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Tug, that's what my mw said, you just never know. I feel the same as I did with dd when I had an exam, and after I felt all achy and twingy and really tired. That night my water broke I went into labour and she was born 7.17pm the next evening.
So... I take it all with a grain of salt. They'll come when they are ready!!

Jenni, sorry I didn't acknowledge your induction post. I do know how it is to post a question or opinion and be judged badly for it, so kudos to you for doing what you think. As Lisa said, it's your body and your birth, so go for it.

Eliana, glad you finally found out the test results, and hope that the outcome is good.

Ok it's feeding time at the zoo here. BFN Jasmine
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Jenni - I kept trying to post and kept getting interupted by the little ones. Anyway, no flames here. I was induced from nothing last pregnancy, four days early. I had my reasons as you have yours. I had to do what was best for me and the baby. It's just not a pleasant experience so I would avoid it in the future but if I needed to do it I would!
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earthmama and Zandersmom,
Actually, it doesn't matter which type of herpes you have, type I or II, and in fact, most docs don't even differentiate between the two anymore. Either type can be oral or genital. Either type can be quite harmful to a newborn, and nearly all midwives or docs will tell you that active sores=c section. It isn't safe just to cover the sores with a washcloth. Fortunately, as luck would have it, most women do not have an outbreak at the time of delivery and outbreaks can be further prevented by the use of antiviral medication. C-sections for herpes are pretty unusual now.

Okay, I wanted to do personals, but the water is boiling for my spaghetti! It is hard to find time to sit down.

Happy February, Feb. Mamas!!!
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Hi gals. Wanted to check in and say a few things.

Shannon - we used aloe vera juice for ds constipation when he was a baby. I just don't remember when and how we used it but you might want to run that by a herbalist or some other natural health person.

Life here with 2 kids is pretty hard. Every time I get a minute ds wants something and then the baby needs me. Even with Dh's help I am worn out and worried about how I am going to handle this all alone. Dh is going to drill this weekend and I don't think I can handle everything alone. I am mad because I thought he was not going to have to go. My mom could come help but she starts radiation tomorrow and I am unsure how it will affect her - she might not have the energy to deal with us.

So, Mom's with more than one kid - how do you do it????? Recovering from a c-section, dealing with 2 kids, and feeling a bit depressed - it is a lot to deal with right now..

Plus, my feet keep swelling up really bad - what is the deal with that? Anyone have swelling AFTER giving birth? It keep me from doing all that I need/want to do.
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Jenni: I know it's hard to talk about certain things on MDC because of fear of being judged. Induction is a sensitive subject, but there are times when an induction becomes necessary. I was induced with my son 3 days after my due date because he was absolutely huge and I was scared at how large he could get if I let him cook any longer. This time there is a pretty big possibility I could be induced a few days before my DD because of the same thing. This baby is definitely as big if not bigger than my son was last time (11 lbs & 22.5") and I'm measuring 4 weeks ahead in fundal height. Every day looks more and more like I'll have to have interventions unless a miracle occurs (which I pray for daily) You are not alone hon.

Suz: looks like you need a hug too. I'm sorry you feel overwhelmed right now. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now and the CS recovery is just one part of it.

I can't seem to get pre-registered at my hospital. I've left 5 messages in the last 4 weeks and NO one will call me back I didn't have this much trouble talking to a live person when I pre-registered with my son. Sheesh! I'm getting pretty PO'd over it actually. It's just rude to not return 5 messages. I'm seeing my OB tomorrow and I am hoping she can give me the number to a live person at the hospital so I can breathe easy and not worry about having to establish a birth plan when I actually arrive at the darn hospital. Grrrr. Ok done venting about that.

I did not sleep worth a crapola last night either. I woke at 3am and got up at 4am and went back to bed around 6am and then had to get up at 7:30 and take my DD to school. I feel awful.

I swear this baby grew 2 inches last night. I was ok yesterday morning but today...OMG I can barely move because this baby is everywhere! The feet are in my ribs way up by my breastbone and the hands are pushing way down in my groin. This kid is HUGE! I'm very very scared
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I had my 38-week midwife appointment tonight. It went great. Nothing to really report, though. Just waiting for baby to arrive!

earthmama007- I am having weekly ultrasounds now because I had Fifth Disease in the first trimester and it can cause complications to the baby. But so far everything looks great!

Traci- I feel that way too! One day I am sore and achy and the baby is bouncing off my cervix.....and the next day I feel fine! Strange?!

