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I had a hunch this survey was generated by one of the formula makers. I answered it anyway. I probably confirmed what they already knew, based on what I've read about the breastfeeding demographic.

The hospital where I've delivered all three babies offered the Similac-produced diaper bag and samples the first two times, but not the most recent time in 9/2004. They've obviously had a policy change and good for them. I doubt my survey response will undermine that.

I did receive boxes of formula and very generous coupons at my house. My husband laughed every time we brought them in. I tried to give them to Birthright, but they can't take food, so I gave them to the local food bank instead. I hope I saved some money for a mom somewhere.
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I am amazed that people get whole actual cases on their doorstep. I remember getting a can in the mail.

When I got home from the hospital after having DS there was a case of Enfamil on my doorstep. With DD they were a little late. It arrived 3-4 days later.
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I know this was back in 2005, but I just saw this. I wanted to fill a survey from the opinion network online n I came into this site . Well I filled part of it out, just not the more personsl ?`s out. I stated on the top of paper that I formula fed my baby for about two wks. He was born july 19 I beastfed him thru Sept. 17 after for about two weeks I gave him Enfemil gentle ease. My grandfather I found it a little difficult to breastfeed n I had ran out of stored breastmilk, diff. to bf because of funeral services n it became easier for that time to formula feed. He`s been constantly constipated. We`ve been to the Dr. a handgun of times. Prune juice n supositories have helped:(
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Hello and welcome to Mothering.com.  You might want to check out the Life with a Babe forum: http://www.mothering.com/community/f/32/life-with-a-baby  And, of course, feel free to look around. :)

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i answered nd also won 50$ for my survey....every hospital sends out the survey to every mother. no matter breastfeeding or not, they just try to make sure  the hospital gave u what their suppose to.

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I certainly agree that no formula company should be allowed to attempt to undermine breastfeeding or blackmail hospitals into offering whatever is not absolutely the best thing for our children, however, please remember that for some of us, breastfeeding exclusively or at all is not an option.  Unless you believe my doctor and my hospital should have allowed my baby to starve to death because I was not fortunate enough for the stars to align perfectly as they did for you and your baby.  It's wonderful that some people are able to breastfeed exclusively.  For the rest of us, I appreciate good, medical advice about what to supplement with.  Breastfeeding nazis should not be allowed to bully new moms and hospitals any more than formula companies.  The first few weeks of my baby's life were agony as we tried to work together to come up with the best feeding plan for him, and I appreciate that I was given all the options.   

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