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Hi All,
I am about 4 weeks pregnant, just tested 2 days ago. Have been pretty hungry and getting a little tired in the evenings earlier than usual. The interesting thing for me was waking up last night at about 3 am and feeling this amazing euphoric swirling sensation in my entire body, like i was floating around in a warm ocean. It felt magical and beautiful.. has anyone else felt this?
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erthmama: I had a swirly, tingly, wind-like sensation in my womb the day of implantation. I felt that once before, about mid pregnancy with #1, and someone had prayed over my belly for my baby. I felt that same feeling. This time, I believe it was implantation. I felt it in the afternoon, I had implantation bleeding that night, and implantation cramps the following morning. (Not everyone has implantation bleeding, but it has been a feature of all 3 of my pregnancies.

I had a pregnancy dream the morning I woke with the cramps! I was full term, sitting on the toilet at our house. The baby turned over, and full term babies moving like that is a whole belly motion crazy feeling. I called my DH and asked him to come in the bathroom. As he helped me up, I had a humongous contraction. And right then, I woke up to cramping, and was sure AF had arrived. But she never did!
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I have a little nausea, gas, kind of expanding feeling in my uterus. It's strange cause my uterus is tilted which I never sense when I get AF cramps but all my pregnancy symptoms in the beginning are on the left side. I'm also getting a strange feeling I don't remember having before. Best way to describe it is a painful twinge if I roll over too quickly. Anbyone else get this?
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I've been nausious from conception. I'm hungry frequently. Peeing often & crampy both since implantation (I had spotting). uhm sometimes dizzy. Total preggo brain, I have to do counts at close at work (movie theater) and have been counting wrong/adding wrong.

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hi all,

tired, spacey, hungry, sort of nauseous, ear congestion (yes you heard me right. I got this with my dd, too), cranky, spaced out.

fun, huh?

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I have tons of symtoms...but mild

I have slight queasiness...fatigue but that could be due to sick kids and not sleeping although sometimes I just this "weighted down" feeling and I have to lay down...

slight crampies
itchy rash on back of hand(yep, got this last month with chemical preg)
occasional dizziness
emotional...cry at everything...3 times yesterday over little moving things...like the Happy Days show where Ritchie is in a car accident and the Fonz is praying
sore nipples when baby nurses and shooting pains in breasts
fluttering feelings in abdomen
frequent peeing
very very thirsty

Some of you mentioned a swirling feeling..awesome...

I had a feeling of being real close to my child 2 days after I got preggo...I don't think it was implantation but it was really wonderful, it may have actually been fertilization as I am not quite sure of my O date...it may have been 2 days later than ff told me...it felt so peaceful...I was driving and being mindful, not really thinking about ttc and the feeling just came and I welcomed it and it felt really good...

Good luck to all you ladies...

eta...heartburn for past 2 days
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I'm 5 weeks, 4 days today.
My boobs HURT LIKE HELL! And they are getting bigger (score!).
I am hungry ALL THE TIME. And tired all the time. And I pee a LOT.And...my sinuses are totally congested. I'm very nauseous all the time. I also have slight cramping in my abdomen. Oh and the cravings. I dream all day long about McChickens and Battered Fish with Tartar Sauce. It's seriously all I want to eat. Oh yes, and I'm a crier.
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Insomnia! This has just hit tonite/today. It is 4:53 a.m. and I am wide awake. I have tried several times to go to sleep, chamomile tea, etc. I am sipping some Natural Calm magnesium right now to see if that will help. Once I'm done drinking it I will most likely try a warm bath too. My mind is spinning out of control when I lay down to sleep. What is really awful about it is I have a college class to go to at 9am. If I can't get some sleep, I don't know how I'm going to be able to drive myself there and stay awake for a three hour class!