Elaina- Keep us updated on your situation. I hope the sores can be treated and you can avoid the c/s.
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Suz- I don't know anything about swelling post-partum, but it sounds like something to call your OB/midwife about.

As for feeling overwhelmed....can you get any help in the home? Friends? Family?

I hope things smooth out for you soon!
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Anyone else awake? It's 1:30am here. I woke up at 12:15 w/ a weird pain in lower belly. Barely peed (have peed a couple of times since and pain went away). Loose poops twice (don't you love this TMI stage?!). Went back to bed and woke up 2 more times with same discomfort. Now I'm downstairs trying to type quietly and drinking some tea... waiting to see what's going on.

Suz - The first couple of weeks are going to be really hard as your body heals, your toddler adjusts, and you/baby get in a groove. It'll happen. Also, spring will be here faster than we know it and it's amazing what a little fresh air and sunshine will do. My short-time advice though is go into survival mode... don't sweat the "AP/NFL must-do list" -- if a DumDum lollipop and a Dora video will keep ds content for 30 min. while you nurse the baby, go for it, especially if you've never let ds do either before now LOL!! You can work on your skill slinging the baby while making homemade play-dough with ds another day. Also, re: ankle swelling... this is extremely common post-c-sec complaint -- I had swelling in legs/ankles really bad after my c-sec. It's just your body working off the drugs/trauma and you'll be ok w/in a week at most. Hang in there!
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OK so I think this was just some gas pain, not labor.

Back to bed before I spend any MORE money online. Tonight's finds:

1. Weleda nursing tea
2. Kangaroo carrier

PayPal is evil evil evil.

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Lousli-Yes, I am fully aware of the virus. I too have it. As long as Elaina has no symptoms at the time of birth it won't be an issue and if it is then that is because the doctor is just being cautious. There is no need for a section and it is highly unlikely that her baby would have any problems due to the herpes. I did a TON of research on this before. You are correct when you say it doesn't matter what type she has. I said that because type II is usually genital but I am also aware that she could have gotten type I down there from oral or however. I have never been told that VB would be an issue with an outbreak. She has been taking aclovir or valtrex and her own body has given the baby antibodies so she should be good. I am not debating just stating what I have lived and researched before.
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Suz, the swelling is normal, did it only come up now??? Mine was bad the next morning and kept gettting worse for 3 days then gradually came down over the next few, I can now wear shoes again--yep, looked damn funny leaving the hospital with 2 feet of snow wearing my slippers!! :
We found a local source of expressed breast milk, at least for a couple weeks!! an MDC mama who has even so generously offered to deliver it to us as she remembers "those first few weeks" I couldn't be more happy
Up right now with a grunting, angry looking baby (it kills me how totally PO'd she can look at times) she just ate but is trying to poop, so I figure I should stay up for a bit in case she actually can, so I can change her before we both go down again.

On the TMI front......can someone tell me how normal lochia is supposed to smell??? For days I had almost no discharge at all, now I have copious amounts of yellowish egg white that has a definite odor to it. Because I had an infection after a d&c, I just want to be extra careful. I have no pain, other than muscle pain at the site, so who can define "foul smelling lochia"????
I will await your answers....... :
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Okay...as far as I know this is at least my second outbreak...and yes I have been taking valtrex...and yes I have Type I "down there"...how it got there I'm not sure : ...Brian has Type I and this was something I was aware of before we became serious...after all he was my best friend for awhile before we started "dating"...we only "dated" for two months before we decided to make a baby .

Anyway...I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and if the sores are gone... : (I don't feel them anymore...and try as I might there is just no good angle to try and see them with a hand held mirror...Brian needs new glasses or something all he will ever say is there isn't enough light in this room, you just look red to me)...or if they think they will be gone in the next 1-2 weeks...then a VB is possible...all this is stuff to discuss with my CNM or WHNP and some nurse named "Jane" who is responsible for my "case" or something .

So no arguing : over me!!!
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Texas Suz, my heart goes out to you. I remember those overwhelming feelings oh so well but it will get easier. Would it be an option to hire a postpartum doula?
I would let your OB know of you swelling and your mood too.

Shannon, wish I could help you out on the lochia problem, but I have no idea. Sorry

Peri, I hear you on the PayPal!! It is just way too tempting!!

Ok, will check back later BFN Jasmine
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Originally Posted by TexasSuz
So, Mom's with more than one kid - how do you do it????? Recovering from a c-section, dealing with 2 kids, and feeling a bit depressed - it is a lot to deal with right now..

