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Happy, happy labour and birth thoughts going your way, Jenni!!! SO exciting!!! ILS in the labour room ? yikes! Sending strong thoughts for that, too!!
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Jenni - Hope you had good luck with the IV. I've never had one, but will need one with this birth. I'm nervous too - when they draw my blood it takes several times, unless they send me to the pros at LabCorp or LabOne. I had blood drawn on Wednesday and it took 5 pokes.

Lesley - you didn't ask me, but your reaction seems normal. I mean, heck, she's your baby, your sunshine, and you want her to be the healthiest, strongest, smartest, sweetest, best baby. It's got to be stressful for both of you to start off with such challenges.

Jenny & Joy - Good Luck!!!

My body is acting up, too. I don't know if it's just getting ready or if my time is approaching. I've had new backaches since last night, couldn't sleep well or to my regular time, have some intestinal distress, and what I think are BH. I'm keeping an eye on my watch, but I didn't think I could go this early.

I'd really like to get one more week of work in. (Sick, isn't it?) I've got a big website planning meeting, a leadership class, articles due, and just a little more training to do before I'll feel 'ready.' If stuff gets screwed up while I'm gone, I don't want to hear that I could have prepared people earlier.

On the other hand, DH tells me about 4 times a day that he is ready to be a daddy, and I have to agree with him.
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Nope, no baby yet....
I did managed to get some sleep last night - was up about every 60-90 minutes to pee... and the intensity of the contractions has kind of worn off a bit - tho is picking back up now that i'm vertical. So i have no idea what the heck is going on. DH is gonig to go ahead and have a sub teach his yoga class this morning, and we're going to run my errands together, so this COULD be it... it could still be days..... who knows..... tho it would be really a trip to have my baby on the due date....
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Just stopping in to say hi, and to wish Joy goodluck, and thinking of her and her hubby too. It is such an amazing experience for you both to go through. Can't wait to do it again with Dh.

Jenni, thinking of you today too. Hope the IV and induction go well. Can't wait to check back in and hear more news!!!

Heave, baby showers can be a PITA, as eveyone registers for stuff that they really need, and people just get whatever they think anyway.
Does your SIL have children?
I find that the people without children ( and some with too!!! ) need a little guidance sometimes, when it comes to stuff.
My best friend flew up from Fl for my first baby shower, bought a newborn Halloween pumpkin outfit for dd, who's due date was in December??????? Hmmm, she just wasn't thinking at all.
She also bought up a bouncy seat, that was totally taken out of it's packaging and disassembled, with no receipt, and a brand that I had never heard of, so safety was an issue for me on that one.

Maybe you could make a safety point on the stroller/ car seat? Like the safety ratings are much higher for the one that you have researched, than the other brands?
No one will argue with you on that?

Mama2Chole, hope you are feeling better. Feeling sick is gross. Hate it.

Ok, dd needs me xxxxx Jaz
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Woo hoo! What an exciting thread to wake up to this morning

Joy! Awesome girl!!! I'm crossing my fingers and toes for you that this is "IT!" Come on baby girl or boy Oh and I had yet ANOTHER dream last night that you had your baby. I think that baby is definitely coming this weekend

Tricia: That's so great that Chloe is potty training so well. And at 2 years old...good for her and you!

Congrats on having your baby today Jenni! I'll be looking for an update soon

Ok DS is crying so I have to run!!!! Have a great day all
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Morning everyone. I'm sending labor vibes towards you Joy and Jenni. I hope you both have wonderful healthy babies by the end of the day!

DH took me out to dinner last night. We don't go out often any more and we figured we'd go ahead and just have a small last date as a couple. It was nice. We came home and I passed out at 7:30!! I slept until about 11 and made DH come to bed. We laid there for a while and I couldn't get back to sleep so I sat up for a little while and watched TV.

But now I'm up and about. The contractors finished my other bathroom (YAY) so I'm cleaning my carpets. They were nice and put down paper and stuff, but they still tracked in a lot of dirt...especially the plumbers. So I'm trying to clean up my carpets so that they aren't all nasty when the baby comes...if he ever comes.

I've been having lots of contractions, but they never establish a pattern and the minute I pick up a watch to start timing them they stop alltogether. It's frustrating. Just go into labor...you know? Stop teasing me.

Hope you all have a good day today.
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Good luck, Jenni! I'll be thinking of you today.

That whole induction thing is sounding better and better. False labor SUCKS! I really thought last night was it. I didn't have as much progress as Joy, but I was having some pretty good contractions and they were very different from the BHs I've been having for weeks now.
I didn't sleep well at all last night because for some reason my itching is back. Why now? I've had it under control for a couple months.
Still having some mild contractions this morning, but trying really hard to ignore them. The waiting and wondering WHEN is really getting to me. I need to do some stuff to get my mind off it today. Kinzi has a basketball game and team pictures, so that will keep my brain busy for a little while.

Well, it's going to be a beautiful weekend here in southern Ohio. Maybe I'll take one of those long walks everybody keeps telling me to take.

Best of luck to everybody today!
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Originally Posted by shyly
Just go into labor...you know? Stop teasing me.

Amen, Sister! This is all I'm saying. Don't tease me. It's really just not nice!
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wow, things are brewing...so exciting!!! Enjoy, Joy! Who will join you? Monica? Peaceful?

