shower perhaps? Here's the deal: dh tells me that his sister is planning a surprise shower. He told me because I had stated my opinion at some point that I think surprise showers/parties are dumb - for weeks, the guest of honour feels shafted, to be surprised in the end..."SURPRISE!".I just don't think the surprise is worth the feelings of dejectedness. So since I'm not involved, because I'm not supposed to know, I ask him how I'm supposed to go about my final shopping these next couple of weeks...and has she ASKED if we've registered anywhere? So then today, he tells me she wants to pool money from the guests to buy us a deluxo stroller...well, how ungrateful am I? I tell him it bugs me that she wants to spend a lot of money on something she thinks we need, as opposed to what we might want...am I making any sense, am I being totally ungrateful, or what? I just find the whole thing annoying, esp. this week...:
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where's mendhi?
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hey Heve, I wondered if you knew about your surprise, I got a call from your sister in law yesterday, I was wondering what she wanted to buy with the "pooled money" and was trying to figure a way to find out what you may really want. If it helps I can call her and let her know something....perhaps you had mentioned you really really really really want......
Lisa, I got the expressed bm from an MDC mama in our area, unfortunately Leslie also offered as she lots extra but having it cross the border is a red tape nightmare KWIM? It's unfortunate, I'd so love to have enough EBM to have her on exclusively BM for at least a couple months.
Gotta go to bed now, fell asleep on the couch and dh just finished feeding the baby. I obviously overdid things today as I'm bleeding more right now than I have since Molly was born, it's 2:00 am here now, maybe theres a chance lil MOlly will stay asleep until about 6:00 am--but she seems very hungry today and has been demanding feeding every 2 hours--usually I have to "make" her eat every 3. I hope she's about to gain some weight, the doctor wants to see her again next Thurs because she hadn't gained much this week.
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Hi Shannon. Grrrr...despite getting to bed late last night, I am up early, and all riled up about this stupid shower thing. Thanks, Shannon, but it's probably best not to get involved...you'll see when you meet her...:LOL Dh is getting pissed that he's caught in the middle, I'm feeling like this is a situation of an experienced (mainstream) mom vs a newbie with AP intentions...I know, strollers aren't evil - I may even use and enjoy it...so maybe I'll just tell him that fine, if that's what she wants to get us...as long as we both know that we'll still have to buy all the other stuff, which I lump in with strollers - that is to say, stuff not needed till MAYBE next summer - the Marathon car seat, a Stokke high chair.

I guess part of my frustration is that this comes at a time when I'm starting to think maybe the infant and larger car seat that my sister gave us won't cut it, and we'll have to buy new. They are both 12 years old, going on 13...I called the baby and child safety council (or whatever they're called), and they said we should buy new, that Transport Canada recommends nothing over 10 years, that manufacturers only guarantee plastics and parts for 6 years...smells of a racket to me, but then again...

So I have to decide if I want him to intercept this purchase by 9 am today...
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Another shower rant. DH informed me the other day that the O-wive's social group is throwing me a shower at their next coffee. At a Mexican Restaurant I hate. I hate this place. I've been served glass in my margharitas, burnt food, and had terrible service there. I've sworn never to eat there and considering I get heartburn just looking at food I don't think I should. DH told the ladies that are organizing the thing (it's not even a shower...just a get together and they'll happen to bring me a gift) that I'm registered at Target and that we're CDing and BFing so no diapers, wipes, or bottles. I got the invitation yesterday and it has no mention of CD or BF and the big gift is usually a basket full of diapers, wipes, bottles, and bath items...none of which I'm using. God, I hope they give me a gift receipt.

I'm kind of hurt too...I mean contrary to popular belief, I DO have friends. I had a friend that I not only threw a bridal shower for, but also arranged the bachelorette party and flew down to TX to be in her wedding at the last minute when she had a falling out with a bride's maid. I spent big $$$ on this girl when she got married last spring. She could have at least arranged with my friends (most of whom she knows) to take me out to dinner or something. But no one's doen anything and it really hurts my feelings. Stupid to complain...at least I'm getting something even though I don't really know or like these women...it's kind of an obligation sort of thing in my opinion...they're going to moan and groan about how they have to buy another baby gift (third month in a row) and complain because they don't even know this person...and the thing is I know this, because it's what I do. It makes me feel like crap to think that I'm only getting showered out of obligation...I've paid into the baby gift fund and now I'm getting back.