I personally find the first few months of adding a new member to the family very stressful. It's hard to get back into that newborn groove even if it hasn't been that long (it's usually only about two years for me). I have found these things helpful : Take it easy on yourself. Don't expect the dishes to be done, laundry to be done, meals to be cooked by you. The last couple of times I've been really lucky with a food train from our homeschool group but before then I just threw my organic lifestyle out the window for a few weeks and went for all froze, convenience foods. Cereal for dinner too. It's much like I have to live the first few months of pregnancy because I'm so darn sick. Make sure you have a container with coloring books, crayons, picture books, etc that you can keep by you on the couch or in your bed where you will be sitting with your new baby and can entertain your older child. I'm generally against the TV at all but I usually use it as a "treat" when I first give birth. I'll rent a couple of movies I think the older kids would like and let them watch them with some popcorn or something (I usually make homemade but this would be a time for microwave or Jiffy Pop ).

That said, last birth (baby five) I did not take my own advice and just did too much right away. He was born around the holidays so that made it hard, I guess. Anyway, I got horrible PPD. That will not be happening this time! So be selfish and "lazy" and let yourself heal for as long as you can before you jump back into reality.

HTH and yes, I've had horrible swelling after birth. No fun!
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I actually slept last night!! From 11:30 til 6:30!! Yahhhh!!!! And I didn't even get up to pee! I thougth I would pop when I woke up but that's okay. The weird thing is, I feel worse this morning than most other. More tired I mean! Just can't win huh? I better go. I have to get ds on the bus but I will check back later. Take care. have a good day all!
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So yesterday I felt crappy all day. Lots of cramping... like dull, achey menstrual cramps. Didn't have much of an appetite, and even with the magnesium i'm taking, was mildly constipated. Called Laura lastw night before i went to bed to just let her know things were different, even tho I didn't think they were "in labor" different. Found out that in the 4 days after the full moon, she had 6 babies arrive. HOLY crap. She actually missed one birth because from the time the mom realized she was in labor to the time she gave birth was a whole hour - dad caught baby and baby was breech.

Anyway, I see her at 9 this morning, hopefully i'll be more effaced and more dilated than last week.

I will attempt personals later.....
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Don't have a lot of time, but wanted to give all around.

Tug -- was it you that posted you left your baby for a bit and felt so lonely because you didn't have kicks and hiccups? I can SO see that being me, which is why I'm soaking up as much preggie-time as I can. Thanks for that. And Mia is sooooo adorable!

Also wanted to share something for those mamas who's babies aren't in the "right" position. I got a call from my mw today, saying that she totally supports my decision to have unassisted childbirth and she had a nice story for me: one of her former clients moved away and couldn't find a mw to deliver her baby, so she decided on u/c. She just safely delivered a double footling breech baby! Both feet out first! And baby and mama are healthy and happy. See what can happen when nature is unimpeded? I hope all you mamas have wonderful stories to share soon, too....
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Hang in there, everyone!

TexSuz, find a way to get some support--friends, doula, whatever you need...and don't try to do anything besides take care of yourself, your baby and your toddler. That's enough!! Sending you some love and support and wishing I could offer a meal and some laundry help!!

Everyone else, thinking of you. It's so great to have this community. Thank you all for each part of yourselves that you bring to us.

Yippee for me here at home! The plumbers are here installing the potty and sink and faucets. After two years of having a gutted bathroom, we will be able to take a bath tonight!!!!!! My ds was so excited he was bursting! It's been a lot of work and a lot more $ (isn't it always?) but sooo worth it even as I watch the progress today. I feel like such a princess.

Had our home-visit yesterday. All's well and we are ready with everything. Dh is traveling this week and next, so I'm not in any hurry to go into labor (it's still early for me, anyway)

Have a good day, everyone. xo susan
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Morning everyone. I woke up at 5:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. DH was nice enough to sleep on the couch, but he had the humidifier with him so it was super dry in my room. I read for about an hour and fell back asleep.

Not much going on here. I'm sorry so many of you are miserable. I think this is just how it's going to be until the end <sigh>.

Well I'm going to run and try to organize the birthing room. Last night I had some contractions and I told DH that he needed to get it set up RIGHT NOW (at 11 pm no less) so I'm going to set it up as best I can without his help. I think I'll breathe a little easier when it's done.

Have a good day everyone.
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My appointment this afternoon has been rescheduled for 9am tomorrow because my CNM is sick...I'm trying not to get stressed about not knowing if I need a C-section or not.
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