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Originally Posted by earthmama007
Lousli-Yes, I am fully aware of the virus. I too have it. As long as Elaina has no symptoms at the time of birth it won't be an issue and if it is then that is because the doctor is just being cautious. There is no need for a section and it is highly unlikely that her baby would have any problems due to the herpes. I did a TON of research on this before. You are correct when you say it doesn't matter what type she has. I said that because type II is usually genital but I am also aware that she could have gotten type I down there from oral or however. I have never been told that VB would be an issue with an outbreak. She has been taking aclovir or valtrex and her own body has given the baby antibodies so she should be good. I am not debating just stating what I have lived and researched before.
I don't want to argue on this thread, but I have to disagree with you. I too have researched this issue, and although the mother's antibodies do provide some protection for the baby, there is still a risk of the baby contracting herpes if the mother has active sores at the time of delivery. Some people (moms, midwives, OB's) are comfortable with this risk, and some are not. For me, knowing that neonatal herpes can be fatal was enough reason to decide that if I had a breakout, I'd opt for a section. This is probably a decision that Zandersmom should research and think about on her own. Most likely, since it sounds as though her outbreak is going away, it is a decision she won't need to make.
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I've finally got a babies on-line site set up...sorry the pics aren't very good...I took them myself a few minutes ago.
I'll try and get Brian to take pics of me when he gets home, and I will try and take a pic of him.
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Yay Elaina! You look fabulous! What a great belly. I'll look forward to more pics and eventually zander himself!

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Just came from my appointment with Laura - still making slow, steady progress, which is very good. My blood pressure was 102/72, pulse 98, fundal height is 40cm, I'm 50% effaced (progress!), fingertip dilated, and the baby is almost fully engaged (so between a -1 and 0 station). Baby was sleeping - and we woke her/him up but the heartrate was still fairly low, so Laura said it sounds boy-ish (last week it sounded girl-ish, so we really are in for a suprise.... )

Its a good thing I didn't go into labor this last weekend, Laura had 6 babies be born in a 4 day time period, which is a HUGE record for them... however, Laura is now guessing that i'll probably go into labor middle of next week and the baby will be in the "high 7's" weight range wise
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There must be something in the air. My midwife had five births in three days. She ended up having to send her back up midwife to two of the births because she was absolutely shattered and totally useless.

I have a question for you all. What toiletry items do I need for the baby? I'm planning on making my own soap, but I can't do that until after I've had the baby and it takes about a month for it to cure. Soaps, lotions, etc...your advice would be great. I refuse to Johnson and Johnson baby products though. I don't even know if I should use baby powder! Eeek! I'm so not organzied now!

Well back off to organizing the baby/birthing room.
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Shyly, we have used and loved California Baby Super Sensitive baby wash since dd and ds were newborns. It is so pure and gentle, fragrance/dye free, etc. I also use this as their shampoo.
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Shyly, we have a 3 month rule around here - no soaps, shampoos, or lotions for 3 months. My family has really bad skin and I like by babies to adjust to all of the chemicals and stuff around them before I put anything on their skin. Water cleans them just fine. When I do start I like the California baby stuff and Dr. Bonner's has a baby soap.
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No soaps for a bit here either. When we do we use California baby or Burt's Bee. I love the buttermilk lotion!

Lousli- I know that you aren't debating we just have different opinions. It is absolutely cool to disagree with me. I just wanted Elaina to know my opinion and that I have also BTDT. It is ultimately up to her and that is why I had to put in my experience and thoughts so that she has information from both sides. No harm, no foul though.
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Monica: Babies really don't need much. Can't think of anything that is absolutly necessary. Some type of baby soap. We didn't use powder on Chloe... didn't want her to breath it in and didn't feel like she needed it. I'm sure that you will get lots of great advice here. Maybe I'll pick up some that I haven't thought of. It has been 2 years since I've had a little baby in the house

Oh, something I was thinking about the other day while I was getting my bag ready for the hospital (well, half way ready anyway). It's a great idea to wear a dress to the hospital. It makes it so much easier when you get there and don't have to get out of pants or if you don't make it to the hospital, etc. My sister suggested it last PG. Really glad that she did as I went so fast after getting to the hospital and was already fully dialated when i got there.

