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I want to change DD's name

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When dd#2 was born I only had one boy name picked out. So we had to scramble to come up with her name: Evelyn Rose Gibson. We call her Eve and for sure she is an Eve. I can't change that. Or Gibson. I want to change it to Eve? Gibson. She will be 3 soon, and I'd love to change it for her birthday. BTW how hard will it be to legally change her name?
I am really looking for a middle name to go with Eve, something that reflects our NFL choices, and is unique. Please give me your suggestions!
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Hmm, I don't see anything wrong with keeping her original name and just calling her Eve. I have two friends whose parents started calling their children by their middle names. Whatever you call you child is typically what other people will call her.
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Hmm, I like Evelyn Rose, so I'm no help!!
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My aunt changed her name at the age of seven (this was in 1947, btw). She changed it from Agatha to Olga (pronounce it with a nasal chicago Ahhll-ga) because everyone called her Olga anyway. Getting Eve from Evelyn is not as far a jump, BUT, it sounds important to you.
I LOVE naming (or helping to pick out names for) babies! In terms of NFL names, you could call her Eve Redskins :LOL I am such a nerd!
Really though,
Eve Justice Gibson-- that looks good. Rose is a very earthy and feminine name. What other kinds of Earthy things do you like? Or other languages/heritage that you would like to honor, that's good for middle names too, like if you used the Hebrew word for peace: Eve Shalom. That's a good one. AND since she is almost three Eve will get a say in the matter, right?
Best Wishes!
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I don't think it's too hard to change her name, but I don't have any experience with it either... but, here's a few I like together....

Eve Salene (Salene means something like... revered one?)
Eve Miliani (Hawiian for gentle caress)
Eve Jenibelle (beautiful & bright)
Eve Meredith (happy)

Or keeping with the flower theme:

Eve Jasmine
Eve Blossom
Eve Yasmin

Or earthy...
Eve Tarah or Tara Tierra (terra is earth)
Eve Rosalia
Eve Kylene or Kyleigh

OK, I'm outa thoughts now...
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I changed my name when I was 12. I just switched my middle name for my first. Anyway it really wasn't that hard and if you want to do it, go for it!
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how about

Eve Lucrece

it shouldn't be hard to change it, as long as DH agrees, but there will always be a note on her birth certificate indicating the change (I believe-- could be wrong)
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My bestfriend is named Shea, but her mom named her Shey at birth, but decided to change the spelling when she as a toddler becasue she like Shea better- :LOL

I think if you live Eve, change it- the only thing I thought was Eve Rain or Eve Rose
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I went through a similar situation. We wanted to name our son Jack. But we thought we should name him a more formal name so we named him John Patrick but use the nickname Jack for everyday. (We're into traditional names). Anyway, he is a Jack ALL THE WAY. It just perfectly fits him. We NEVER, NEVER call him John. John is not who he is. And after he was born I was like "What's up with the John thing? What the he$$ was I thinking?" If we wanted to name him something more formal we should have chosen Jackson, you know? Or just kept it Jack. They call his name at the dr's office and we don't respond!!! The nurse will call "John, John, John...." and I'm sitting there looking around for who she's calling....and it's ME! So I wanted to change his name desperately, but I felt awkward announcing this to family - they already think I'm a flake - and then there was the middle name thing...Jack Patrick? It sounds like a leprachaun. So we just kept it. But I really think his name will cause him confusion in the future. I applaud you for stepping out and doing what you feel is right!!!!
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quick warning - the word miliani, as far as I know, means something closer to 'gently fondle' than 'gently caress' - a fine distinction but there is a difference in connotation...
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Well. It doesn't sound like it will be to hard to change her name legally.
DH suggested Eve Peace but since they are both one syllable it doesn't sound right to me. I am a namey person too, I like to put a lot of thought into what my dc will be called all her life. DD #1 is Eden Sunshine, and her name fits her perfectly. When I was pg with DD#2 I was SURE she was a boy. We were going to name him Easton (don't remember the middle name).So with my suprise at having a girl, I was unable to spend the time to find a great girl name. Dh had always liked Eve but I wanted something longer so we went with Evelyn. It just sounds like an old lady to me now.
I like the idea of Eve Rain, but again both are only one syllable.
We don't really have any heritage we follow that we could use as naming inspiration. Thats why I am going with earthy names.
Eve is included in the naming selection, but doesn't show any interest. My older dd OTOH wants to change her name :LOL Sometimes its Angel, now its Jasmine. I humor her by calling her by the other name, but I don't consider legally changing her name. I love the name Eden!
Thanks for listening! and keep those suggestions coming!
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Originally Posted by saphire
DH suggested Eve Peace but since they are both one syllable it doesn't sound right to me. . . . . . . . .
I like the idea of Eve Rain, but again both are only one syllable.
once again, my fave is Eve Shalom (it means peace)
I understand the syllabic issue with Peace and Rain- I agree it sounds too choppy. Do you like River for a middle name? or now I am thinking of Bird names: Starling, Sparrow.

There is a great baby naming website where you can specify beginning and ending letters & the number of syllables you'd like, I think it is at babycenter or ivillage.
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I don't understand changing a child's name. That said, I think it would be nice as Eve Rose. Kind of a feminist ring to it or something.
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Hmmm I don't see much to be gained by changing her name. She's still called Eve.

Rose is beautiful AND very NFL if you ask me... natural beauty, etc. etc.

I vote keep it as is and do something she will actually appreciate/understand for her 3rd birthday instead.
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