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Frequent Night Waking

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My DD is 5 months old and has recently begun waking again at night (every hour and sometimes as often as every 1/2 hour) with colicky symptoms. She seems to be having painful gas. She's exclusively breastfed at this point.

She'll wake up tossing and turning and moaning a bit. Sometimes she'll want to nurse, but she usually doesn't really take in much milk - it seems to be comfort nursing.

We know she's dairy sensitive and I've eliminated all dairy and even processed foods containing dairy and dairy derivitives (casein, whey, milk solids, sodium caseinate, etc).

I suspect there might be another dietary issue at play here. Is an elimination diet the only way to find the culprit? My heart tells me it is, but my head just doesn't want to cut any more foods out of my diet, kwim?

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Ok It is very possible. Many milk sensitive kiddo's are Soy sensitive also. Keep a food diary for a week or 2 and see if you notice anything setting her off.

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