Jasmine - actually, she does have kids... Apparently for the latest venture (the Graco stroller car seat combo), she called various guests for input...hello?! What about the mom? Anyway - people whose lifestyles are so different from mine thought they would impart their wisdom on the newbie...meow! :

So the latest (does anyone really care at this point? :LOL ) - I had a brilliant thought this morning (no I didn't fall back asleep..). Last Sunday, we were over at SIL's for dinner. She was babbling on, and was saying we had to give them some hints as to what we want for baby - not being direct, just going on in the way she does... I told her I would be getting organized this week. So I called her this morning (had to leave a message), and said, you had asked us for hints, thanks for asking, etc - I've emailed you a list (she's a bit lame-o with email - can't be sure that she checks regularly). So - I've done my part - I've let her know what we want - if she fails to notice that there is no Graco infant car seat/stroller on the list/in the local store's registry (because I think I'll buy a Peg Perego infant seat today or tomorrow), then oh well. She'll have to deal with the return on her own (according to the TRU website, gift items can only be exchanged for store credit) - or we put it towards a Britax Marathon for later (although I'd rather support a small business). whew!
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Phew, I'm a wimp! I've been at the carpets off and on for about an hour and I'm not done yet. I used to whip through the house in an hour. I keep having to sit down and take breaks. Ugh, I just want to get finished so my carpets will dry.

All this hard work is giving me some contractions...I guess the key to labor is hard labor (bah dum cha!) . So I think I'm going to start contracting myself out to the neighborhood...cleaning for free...just help me go into labor.

hevea - good idea on the email. Don't you hate having to drop hints and be sneaky? I hope that she gets the hint (although they never do) or at least gives you the receipt. I figure I'll just return everything that I don't want...diapers and everything and just get store credit at Target. I can spend some money on useless nothings if need be.
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Oh GAWD, Hevea!! BIG ((((HUGS)))) for the continuing shower saga. I DO so hope you get what you actually want and need. I'd be mad if I had to deal with shower stress at such a late date in pregnancy!! Healing, peaceful vibes to you mama!!

WOW!!! Birthing Mamas!!! Sending wonderful, gentle birthing vibes to Joy and Jenni!!!!
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Lisashepp had her baby! Congrats lisa, and welcome baby Evan!!!

Also, a nice thread is going on in TAO about MDC mamas who have touched your lives. I added some things on there about you ladies. You all need to go look at it, because I saw many of your names on the thread.

Heve, I'm sorry about the shower stuff, what a PITA. Maybe you can return stuff and get a gift card. I just did that with a carseat (I didn't realize that I registered for a travel system that comes with a carseat, I thought it was just a double stroller) and it was no problem to return. I don't know what I'm going to use the credit for, but maybe just some clothes for my older daughter. They aren't the best quality, but they're okay for summer.

Gotta go read Lisa's birth story!
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I'm just checking in. Good birthing vibes to Joy and Jenni!

Chloe has been diaper free from 7:30 til now almost 11 and has TTed in her potty 3 times (a couple tiny accidents in her room because she was playing and her potty was in the living room) She doesn't want a diaper on and I don't feel like battling her to get it on. Maybe right before lunch. She usually gets tired for a nap soon after or so.

I'm trying to take it easy, but I can't just let the house get totally out of control. I need to go get groceries today I really dislike going grocery shopping, but DH is really good about watching Chloe at home while I go so I don't have to juggle her and shopping.

Well, I better go for now. Need to make my shopping list. I'll check in later on.

Love, Tricia
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Lousli Your sweet, I thought you were really angry at me. :

Yeah Chloe!!! I am in the same boat right now with my DD. I have been putting a flannel blanket under her at nap and bed time just in case. I think I am going to get those puddle pad things from Toys R us today.

Hope to see some baby announcements from Joy and Jenni!

Congratulations to Lisa and little Evan!
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Add me to the "might be in early labor" list.

I feel so yucky today. Achy with lower back and lower abdominal cramping. I've beein the bathroom 3 times already. I'm EXHAUSTED.

And at the same time.....I'm scrambling to get things done in case this is it!!!!
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Originally Posted by earthmama007
Lousli Your sweet, I thought you were really angry at me. :
OMG, I'm so sorry! I didn't even realize that I hadn't responded to you when you said "no harm, no foul" the other day. I THOUGHT that I said, "no problem!" but I've been so tired lately that I must have forgotten to actually post it!! I suck. I'm not angry at all, and I'm always up for a respectful difference of opinion with someone. I thought you were very well spoken and informed, you just had a different conclusion than I did.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...
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I went to a chiropractor yesterday and am going to one on Monday as well. I'm barely able to walk and baby is still very posterior. The chiro on Monday specializes in the Webster techinique which is supposed to help turn baby. I really hope it does. No labor until baby turns, I hope.
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Okay...my legs are pink/red/purplish and swollen...any ideas as to what could be wrong with me and if I should worry?
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Originally Posted by ZandersMom
Okay...my legs are pink/red/purplish and swollen...any ideas as to what could be wrong with me and if I should worry?

My midwives said that if your legs are that color and swollen to call right away.
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Elaina, call your doc or midwife, that is not normal, when did it start??

For everyones amusment, dh is changing Molly's diaper, first she wasn't done pooping and he got that all over him, then while he was wiping his hands and her feet : she peed on him--and man does she have aim!!
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