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February Pantry Challenge...

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Here's a link to the January pantry Challenge:

How do we feel about doing this again? Do you think we still need a dedicated thread or can most of our discussions and questions just go into this forum?

I'm up for it either way. LMK what you think...
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I was really hoping we would start a February Pantry Challenge thread. I was so inspired by the last one, and I loved being able to ask, "Hey, what do I do with this ingredient?" I even liked just reading what everyone had to eat each day.
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I would love to do this again. Last month was so inspring. We do need to get a bunch of things at the store, but I'm just going to get basics (sugar, bread, meat, dairy, produce, etc) and try to keep using up all that stuff we still have.
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I think we should keep a pantry challenge thread. It is fun and helpful to read what others are making and it is a good central place to get ideas to use all those odd items.
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I'm in! I only caught the tail end of last month's! Can someone tell me how to make cobbler with frozen fruit and oatmeal or flour????
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Originally Posted by leomom
I'm in! I only caught the tail end of last month's! Can someone tell me how to make cobbler with frozen fruit and oatmeal or flour????
I guess put the fruit in the bottom of a baking dish and either drop spoonfuls of a basic biscut dough made from the flour or make a crumb topping out of oatmeal, butter, conimon, and brown sugar and bake till brown at 350
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so today for lunch we had eggs -- dh's poached as a sandwich w/ cheese, mine scrambled w/ cheese & cooked in the micro. supper is cheesy rice & tomatoes w/ leftover strawberry shortcake for dessert. these are both super easy meals for days like today when dd is fussy.

i've got a list going for shopping on friday when dh gets paid. we put a whiteboard (that was hanging around unused) up in the kitchen. as i run out or get low of something i put it on the list. toiletries & household items go on too.
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Count me in!

I'm in- I loved the last challenge.

But, I am looking to do a Pantry lifestyle. I need to make this a habit.

So I am trying to come up with some sort of way of doing this. A couple things I have learned from the Jan challenge was- we ate out less, we did take out never, We double batched cooked.

The double batching was the life saver. Even today we flew in today from our out of town trip to FL. On the way back from the airport at 11am, I remembered chili in the freezer. We boiled some elbow macs and had chili for lunch- yummy.

So now, I am doing double batch cooking for a few weeks and that should help with half of the meals at the end of the month. We also lived out of the freezer a lot and that also is so much easier.
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What exactly is a pantry challenge?
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Originally Posted by Messac888
What exactly is a pantry challenge?
Read this: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...1&page=1&pp=20

Hey...anyone have some healthy recipes for/using sweet potatoes?
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This is what JaneRose started last month and congrats to her on putting together a great bond created by this challenge- I hope it repeats itself.
She wrote:

"First for anyone who isn't involved in the frugal mamas thread let me explain exactly what a pantry challenge is. Basically we're commiting to eating out of what's already in our pantry for the next month. Some of us are doing it because money is tight, others because they want to finally find creative ways to use up what they have.

Trips to the store for bread, milk, eggs, and fresh produce are ok, but should be kept to a minimum. Before we head to the store we should ask ourselves, "Is there *any* way I can make this myself or make due without it?" Examples of this would be making your own bread, use up dry milk, or substitute a heaping tablespon of soy flour and a tablespoon of water for an egg when baking. You get the idea.

Anyway, now that's out of the way, how is everyone doing so far? What do you think the hardest part of doing this will be? What things do you anticipate *really* needing to go get at the store? Does anyone want to share what they're making today for dinner? Pass a little inspiration on to the rest of us? "

So there you have- I think the rules are the same. But if you are like some of us, you lived out the pantry and now are rebuilding and reincorporating what you learned last month and now its not a challenge but a habit.
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I think this is a great idea. I love a challenge. I will be planting a garden soon for spring and I will have a bunch of veggies and few ideas. I will keep up with this thread to get ideas.
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OOH! I wanna play!! Can most of the things that y'all make or reccomend be made in 1 or 2 person batches? DH and DD are VERY VERY picky eaters and won't even try new things. But I'm tired of pasta, pizza, and chicken nuggets. One of my resolutions this year is to start cooking!! (At least for me and DS. DH and DD can keep their boring food )
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I anticipate having trouble finding creative ways to satisfy my sweet tooth once the chocolate and ice cream runs out!!! :LOL
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Hey ladies. I'm in again. I'll add a link to our old thread so people know where to find the new one.
I've got to go shopping tommorow as we are our of basics. I'm hitting the farmers market first and then the grocery store, hoping to save a bit of money that way.
Planning on taking some vegetable soup and cheese rolls out of the freezer for lunch tommorow.
Does anyone know how to make oatmeal (steel cut or otherwise) in the cp?
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Speaking of farmers' market, can someone give me some tips for saving money there? Anytime I go, I spend a bundle- way more than i would the grocery store!!
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Originally Posted by leomom
I anticipate having trouble finding creative ways to satisfy my sweet tooth once the chocolate and ice cream runs out!!! :LOL

next trip to the store buy some cocoa & other baking staples if you don't already have them on hand. i've started making almost all our sweets from scratch. at least that way you know what's in them (ie: no hydrogenated oils, preservatives, etc).
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Inspire me...

Anyone have a recipe that uses turkey burger? I got some cause I'm trying to transition us off beef, but honestly neither of us care for the taste of it on it's own. So burgers, meatloaf, and stuff like that is out. The only thing I could come up with is goulash.

I've got most of the staples - most types of canned tomatoes, sauce, bunch of canned beans.

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Hmmm, I went shopping in our freezer this morning and found a hidden container of gorgonzola tomato sauce that's a year old. Yesss! Will have a little taste of summer tonight. A little pantry searching goes a long way...
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A pantry challenge! I like it and I'm in...although I did just go to the store yesterday (becausemy pantry was nearly bare. Maybe I did my own version last month? :LOL) so maybe in my head I'll be doing a two-month challenge.

Now, heres my first challenge...like I said, I went to the store yesterday and when I got home to put things away, my freezer was nearly bursting. In my freezer I have a bag of Frozen strawberries that I have never used. I almost threw them away! : I just don't know what to do with the things! No clue. The only thing that I can think of is a smoothy. But don't I need ice to make a smoothy? Never have it, no room in the freezer.

Anyway, TIA!
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