Eh, I'm just not having a good day. I'm off to try and get some cleaning done while I try to keep my foot elevated. My house is so grimy after a week of contractors tramping in and out...I'm really hoping that they'll be done today as they promised me.
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Oh shyly..... don't you wish we could get together for (glass-free!) good margharitas and b**** about these things? I never sent along my hugs and recovery wishes for your foot, either...sorry - too busy venting to do any personals last night!

What a PITA - well, I suppose if it does turn out to be dipes etc you could feel better by regifting to a women's shelter or something...they'll (the O wives) never know.

I've calmed down from my shower freakout and anxiety (until I have to cooperate with however they're getting me to the shower location, and have to act surprised). Dh wanted a decision from me to get back to his sis today, so he's going to tell her she can go ahead with her stroller project, or she can buy the Marathon car seat that I registered for and BabiesRUs. The convertible isn't something we need to buy till later anyway, so it doesn't interfere with my shopping over the next weeks, and hey - the stroller might be something we enjoy, even if not till next summer.

Don't I sound rational? Also, I admit - she is the only person who has taken an initiative to throw me a shower, albeit a stupid surprise....oops - can't help it! :
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BIG sympathy hugs to Hevea and Monica about your shower woes. Thankfully, I got my "surprise" shower out of the way a couple of weeks ago and for the most part, people stuck to the list. Hevea I would be SO mad if someone insisted on buying me a stroller! Or a crib, or a highchair for that matter! We had to reiterate to our families over and over again "stick to the list, stick to the list." My shower turned out to be very nice and enjoyable, but there was definitely some stressing out about it. I hope both of yours turn out okay.

Hevea -- even bigger ((((HUGS)))) for the news from your last mw appt. I'm SO sorry you're having to go through this stress right now, as I think you were enjoyable a fairly trouble-free positive pregnancy. I hope the u/s helps to put things in perspective and that your baby is perfect. Thinking of you....

Monica -- so sorry about your ankle. OUCH! I'd skip the xray, too...

Shan -- so sorry to hear you're bleeding! I hope it stops very soon. Healing vibes your way. And thanks so much for your perspective on co-sleeping.

Thanks to ALL you ladies for your wonderful insights on co-sleeping. I feel much better now. And Kitty -- I'm so glad to hear you like the sleep sacks! I do think they'll come in handy.

Love to you mamas...
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morning everybody -

heve - sorry about the shower mess. i can really understand how you feel about the stroller. we have a very fancy stroller and have used it maybe 10 times. our bjorn and sling are much, much more useful!

shannon - glad to hear about the poop!! sorry about the bleeding. i'm having the same thing sort of. the bleeding had tapered off and then yesterday it started again, along with the backaches. ugh.

lisa - what a nice dinner!

monica - i agree with tricia with the splinting, no x-ray option.

about co-sleeping, we loved our sleepsack too. used it all the time. bought two more when he outgrew the infant one. unfortunately, he then rebelled against being cooped up like that and we never use them now.

everything is ok here. mia is doing great. i'm definitely feeling a little bit blue off and on - about family visiting or not visiting, about going back to work, about dh having to work really hard and being gone a lot. i know how you feel suz.

joy - i'm sitting here with mia in her leopard print. it's so soft, i love it. and, hey, isn't your due date almost here? yay!

good days all.

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Ok, I gotta wine a bit. Molly is not feeling well, she's all stuffed up, wants to eat constantly but essentially throws up almost everything that goes in, the longest she slept all night was maybe an hour and the times in between that involved blood curdling screaming, she's feeling yucky and she's damn mad about it. I of course being a new and first time mom am feeling completely and totally inadequate, she's stuffed but can breath, so I don't think she needs to go to the doctor, she's puking but she's keeping some of it down, so again I don't think she needs to be seen, but she's uncomfortable and unhappy and I want someone to make it all better because it would appear I can't make it all better this time.

Heve, how many people are going to this shower?? Maybe I can tell her I'll pick up cloth diapers with the remaining money or something (after all--I happen to know what everyone is putting in for this stroller )
Monica, that does suck, but keep a few bottles for pumping so that once breast feeding is established you may be able to have a wee break and let dh feed and the odd disposable doesnt' hurt to have around--I keep one in my diaper bag--and after the doctors office blowout yesterday I was glad it was there--cause I hadn't packed another cover, only an extra prefold--and believe me, she had the cover totalled.

