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MommytoMJM, I think Under the hill would be hilarious if you did it up like the Prancing Pony since "Underhill" was the name Frodo was using while they were there.
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Woohoo! I made it.

I'm here!
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Ok, y'all.....some one pic a topic and let's get talking!!!! I wanna make this a fun big LOTR party thread.....
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Kinda cliched, but how about favorites?

In the book, my favorite character is Sam - steadfast, and when it came down to it, he was the linchpin, Frodo would not have made it to the Cracks of Doom without Sam, and the brave deeds of others would have been for naught.

Some favorite scenes from the movies (it would be impossible to choose just one) - the look on Gandalf's face when he hears Frodo say, at the Council of Elrond, "I will take it. I will take the ring." That scene should have won Ian McKellen awards. I also love the scene with he and Pippin, in Minas Tirith, when the orcs are about to break through the gate, Pippin thinks he's going to die, and Gandalf's bit about "death is just another path, one that we all must take." The lighting of the beacons. When Aragorn says to the hobbits, at his coronation, "You bow to no one," and the whole crowd bows to the hobbits. Sam saying, after returning home from the Grey Havens, "Well, I'm back." And I love that they had Sean Astin's real daughter play Sam's little girl.

I love the idea of an "Under the Hill" party, sounds like fun.
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This is the first tribe I have ever joined. I don't know if I'm quite as geeky as some, but my DH is right up there. LOTR is in a constant state of being reread at our house. DH has read it at least 65 times, no exaggeration.

I am an English teacher, and taught LOTR to my AP students several years ago. Our school has a reading campaign, where teachers and students pose for posters with their favorite book, and then they have a quote underneath their pic. (Very much like the celebrity reading posters you see in libraries.) I am holding LOTR and my quote is, "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."
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Ok, I have to do my faves a bit later because I am getting ready to go out, but can I just say that reading the scenes you put down made me cry, how pathetic and geeky is that?!?!?!? Sigh.... Oh and just got the Making of LOTR from the library, now alll I need is some time to read it!

ETA: I will also post some fan fiction sites and LOTR music people have done too...
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Fave characters:

1) Pippin - he's funny, clutzy and I love the way that his character develops through the books.
2) Boromir - to me, he's always epitomized the best and worst that humanity is capable of.

Say have any of you got this tune in your head when you read this thread?

I just posted the lyrics, but you really gotta download the tune to get the full effect. Especially Gollum's beatboxing...

Elf booty got soul...
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Ahhh, I'm home.

My favorite scene from the movie: the Ride of the Rohirrim. Everytime they start to cheer "Death" I just get tears in my eyes.

I read the books all the time. I love them! Luckily my oldest dd is as much as a geek as I am. We have an ongoing thing; whenever possible, we quote the book or movie. Like whenever something goes well, we shout "Victory! We have victory!" Or the other day, my oldest had a test, and she said something about being scared of it, and I said "Courage, Lidia, courage for our friends." and she just busted up. No one else in our family understands us. That's okay, we know how awesome it is....

I agree that the movies were well done. When I first watched them, I had some problems with certain changes that were made. But then when I watched the extra dvds, all was forgiven. I was amazed at how much love and respect they had for the books, and I really appreciated all the hard work.

Gotta go, making supper, but man, am I glad I found this place!!

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Moved to books and media.
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Originally Posted by cathe
Moved to books and media.
Why? I don't understand this tribe forum, everytime someone starts something in here it gets moved!
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I don't know why it got moved......sigh. Oh well, at least it didn't get deleted. We've been busy with MJ's birthday and stuff this weekend, as soon as we do the last thing on Tuesday I will have some time to come in here and post my faves....until then, continue the discussion!
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I'm in.

I saw the movies with my family and was left so confused I had to read the books. My boys and I read "The Hobbit" first, they loved it, clung to every word (don't you love when you can see your kids visualizing it as you read to them?).

Haven't made it to the rest yet.
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Tribes that are appropriate for an existing forum go in that forum. Tribes that don't have any forum that fits, go in FYT.

for a more complete explantaion - go to this thread at the top of FYT: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=168763

This is the relavant part:

"Though Finding Your Tribe was originally opened to help parents find each other based on their location we have welcomed tribe threads for parents of a like-minded path to meet and chit chat with one another. However, such threads should not take a focus of discussion for a topic that is hosted in an existing forum at MDC.