I put together a makeshift emergency birth kit for the car. I labored really fast with Chloe so I want to be prepared.

couple blankets
Lots of towels
bulb syring
hand sanitizer
couple bowls

Can you think of anything else. We don't need to cut the cord so no need for stuff like that.

I better go for now . Take care.

Love, Tricia
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Having a tough day. I heard back from my HMO midwife about the ultrasound and I have polyhydramnios (The top level on the fluid is supposed to be 22 and mine is 27.5). It was normal at my last ultrasound at 18 weeks, so it is late onset, which is good news for the baby. That and there is a size discrepancy between head size (75th percentile) and abdomen size (>95th percentile) that is a signal for possible shoulder dystocia. Ugh. And the ultrasound estimate on weight is 7lbs 7oz. Which both midwives actually think is a low estimate.

So I am stressed and slightly upset that I gave in to the ultrasound. And GD keeps coming up even though I test almost every freaking day and my levels have NEVER come back high. Grrrrrrrr.

And my 4yo is SERIOUSLY pushing my buttons today. He has disassembled one of the drawers under his train table and taken all of the pieces from his toddler bed out of his closet and they are all scattered throughout his room. And his is right now literally hanging on me playing his kazoo as loudly as he can in my ear and I am just getting more and more aggravated and the stress isn't helping me in my patience in dealing with him.

And I have (TMI alert) some tummy gurgly stuff and loose stools. I would love for this to be labor coming on in the next day or two. Love it. Then the pregnancy drama will be over and we can move on to new baby drama. Maybe my cleaning and baking (for freezing for Purim and the bris) burst yesterday was some sort of hidden nesting (I didn't feel compelled to do it so much as I forced myself to get off my butt and do it.)

And yet I'm only 36 1/2 weeks. But if I go to 40, I believe I will be risked out of homebirth AND midwife birth at my HMO. My HMO midwife implied that herself today. And my homebirth midwife (who used to work with my HMO midwife when HMO midwife was a homebirth midwife) seems concerned enough to try to get a copy of the ultrasound and have a conference with the HMO midwife. And asked me to try to get some info from DS's midwife as history.

No personals today. I'm just too freaking stressed.
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Originally Posted by earthmama007
No soaps for a bit here either. When we do we use California baby or Burt's Bee. I love the buttermilk lotion!
*NOD NOD* That buttermilk lotion feels and smells divine! I use it on my son after each bath and mmmmmm I could eat him up Love that BB's!

Just got back from my almost 37 week appointment. It feels good to finally be on the 1 week schedule. I had the GBS swab test done today. Hopefully I'll hear the results soon. I hope I don't have it. She mentioned induction today for the first time. She is thinking of doing it a week early. I kept my mouth shut. I'm on the fence still, but I think a week early is too early and she'll be cool with me waiting if I choose to do that too. I am measuring about 41 weeks though...eeek! I'm totally playing this by ear. BP was normal but I gained quite a bit of weight in the last 2 weeks Guess I'm eating too many goodies lately : I really don't like the last month of pregnancy
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Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted the last couple of days - I've been reading just haven't posted because I have a HORID cold and am so miserable. I'm hoping I don't go into labor until I feel better because I don't think I could deal with labor and a cold at the same time! If you told me a couple days ago I'd be trying to avoid labor I would have laughed at you! Hehehe.

Peri - hope you have managed to avoid getting DH's cold. Me and you always seem to be on the same schedule lately so I'm hoping that won't be true for the sickness thing too : (bag to keep the germs away from you).

Sending labor dust away from me and towards the rest of you!!!!

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Hey everyone,

Woolfairy and others who are suffering and stressed (Zandersmom, Kitty, others...) Hugs to you!

Joy, glad you're making progress...soon!

Tricia, I would pack some clean white shoe-laces and blunt tipped scissors just in case. I know you're probably not going to deal with the cord, but if it's around the neck or something, you might need to tie it off and cut it. That's what was recommended on the "emergency childbirth" handout our midwife gave us. I'll go find it and let you know if it recommends anything else. Oh, and maybe some bottled water? Don't know why I thought of that, but it seemed important??

Ds is in the bathtub!!! You'd think he's won the lottery. He's all smiles ear to ear, swim goggles on, suds everywhere. Hallelujah! I'm so excited this project is (almost) done!

