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Roll Call!!!

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I thought it would be nice to know who have allergies in their family.


How old are they??
What kinds of allergies?? and how long have you known?
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I'll start.

Who?? DD2
How old are they??She almost 11mths
What kinds of allergies?? and how long have you known?She allergic to dairy. I'm avoiding eggs also. I stop eating dairy since she was about 2mths and eggs since she was 4mths.

And dd2 is lactose intolerant. She 2 and She hasn't had milk since I knew from her sister.
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I am lactose intollerant and I have found out that gluten gives me eczema (yet I have a hard time totally eliminating it!)

Bean is cannot have gluten or dairy at all without severe responses. She has a very sensitive system so we try to keep it varied. Foods that may not irritate her do irritate her if she has them in too large of volumes or too close together...so we are always dancing the line with which foods are on the good and bad list.
But it is getting better.
Gluten is the main culprit.

Bella appears to be gluten and dairy intollerant as well, although we did not let her go through anywhere near as much time for testing. She had diarrhea and plumited in the growth charts from over the 100% to below the 3%. When we took the gluten and dairy out of her diet the diarrhea stopped and she gained 4lbs within 6 months, putting her up toward a 10% for her age now.

So...gluten and dairy are our main avoidances as well as trying to eat organic non processed foods and pasture fed meats.
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Who?? Me and DD
How old are they?? 35 and almost 4
What kinds of allergies?? Mine are: Sun (really), lamb, anything caustic (peppers, curry, mouthwash, clove oil, cinnamon candies, etc.) Shellfish, mushrooms, multiple meds, various environemntal and pollen, etc..... DD is allergic to corn and anything that contains it in ANY form (believe it or not, her 1 allergy is harder to deal with than my multiple)
and how long have you known? Mine have popped up slowly over the years. Hers I have known about for almost all of her life, but only got validated by a Dr a few weeks ago.
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Who: DS, and DP
How Old: DS is 3 and DP is 27

DS Allergies are: Eggs, Milk, Oranges, Penacillin, and various environmental allergies

DP allergies are: Legumes, Gluten and Penacillin

We have known about most of DS allergies since the first year of life, but the penacillin one was just discovered, and DP has known about his legume, and penacillin allergy all his life but just recentley in the past 3 months discovered his gluten allergy.
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How old are they??
Me (I'm not telling!)
Nitara, 12 mos.

What kinds of allergies?? and how long have you known?

Me, allergic to all kinds of pollens, dust, and molds. I was tested and got shots from age 9 years to about 28 years old.

Nitara, who we think has some allergies based on bad mouth rashes she gets after eating certain things, and GI problems. There's something going on with dairy but not sure if it's an allergy or something else. Nitara also has severe reflux and is fed via g-tube.
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mommytomjm, we were off corn for most of the past year, and you are right...it is in EVERYTHING!
It is insanely difficult if not nearly impossible to cut out unless you are growing your own food or have a good farmers market nearby!

I feel your pain and hope she may outgrow some of it...hopeful but probably not likely!
Luckily, corn does nto seem to irritate bean too much (we just reintroduced it so knock on wood that that holds true!)
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Who: DD, 20 months old
Allergies: discovered milk allergy at 2 months. The rest keep showing up, but here's the list: severe known reaction: milk, eggs, banana, avocado, scented candles (just learned this one!)
suspected and therefore removed: nuts, soy, wheat, corn, citrus
sometimes removed on rotation (still trying to figure it all out): tomatoes, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, plums, apples, bell peppers, potatoes
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Who?? ds2

How old are they?? 2.5 years (our baby, youngest of three)

What kinds of allergies?? His known allergens are: dairy, soy, egg, corn, peanut, treenut, wheat, bananas and avocados and latex, mustard, sesame, coconut, barley, buckwheat, most fruit and veggies. His most severe allergies (known ana) are dairy, banana, avocado and latex. The others have varying degrees of reactions. Some things we're still discovering, mostly via breastmilk. We've recently learned that both capers and cilantro are out.

and how long have you known? We've known for a little over two years. I've been on a strict elimination since that time. He was a very sick little guy.

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Who? Ds

How old are they? 2.5 yrs

What kinds of allergies? Tested for Peanut, Soy, Egg. Suspect Strawberry and Sweet Potato and has a Sensitivity to Dairy. I should note that we are going to a chiropractor who is "fixing" ds and his allergies appear to be gone or greatly diminished.

How long have you known? Suspected Dairy from about 6 months. Tested at 1 yr.
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me and dd

How old are they??
29 and 4

What kinds of allergies?? and how long have you known?

me: gluten, nuts, strawberries, rice, beef and milk (I sneak that on occasion though) I've known about nuts and strawberries for about 10 years and the rest almost 5 years.

dd: its more like what can she eat? her biggie allergies are gluten, beef, milk, soy (we've landed in the hospital more then once for milk/beef/soy ) nuts, cherries, tomatillo's, & seafood. Her reactions are mostly severe GI reactions (LOTS of vomiting leading to dehydration) that cause severe gastritis and ulcerate her stomach within a day They got more aggressive with her treatment about 4 months ago after a severe flare (sitter was giving her McD's french fries and not telling me so she kept getting worse) and things have gotten a lot better, she's eating me out of house and home now! She loves health food to boot and even got her 2 little friends to eat dried apricots tonight Since moving her from Prilosec to Previcid 4 months ago she's grown about 4 inches and gained at least 4 lbs! To top it off she's off her elemental formula now! (still nursing at least 1x day though! ) We found out about most of these in dd first few months of life, no sign of out growing them yet and she's almost 5.
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So glad to have this forum!