A natural course of chit chat discussion might carry you into discussing your daily lives and sharing events and struggles. But focused discussion of a parenting topic, a breastfeeding issue or problem, an activist or political issue, a religious concern or belief, just tpo name a few, should go to the appropriate forum for discussion with the larger MDC community. If you have any question in this regard feel free to check with the moderators before posting. Should you post or thread not be appropriate for FYT on this basis it may be moved to the appropriate forum.

Best wishes in Finding Your Tribe!
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I'm here, too! I fell in LOVE with the movies, and am attempting to read the books. They are a bit harder than I was anticipating. I am going to attempt reading The Hobbit with my 8.5yo son. Maybe it is easier aloud. Who knows.

My fav part of the movies is:

1) Any part with Aragorn.

2) The scene in the ROTK EE when Aragorn sees the ships coming into Gondor, and he just falls to his knees and rests his head on Legolas.

3) In the theater, the lighting of the beacons. It isn't as impressive on the small TV screen, but in the theater I was just awe-struck.

I am half-way through the TT book and am amazed at how DIFFERENT the book is from the movie. I mean, half of the Two Towers is in the ROTK movie! Weird. Lots more fighting in the movies, too.

I'm so excited to talk about this!
(BTW: I am happy this moved to the Books forum. I don't read many other forums, so I would have never known it was there!)
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By the way, for fellow geeks, AKA Ringers, January 3 is the birthday of Tolkien; that is when we start rereading our books every year, in his honor.

Okay, I haven't been censored or kicked off any boards for fight re; the balrogs and his wings (or lack thereof), but I still honor Tolkien's birthday every year. So there. (Maybe the first topic of discussion is who among us is the geekiest?)

If you do some online searches, there are some great articles on some of the literary sites that are just amazing. People have actually done their Master's theses of subjects like "The origins of Tom Bombadill" Was he a Maiar? Really cool, obscure, completely trivial and totally interesting stuff.

DH and I recently got into an argument about naming a baby. As in, if I would every become pregnant again, if it were a boy, I'd want to name it Samwise; a girl, Eowyn. Dh was totally upset about it (Sam is fine, but anything else is just plain stupid. You can't name a child Eowyn!). I told him that I was ultimately the one who filled out the birth certificate, and I could tell him one thing and put down something else if I wanted to. We bickered about this off and on for days. The kids, who were really the ones who started this conversation, were totally into the disagreement, siding with me and brining it up at every possible moment. It had the potential to get quite ugly.

Okay, the really stupid thing is that I have had a tubal ligation; I'm unable to have any more babies. We would laugh about it "Haha, silly argument, since we aren't having any more anyway" adn then later dh would say something like "You really wouldn't change the birth certificate without my knowledge, would you?"

Crazy stuff, this Tolkien fanaticism that we have going!

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Just had to tell someone who would appreciate it.....I am gonna watch some of ROTK's Book to Movie DVD features.....

Does anyone like LOTR fan fiction? look here www.fanfiction.net

I got the neatest book at the library, it is short essays by Fantasy and Sci Fi writiers, it is called.... Meditations on Middle Earth
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I've read fanfic by one person (thanks for the rec kimbalicious!) and it was Harry Potter and it was so good I get confused when I re-read HP or see the movies, because it doesn't follow her storyline. Ah, well.

So, ok, enlighten me. The king of Gondor. Is he like the king of Middle Earth men, or just Gondor? Is he more kingly then the king of Rohan? What is the deal? And I was watching the cast commentary on ROTKEE and someone mentioned Osgiliath being the capital of Gondor.

My fave characters change all the time. I'd rather have fave chars from the book than the movie, but I've only read them once. D'oh!
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I've been meaning to add in...

We named DS Samuel Wise and just love his name! We love the quality of wisdom too, but love the play on Samwise since we are big fans as well.

Don't think we are following suit with this next baby, but you never know....Hmmm
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Favourite book characters are definitely Faramir and Pippin.

I read it every year and I cry at the end, every time. Dh doesn't understand why I cry since I know what is going to happen... he just doesn't understand (and he has never read them )
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I wanna join ya'all!!

I don't have much to add at this point cuz i have a super sick kid to attend to, but my favorite of the books is the Hobbit.

And I would gladly leave dh for Viggo (so bad, I know...)
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