Shyly, I love Burt's Bees baby products, they smell so good, but they do have a really strong fragrance! We used unscented baby wash we got at the health food store and calendula gel around the diaper area if it needed it, plus rubbing alcohol to clean the cord area. That was it. One thing we tried to avoid was products with petroleum (we avoid them in general) and there is a product called "unpetroleum jelly" which is kind of cool for moisturizing.

If anyone is looking for an interesting commemorative baby thing (or anniversary/wedding,etc.) go to www.ponybarnceramics.com Sam is a friend of mine and her hand-made tiles are incredible. We give them as wedding gifts a lot. Just thought I'd share!

Have a good night everyone. xo susan
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We use corn starch instead of baby powder. It works pretty well, is cheap, and easy to get. Plus, if baby swallows a little (somehow??) it is a digestible food product.
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okay... so I have really been wondering this these days...
Why do we use powder on a baby?
Why do babies need oiling (i asked my husband this, and with a perfectly straight face, he said so they fry up right - MEN)
Do i really need anythning other than a very mild soap on dirty parts?
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We always use Goldenseal Powder on the cord stump. It is great for cuts too. But be careful because it stings quite a bit so not a good idea for little ones owies.

threeforme2005- I hope you feel better soon!

HelloKitty- feel better soon, colds really stink!
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Hi! I don't post much but I lurk and I'm on the main list so I thought I'd let you all know that I had my baby. She was born yesterday morning at 7:51am. It was a UC and it went perfectly. Her name is Irina Zoey. Here is a link to my birth story if you are interested.

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What a wonderful story! Isn't it cool when your body does all the work. I was so amazed that I literally did no work pushing with my last. Congratulations and welcome baby Irina!
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Congratulations and welcome to the world Irina! I LOVE that name. We had our daughter's name narrowed down to Irina or Hazel, and went with Hazel because we know someone IRL named Irina and thought it might be weird for our daughter and our friend to share a name. Can't wait to read the birth story!
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Stephanie: What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it with us. She is so beautiful! Congratulations and Welcome little Irina Zoey!

I just got up to take some tylenol because my tailbone is killing me. I was also having weird contractions that have gone away since I've gotten up. I think I was having big BH combined with gas pains (sharp stabbing pains low belly) We did have Red beans and rice for dinner I don't think I'm anywhere close to giving birth yet. Also, I've given Sofia a talking to about staying in until after my Mom and best friend come in on the 16th. I don't expect anything until at least my due date 25th. Chloe was a day and a half late so I expect I'll go around my due date with this little girl also.

I got both of my bathrooms spotless clean today, made a couple pillows for my bed that match the curtains that I just finished and this evening I have turned into a giant pain! I just felt grouchy and achey.

Tug: About the feeling of incredible loneliness when you left your little one for the first time to get the mail. I totally know what you mean. When I had Chloe I wasn't prepared for that feeling and that I would be soooo protective of her. I didn't want any of my friends to hold her and when they did I was shoulder to shoulder with them and feeling my bloodpressure rise almost like panic. I was working 2 and a half days a weeks at a GYN clinic at the time and knew that I would be going back to work at 7 weeks pp. I cried so much for weeks leading up to going back to work. My best friend watched her while I was at work, but it was aweful to leave her. I felt like I was leaving my right arm behind. I cried all the time even in front of patients. This went on for weeks.... drop her off...cry all the way to work... see her at lunch to nurse... cry all the way back to work... and pick her up at the end of the day. I tried to tell myself that it would get easier and that at least I didn't have a full time job, but it didn't get easier and I was leaking almost everyday going to see her at lunch. (I was a big time leaker for 7-8 months) A month or two after I went back to work, my best friend found out that her DH got orders to move to Ohio and they would be leaving in August. There was no doubt about it that I would have to quit work ( I didn't feel comfortable with anyone else watching her) Suddenly there was a weight lifted being that there was an end in sight. I quit my job when Chloe was 7 months old and have been a SAHM ever since. The best career move I've ever made! Anyway, just wanted to share that story.

I should probably try to go back to sleep. All my projects are done pretty much and the house is clean so I don't have anything productive to do.

Take care!

Love, Tricia
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