My ds, age 5, is allergic/sensitive to dairy & citrus, mold & possibly other inhalents. We are figuring this out on our own (allergy testing showed nothing). His reactions are both physical (hives, rashes, red ears & cheeks) and behavioral (hyperactivity, inattention, defiance, meltdowns). We just started to make the allergy connection about 6 months ago. Since eliminating the dairy & citrus, he is like a new child.

Looking forward to meeting you all.
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Hi! I'm glad to have this forum!

My dd, Mason, has allergies.
She's five.
She is anaphalactic to peanuts and some tree nuts.
We carry an Epi-pen jr. with us everywhere.

We're not sure about Luc, yet. Hopefully, he won't have allergies!

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Who? DD

How old are they? a bit over 5 months old

What kinds of allergies? sensitivity to dairy protein. We suspect there might be another (or more) sensitivity but haven't found the culprit quite yet.

How long have you known? suspected from birth, but finally identified it about 4 weeks after she was born
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Originally Posted by LaLa
mommytomjm, we were off corn for most of the past year, and you are right...it is in EVERYTHING!
It is insanely difficult if not nearly impossible to cut out unless you are growing your own food or have a good farmers market nearby!

I feel your pain and hope she may outgrow some of it...hopeful but probably not likely!
Luckily, corn does nto seem to irritate bean too much (we just reintroduced it so knock on wood that that holds true!)
Wow, it is so nice to meet another person who is doing this...I keep telling DH that we needto eliminate it in case she ever eats, he says he can't live without corn wha????? She has too....sigh I feel like she should at least be able to eat anything in her own house.

As far as outgrowing it, ain't gonna happen, they told me that at 3....and especially since no one listened to me and they kept exposing her to it until 10 weeks ago...we are very lucky it isn't a anaphylactic reaction....yet....Have you found the avoiding corn forum on Delphi?
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Who?? My son and I
How old are they?? 14 months, and 24
What kinds of allergies?? and how long have you known? We both have Celiac's...so all gluten--oats, barley, wheat, rye...
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Corn is a serious pain, isn't it? When we first started this journey, before I knew all the corn derivatives, I thought soy was awful. But corn is in EVERTHING!!

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me 35
ds 6 (dust, dust mites, food dyes...no official testing, my observations)
dd 2 1/2 (Sesame Seeds, Peanuts, Eggs...from official rast test)...there's a bunch of other stuff we avoid for her...tomatoes, beef, dairy, legumes, avacodos. This stuff tested ok, but I don't trust the tests.
I took dairy out of my diet when dd was two weeks old, I'll probably never go back. I have lots of environmental allergies, and probably dairy. We have never had a anaph. reaction, but I do carry an epi pen jr. Sesame seeds are in LOTS of things, and not always listed. We just found out about the sesame seeds and eggs. I rotate wheat/gluten and soy, just to make sure she doesn't start having a problem with it. She still nurses quite a bit, and at times I feel overwhelmed, but it has made our entire family healthier by eating better!
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circlemama, that is good to hear you are eating healthy and feeling good about it!

AllyRae, I wonder if you knew you had celiacs first or did you find out after your child was tested?
We didn't do the biopsy test on bean because of her young age and the invasive nature of it all, but all signs point to Celiacs for her. I doubt we'll ever reintroduce gluten. Like Circlemama, I do feel like we eat MUCH healthier now, though!

Mommy2MJM, we didn't eliminate entirely. My dh is stuck on his gluten and junk. At meals we all eat the same foods, but after the girls go to bed he can eat whatever he wants as well as all day when he is at work etc.
So we have one cupboard for junk (like corn chips for dh

Wendy, it must be hard to always be prepared for an allergic response like that! I can only imagine!
I hope your second will be allergey free

Kari, Hello! nice to meet you and I am wondering how you found out at such a young age?! I wish I would have figured all this out sooner for the girls!

Max, we also went through the "new child" behavior changes! Although bean doesn't react to corn in any other way that we can see, it does change her behavior quite drastically.
I think she is starting to grow out of that, or maybe it is a combination of age and being off the other offending foods, but she has left behind many of the adhd and autistic traits that were there before. A new child indeed!

Satori, that is really exciting!
I'm glad she loves her GOOD FOR HER foods!

Wendy Grace, is that NAET treatments?

Missy and Pilgrim: you two must be experts on the elimination diet. Did you make up your own system of testing or go by a written guide?
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Who? My dd Zoe, and possibly some of my other children
What? She probably has Celiac disease, had positive bloodwork but no biopsy (like Lala, I thought the biopsy was too invasive at her young age).. improvement on GF diet. Cannot eat much citrus, dairy, or chocolate without having diarrhea. Still trying to figure it out. She was also very small for her age and still is at 25 lbs at almost 3 yrs old.
When? Started having diarrhea a few months before turning 2. Lots of bloodwork later, here we are.

I have to say it is very, very nice to have our own forum now. Dealing with the gluten free diet has been hard for our family. I still am dealing with alot of emotions about it, 9 months later. It is nice to have a place to come vent.
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