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Cheapest DSL?

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We cut costs with $5.95 Dial-up last year- but I'm wanting to go back to DSL. I do things like paying my bills online and research, as well as spending too much time here and my phone is getting tied up.

I heard somehwere (can't remember) people were getting DSL for $25/month. Does anyone have links to that? (Our last was $34.99 a month )
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I just signed up for Sprint DSL and it's $24.95 a month. I'm locked into a one year contract though. :-/
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Thanks for the info. I'll check if Sprint DSL is availbale here- don't mind a one-year contract. BellSouth is an excellent deal for you in the south! $9.95 a month- wow.
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What about cable? We have alltel DSL but we have to pay $20 for the DSL and $20 for the internet access PLUS the regular $45 for our land line. Getting cable internet when our alltel contract ends at the end of this month will give us high speed connection for only $29.99 per month all included. We probably will be dropping our land line and just using cell phones so we'll come out ahead based on the amount of time we spend yapping on the phone.
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I'll look into cable again. Last Spring it was more expensive than the DSL we had- but it's probably come down in price. Thanks for the tip!
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Well, here's the depressing situation: since we have Verizon as a local phone provider, we can only use their DSL at $29.99/month. Cable would be $29.95 for five months- then it goes up to $49.95 a month and on top of that $10 charge each month for not having cable TV with it.

I think my cheapest solution is to get off the computer.
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