Anyway, Molly is resting on my arms while I type this and we're approaching her 1/2 hour deadline of not crying so I better fly.
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I know it might be early to consider this, but has your doctor considered one of the hypoallergenic formulas as an option? Or is your ped. waiting to see if things smooth out with what she is on first? Gosh, wish I could help more!

We are heading to a friend's house to take a walk...write more later!
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Oh, and Shannon....you are a WONDERFUL mother!!! You are doing everything you can to make Molly comfy. She feels your love....don't doubt yourself!!!

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Hugs all around are in order I see.

Heve and Monica - Sorry about your showers.

Shannon - I'm sorry to read about the pooping/weight gain troubles. If she's really got reflux and it's hurting her belly, baby Zantac (given in at least 10cc of milk) does wonders and is actually really safe. I almost never give/take meds but dd and ds really did great on this. Also, there's a ton of reflux threads on MDC - a search will bring them all up.

Lisa - Your dinner sounds wonderful. I hope dh and I can have a teeny bit of alone time before the baby comes. That sounds so nice!

Terenia - I'm sorry you're feeling a little down but so glad to hear how great adorable Mia is doing!

Zander's Mom - Great news you and baby are doing so well. We may be doing a scheduled c the week of Valentine's Day too.

Mehndi - Yeah.... where ARE you?!?!?


Yesterday I met with my OB. He couldn't get a good feel of my cervix because it was so high - that can't be good, can it. I was hoping he'd tell me I was starting to dilate already. We are going ahead and getting a scheduled c-section "on the books" for either Feb 16th (my 1st choice) or Feb 14th, depending on his and the General Surgeon's schedule. Ideally we would have a GS there because of all the adhesions I had last time and complications with the last c-section. I'm starting to get really freaked out about going into labor naturally, actually, even though I have been given another week and a half to do so. Not the pain, but worried about "failure to progress" with this big baby, a scarred uterus, etc. If I venture too far off the labor curve (1cm/hr) they will do a c-section due to its association with being indicative of the baby's getting stuck and since the baby is big everyone's a little antsy about shoulder dystocia. So I am worried that my absolute worst case scenario will come true, i.e., that I will have a failed trial of labor followed by an unplanned c-section.... this is the worst outcome by far - associated with higher maternal risks such as infection and also the whole concern about being able to have a General Surgeon there to assist with the surgery on such short notice. I am tempted to call back my OB and schedule the c-section for next week. I wish I could find that perfect journal article telling me which had higher probability of problems - repeat c or failed trial of labor - but it doesn't exist. I've searched PubMed til I'm blue in the face and see very good evidence for scheduling a c-section AND very good evidence for letting nature take its course. UGH!

Sorry this was so long, but I'm just torn about what to do.
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Thanks Lisa, that does help
We talked briefly about switching to soy or something but because we've been trying so much, we wanted to see if her tummy would just settle down on it's own with the breast milk and the original formula she was on--and of course, her blowout at the time, led us to believe she was fine now. She's actually sleeping now and breathing fine so I'm not sure what is up with her. I'd like to avoid the soy if I can, I just think it's one step further away from breast milk, maybe I'm wrong though, who knows. It's looking like Molly and I will be spending the day without clothes on for greater ease of cleanup on both of us and I suppose this will force me to take it fairly easy today and not be off galavanting around.
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Peri, by any chance when your two had reflux, did you notice they were better if you DIDN'T burp them?? I find that instead of patting her back if I just sit her up, or even better lay her on her tummy on my chest semi sitting she's far less likely to throw up. How is reflux even diagnosed anyway, when I mentioned it to my doctor she agreed it sounded like Molly has a mild case of it, but she just encouraged me to keep doing what I'd found worked for her and talk to her again if it got any worse.
I'm hoping the infant formula probiotics I ordered at the health food store will be in today, I was on antibiotics twice through the pregnancy for those mega bladder infections and I was on IV antibiotics for one dose before she came out--my chiro thinks yeast has more to deal with all this than anything else (she also suggested going to soy right away--but I want to give this a bit more time to work--of course I may change my mind on that if she keeps barfing on me all day)
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morning ladies...
Yes, Terenia - tomorrow is my due date - I'm so glad you like the leopard blanky. I think that most baby stuff is just to pastel and cutesy, so was happy i found leopard flannel. It amused me (but i'm easliy amused)

we went for italian food last night, and i MADE them put extra garlic in everything. The waiter thought i'd lost smy mind, but did it. I love garlic. But it didn't do crap for kick starting labor. I'm still doing the same, low, constant, crampy thing.

