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Why is my cervix hurting

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It feels like those little baby sharp nails glidding across my cervix! Why is this happening- I still have about 5-6 weeks left!!! I cant be getting ready yet- can I? And my baby dropped on Sat- WONDERFUL....
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this happened to me too. it was awful. It was because the baby is basically running into your cervix. I could feel her turning and wiggling and it hurt like the dickens. But there is nothing dangerous about it.
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Aww sorry mama, but that happened to me too. Long before labor day as well.

Take care!
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Mine has found some nerves that are like lightning through my body when he hits them! : I told my midwife about it and she told me about one baby who rubbed her head for a while before she was born. So her mom could feel those little fingers moving between the baby's head and her cervix. Weird!
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I had that with my first, and it was horrible. It would happen to me while I was teaching, and it would literally take my breath away. But I couldn't very well say to my room of teenagers, "Sorry, just need to sit down, my CERVIX is really hurting."

It's just your cervix softening and dilating and it's normal. But man, that's uncomfortable.
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My baby keeps a hand up by his face and just as I was typing that, he goosed me! He moves his hand around and it makes me jump. The other day, he was moving his hands around like he was washing his hair and it was very uncomfortable on my cervix. It's just one of those sweet little discomforts of pregnancy. I just hope that he moves that hand before labor begins.

On a side note, I was performing a ve on a client in November and her baby's hand was on top of her head. She moved it after I touched it, but it is an amazing feeling to feel those little fingers through an intact bag.
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