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I was just diagnosed today (at 31w4d) with a succenturiate placenta (main part is anterior & the accessory lobe is posterior) with a probable velamentous insertion. The perinatologist used color doppler & looked around for a long time but still wasn't able to fully see the insertion to confirm it is velamentous, but it looks like it occurs in between the lobes; I also recall the tech at my 20wk u/s saying offhand that I had a velamentous insertion. This is all at the very top of my uterus. I am not sure how concerned I should be. I am mostly worried about the potential for a missed vasa previa. I am not sure if that's even a possibility - could there be unprotected vessels hiding down low when everything else is up high? A transvaginal ultrasound was not done, though the doctor definitely looked down by my cervix. Complicating everything, I have a cervical polyp that has caused bleeding throughout the pregnancy. That would make a transvaginal u/s problematic, as it would almost certainly cause bleeding. And now, whenever I have bleeding, it will be hard not to worry that it's a ruptured vessel. 


I am being seen for my regular care at a freestanding birth center, but now I may be risked out to the hospital where the midwives can deliver, and even if I'm not, I am feeling wary of delivering out of the hospital, especially if I can avoid many of the unnecessary interventions but be in the hospital.  

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Originally Posted by JemMace View Post

This is the confirmation I needed - I lost my baby girl at 36+4 (still born) with no explanation from the doctors. I was simply told it was "one of those things" I lost my baby in September 2012 and I'm currently 25weeks pregnant so I'm pretty anxious as you can imagine. I could not bear the thought of the same thing happening again so I'm trying to get answers to avoid this same tragedy happening... After reading about "velamentous cord insertion" the similaries to what I experienced make me believe this is hat happened although that was never confirmed by the hospital (poss to hide the fact they messed up big time by not identifying this with routine scans) I noticed baby was moving quite a lot more than usual, I had pains through the night followed by my plug show the following morning, was told by the hospital to keep an eye on the pains and if anything was to change then ring back, that day I felt normal baby movements and the same pains that following night, in the morning the pains had stopped and I hadn't felt any baby movements, my M/W came to see me and could find a heartbreat and sent me to be hospital where they confirmed they couldn't detect baby's heartbeat. Later that night my waters broke and I went into natural labour, baby was born a healthy weight of 6lb2oz considering she would have been over 3week early. I was then unable to deliver my placenta and had to have this manually removed jus like you - I'm almost 100% this is the condition I must have had. Thankfully I'm having fortnightly scans and colour dopplers are being used but I'm certainly going to be asking more questions since reading these post.
Thanks for all the information shared

Hey JemMace. I also lost my baby girl at 40+2 due to VCI June 18th 2012. I saw that your 25 weeks pregnant again and I was just curious as to how long you waited to get pregnant again. I know every body is different but I long to have a child and feel that love. It took me and my husband 7 years to get pregnant...so hopefully it will happen quickly this time. I'll also be asking more questions next time as I don't think I could bear loosing another child due to something that could have been prevented. Thanks.

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HOME DELIVERIES ARE FOR PIZZA!!! Take it from a NICU nurse that has seen what can happen with home deliveries gone bad.  It's NOT worth the risk and lifelong repercussions for your child!

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starNICURN welcome to Mothering. I suggest you take some time to educate yourself about homebirth. Your post here is entirely inappropriate. If you wish to have a logical and respectful discussion about homebirth please start a thread in the Homebirth forum for that purpose rather than post in this manner to a mother's birth story thread. 

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Hi everyone, I lost my baby girl due to undetected VI Just 9 months. i was not completey happy with the care I was I was given when I went in to the hospital as after telling the mw on the phone I was losing blood and the contractions were strange they still left me in the waiting room for nearly 10 minutes!!! All said and done it was another 50 minutes or so before the doc came to see me then I was rushed to theatre. Lilli was resuscitated but her poor little organs had shut down due to oxygen to her brain. I can't help but think the nurses, docs and mid wife's on that night could have done more for me seeing they knew I was bleeding therefore in my opinion should have had me checked straight away.........a simple check could have saved our angels precious life!!!

Can anyone tell me could this have been picked up on the numerous scans we had while I was carrying Lilli? Also does anyone else agree that I should have been taken straight in?
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I am so sorry for your loss! That must be ao hard!

It sounds like it could have been a vasa previa. VI in and of itself is not necessarily bad unless the VI is right over the cervix (like in placenta previa). They definitely should have gotten you in faster! Again, heartfelt sympathies for your baby and you!
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What a fascinating thread, thanks to all who have posted their stories, wanted to share mine:

I have birth to #2 on 6/28/13. Thought I was having a normal pregnancy as the VCI was undiagnosed. Was induced with pitocin and given magnesium because of preeclampsia. Started at 3 am, AROM after 4 hours, and born at noon. Labor and delivery were actually great. Her heart rate was excellent despite the interventions. She was tiny though, 6 lbs compared to my #1 who was 9 lbs.

Where we ran into trouble was delivering the placenta. The cord just shredded. My midwife was in my uterus up to her elbows pulling out chunks of placenta. Bleeding in total was close to 1.5 L. A bakri balloon was placed in my uterus to stop the hemorrhaging.

I feel we are both lucky to be alive considering everything we went through. She is strong and healthy and I am recovering slowly at home.
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Well I have found my way back to this board after a full decade and what do I find!  A post I replied to in 2003 as a midwifery student.  I have an interesting update.


I ended up having a VCI diagnosed at 17 weeks with my 7th child.  I had bleeding from 4 weeks until 16 weeks, mainly due to a SCH.  Baby originally implanted very close to the tube and the attachment point and placenta migrated away causing the velamentous insert. At that point it measure 2cms from cord to placenta.  All further US to check on placement showed the vessels at the top of the uterus. I had a hospital birth due to insulin dependent diabetes with a very hands off OB.  He did not rupture the membranes, which broke as I was pushing baby out or use and cord traction for the placenta.  Once the placenta was delivered there was a full 6 inches from the cord. 


While a vasa previa is an emergency requiring a C-section, I still feel that a VCI is safe being delivered in a hands-off non-interventive fashion.

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Does anyone know what causes VIC or how likely it is to reoccur? My second child was born quite healthy after a short labor. He was over 10lbs, short cord, VI. I had lots of ultrasounds during my pregnancy because of polyhydramnios and the VI was never detected (I had a birth center water birth). At no point did I have bleeding or any other complications, and I believe the poly was from being rearended by a large truck - it resolved after a few months. 

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My grandson died 12-23-12 from this condition the ultra sound reflect there was a problem 3 times but the OBG never read the report. Should we seek leagal action r just move on. Our son could have lived had the Dr read the report and even the ultra sound that was done on 12-15-12 request that the Dr. send the patient to the hospital asap and nothing was done. The baby died

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nevermind, already posted

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joy.gif thank you for sharing! I really needed to understand this more:o. Sooooo many thanks!:namaste.gif
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