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The UAHBAC Story of Lorelei Michelle

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The Birth Story of
Lorelei Michelle Wilson
January 30, 2005
3:00 am
7lbs 7oz
19 ¼ inches long
13.5-inch head

On January 29th, 2005, I got up at 8:30am to prepare my home for the Blessingway that Zachary’s playgroup moms were throwing me. I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom (even used bleach, which should have told me something was up). Marty made fun of me that we should have parties every weekend, then maybe Matt would get his wish of always having the house really clean. I got everything done, got my shower, and we had the Blessingway.

During the Blessingway, we strung beads for a birth necklace, a “Tibetan” flag runner of affirmations, opened a few gifts and did Rainbow Relaxation with Maggie McCarthy a Hypnobirthing instructor. We ate junk food and some other good stuff and basically bonded as women, mothers, daughters and birthing goddesses.

Around 5:30, I had a few contractions, but nothing serious. I finished making dinner, ate and sat down to watch Troy. I made it through about 30 mins before the contractions got bad enough that I couldn’t allow Zachary to sit on my lap, and I was very distracted, so I sat down at the computer instead. I wandered back and forth from computer to movie, and the contractions were few and far between.

At 9:30, a contraction hit me that brought me to my knees, literally. The cat wouldn’t stay away from me, and I yelled at her, which brought Matt running to me. He told me to go take my bath and relax. I tried, but the bath didn’t make anything a lot better. I think I stayed in there for about 45 minutes and then went to my room. I labored in there a while then took a shower around 11pm. I got back out of the shower and labored on the floor of the bedroom for another 30 minutes then got back in the shower again. When my hot water ran out, I woke Matt to turn on the hot tub for me.

I stayed in the hot tub until about 2:45. Matt stayed with me and talked to me during the whole hot tub time. We started timing contractions at about 2:15am. They didn’t seem to be long enough or close enough together to do any good. I checked my cervix at that time, and thought I was pretty dilated, although I’ve never been able to accurately feel my cervix, so I wasn’t positive. I decided that we needed to get out of the house and down to the hospital that is 40 minutes away. I still needed to pack a bag!

I got out of the tub, had a serious contraction, then headed in to go pee and pack. I sat down on the toilet at about 2:45am and got hit HARD by a contraction. I had Matt check me because I thought I felt the baby’s head. He said he thought it was my bag of water. Then another contraction pushed the baby down more and I was certain that I couldn’t do a 40-minute drive because we wouldn’t make it.

Matt called work to say he wasn’t coming in, and while he was out, my water broke. It was perfectly clear. Matt returned during the next contraction and we could feel the baby’s hair. On the next one, I pushed her out and as her head was born, I stood up and her body just slid out into Matt’s hands. He put her on my chest and called his mom in from the couch where she slept through THE WHOLE THING! Matt also checked the clock – 3:00am exactly.

Matt woke up Zachary and while I nursed the baby (we hadn’t looked at the gender yet), and Zachary and Tonya came in to hang out with me and baby while Matt called my parents to come over. We looked at the gender after Matt called my parents. It’s a GIRL! We were shocked! And we didn’t have a name 100% decided on.

After everyone got here, we called our Midwife who was less than friendly and pretty ticked off. She told us to call 911 and have paramedics come check us out.

The paramedics were AMAZING. Four medics and a sheriff came to the house. The sheriff only hollered congratulations from the front door. The Medics all came in to see us, and check us out. They got info from us and then Ronnie (one of the medics) cut her cord. They were totally prepared.

Maggie and Ronnie transported the baby, Matt and Myself to Florida Hospital Deland where I finally delivered the placenta with the help of Dr. Lorhain (at 7:30am). Our nurses were AMAZING. My first nurse, Lisa, used to be a homebirth Midwife in Florida. Everyone was 100% supportive of what had happened and 100% willing to work with us. The doctor tried to scare us, but everything he said could have happened hadn’t and it was too late to go back and have a surgical birth. So, I just let his words roll off me.

We were given a room to hang out in while we waited for lab results etc and while we waited for Dr. Rhinardson to come check out our daughter. We needed the results of my Group B Strep test as well, so we could all be released.

Our nurses, Debi, Lisa, Desire and Danielle were all VERY nice and very helpful. Lisa came back on shift at the end of the day, and we were released from the hospital at 9pm. We actually left closer to 10 because we had to wait for the wheelchair transport to take Lorelei Michelle and me to the car.

We arrived home at about 10:30, I think, just less than 24 hours after she was born.

We are all healthy and happy. Her birth was amazing.

Zachary loves his little sister and has been sooooo good with her. He’s getting lots of Big Brother attention. No one has left him out and he’s even held his sister and loved on her. He’s amazing. I think they will be great friends.

Lorelei is nursing and pooping and sleeping well. She’s got dark red/brown hair with lots of golden blond underneath. She was VERY alert when she was born. She nursed right away and does a fabulous job.

We are happy!
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Big congratulations and welcome to the world, what a great birth story!!
Way to go Mama!!!
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How wonderful! What a great birthstory - I love it!

Welcome, Lorelei!
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Congratulations!! I'm so happy you had a great VBAC birth!
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great birth story! thanks for sharing it, it sounds like you did a beautiful job!

welcome new one.
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That is an awesome birth! Congratulations!
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amazingly cool.
weird to me that the docs tried to scare you afterwards - it was unplanned, it went great, what's the problem?
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Congratulations ! A birth we could all hope for!
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Absolutely, wonderfully inspiring
Remind me, were you planning HBAC, or planning VBAC at the hospital?
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How wonderful! Congratulations!
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We were planning a hospital VBAC.
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Oh wow! What an amazing story! Totally awe inspiring and exciting! Congratulations Kater!!!!
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Kater, that was absolutely amazing. Congratulations to you all. It was so inspiring, I reallly, really wish that I was having a homebirth now. Dh is pretty against it , and at this stage of the game it is kind of late.
But thanks so much for the awesome story.

XXX Jasmine
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Congrats!! What a wonderful story!!
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Good job, mama!
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Wonderful! I am so happy everything worked out the way it was supposed to.
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Wow, that is a great birthstory!! Amazing!
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