Also tonite, maybe from this lack of sleep, a funny twitch in my eye. Definitely moody, although not as bad as when I was pregnant with ds. Bloated belly for sure. Some indigestion. Forgetfulness. Very slow to respond when someone asks me a question. Nipples hurt a bit when ds nurses. Peeing a lot. Very thirsty. Lower back ache off and on. Sinus irritation and congestion off and on which makes me need to mouth breathe, it gets annoying. And very sensitive....when I asked a question in class last Saturday in class, the professor pointed out the answer and was like "Doh!"a nd laughed at me and so then I was pretty much keeping my head down and holding back tears for a minute or two after that.

Wow, I didn't realize all the symptoms I was having until I though about it
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April, are you using the Mamacalm or just the regular? I noticed while I was at class on Tuesday that the Mamacalm has a boost of folic acid and zinc in it. I was thinking of trying it instead of the normal.

I hope you got some rest last night!
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I haven't heard of the Mamacalm; is it in health food stores? I'll have to check it out.
After I look up a recipe for my son's b-day cake topping, him and I are going to take a nap. I didn't get to sleep until 5:30am! I did actually manage to get to class somehow, and it turns out the professor wasn't feeling well and we ended a little early.
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The mild nausea that comes and goes.
The breast pain when my daughter nurses.
The belly aches and cramps.
I'd say the fatigue, but I can blame that on the rainy dreary weather.
Been craving tuna salad sandwhiches

Actually, I feel REALLY GOOD, which is a surprise, becuase last time I was so hot and miserable aroudn this time. :\
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mild cramps.
lower back ache.
loss of appetite.
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I've been queasy for about 2 weeks. Don't know how many weeks I am yet, but I'm thinking at least 4.

I've been hungrier than usual, and for naughty foods like hotdogs. Nipples are sore, but I'm still nursing.

And, when I teach my aerobics classes, I find myself really really winded. That was a big clue with me before getting my BFP yesterday.
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Today I am having a lot of cramps and feel very, very bloated! My low back also is crampy. Everytime I go to the bathroom I am afraid I have started AF.
I went out to lunch and ran errands with a friend of mine, we where out for like 4 hours and I am so tired. I also think I have a touch of a yeast infection, yuck. Before today I felt OK. Even though I don't like the cramps & I'm afraid I'll MC, I kind of like it because it reminds me that I'm pregnant.

Oh, and crying ... since O I have been crying at lots of little things, but only for like 10 seconds each time, mostly commercials and stuff like that, joy.

:#1 due Oct.29 :
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Ok, I'll go again :

The past two days I have been sooooo hungry. I'll eat a normal size meal and still be completely hungry! I try to wait at least a few hours before eating again. I'm starving today! I've only been awake for four hours and I've already had: an apple, a banana, a piece of toast with peanut butter, a Little Veggie pot pie, an 8oz yogurt, and cranberry juice. I want pizza!!! I never eat fast food or delivery pizza, but that is what I want now! Should I order pizza??? I have already gained some weight, which I am not happy about ( I'm only 5w4d) so I'm trying to be good. Do some of you who are a little farther along still feel hungry always????

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i'm exhuasted and queasy and did i mention exhausted????
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Exhausted and very nauseated (especially all night long), and constipated. Ugh. I am having some breast tenderness too but have so far avoided any real pain when my daughter nurses. I occasionally am feeling some round ligament discomfort, but nothing like what I had with my first pregnancy. Also I'm so weepy!

I love the implantation stories. Mine was pretty profound, too. I had had a very early miscarriage the month before, and then just had this very strong sense of somebody hanging around, not wanting to leave. It was so strong that it really influenced my decision to continue TTC right away. That sense lessened immensely immediately after ovulation, and by implantation was just gone. I think I got a second chance with that little spirit.
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That is a sweet story.
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9 weeks along and:

Extremely hungry
Very sore boobs
Alternating grouchy and teary
Slight occasional cramping

I had 2 weeks of horrible headaches, immediately followed by 2 weeks of awful carsickness feeling... neither of those for 6 whole days now! *crosses fingers* I can deal with the rest.
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