Hugs all around... no time for personals.... work is blowing up
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Morning all.

I'm feeling blue today. Anyone else feeling blue? And holy moly am I hormonal this week. My family is all hiding lately because I'm such a b**** I think it's because I'm becoming house ridden. I tried to grocery shop a few days ago and only got half way through the store because I was in so much pain I can barely walk anymore and I'm so sick of not going anywhere. Anyone want to join my pity party?

I'm eating melted chocolate with walnuts in it for breakfast. Does that tell you something? Sheesh! :LOL
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I actually slept last night...got up once around mid-night...then again when Brian's alarm went off at 5 and then again when Brian woke me up to kiss me goodbye...it was amazing...this is the first time since before Thanksgiving that I have actually felt rested when I got up at 8:15 which is when my alarm goes off...

Peri-I'm joining you on the labor before scheduled C-section worries...Brian and I were hoping to schedule the C-section for Feb 8th but the midwife said no...but she seemed to think that I might go into labor on my own...in which case I am supposed to call the hospital and warn them that I'm coming in for a C-section...so we are going to try and schedule the C-section for the 14th or earlier if possible...Zander has got to be big...he is most definately head down in my pelvis and feet up in my ribs...he has no room left...but I have another problem besides big baby...so I'm not supposed to want to go into labor...not to mention that Brian is worried about not being able to take his paternity leave from the USMC...because his unit is set to deploy the week Zander is supposed to be born.
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I'm ready to go!

I went for my 40wk appt today. I am:

3 cm dialted

at a -1 station

70% effaced

and gained 1 lb this week.

I am good to go to be induced tomorrow! I am going in to the hospital at 8:15am. I have so much to do today, but hopefully it'll make the day go fast! Please send your short labor and minimal pain vibes my way, or for those of you who do, PRAY! I'll probably be able to get back on by Monday or Tueday to let you know how things went. WOOOHOOOO!
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Jenni, hurray!!! Can't wait to hear the good news!!!

Shannon, reflux basically means milk coming up into the esophagus. If the baby is happy and growing well, spitting up is no problem. But if the baby is uncomfortable (e.g., starts eating hungrily and then pulls away, crunches up belly as if in pain during or after a feeding, etc.) OR if baby is not gaining weight well due to amount of milk lost, then it's something to be treated and soon before eating problems set in (such as baby refusing to eat because they perceive eating associated with pain ). Good news is reflux usually goes away on its own by 4-6 months, once esophagus is longer and baby can sit up better.

Behavioral/non-medical things that help:

* Don't let her slouch or scrunch up. Baby seats, swings, and even some slings are not a good idea. As sucky as I think these things are LOL, the Baby Bjorn in the chest-facing position was a godsend for reflux in our early days.
* Lie on left side or belly (supervised of course) or "sitting", propped at an good angle (but not allowing baby to scrunch down, which puts too much pressure on belly).
* Small feedings, more frequently.
* Yes, as much breastmilk as you can get. Breastmilk is easier to digest and clears the stomach faster, meaning less to spit up.
* Try different bottles so she doesn't gulp air.
* Burp only when needed (Yes, I did find that over-burping made little baby milkshakes and nothing else.)
* Try putting Mylicon Drops in baby's bottles to help break up the air bubbles in her tummy and prevent her from a giant burp followed by a huge spit. They are completely safe and are not absorbed by the body at all (i.e., their mechanism of action is physical - like putting a dot of oil in a tub filled with bubbles, not chemical and they stay in the gut not in the bloodstream).
* Use a pacifier after a feeding. (Use the same nipple you do for her preferred bottles.) Sucking and swallowing keeps the milk down. This was a HUGE help to us. I nursed so we used the NUK silicone newborn pacis, and neither of them ever had a problem with nipple confusion and they no longer needed/wanted their pacis after 3 months so it was very easy to ditch them.
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