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Greensleeves, love your sig! Do you do Music Together, by any chance?
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Ugh, I got hit hard with symptoms yesterday. Up until then, I have had a little bit of queasiness, slightly sore boobs and of course mood swings. Last night and today I feel like I am going to hurl, I think I would actually feel better if I did. My boobs also hurt so bad, it is the same feeling as when the baby is young and it's time to nurse, they feel so full. It's painful and makes it hard to sleep. I didn't go to bed until 5 am and then woke up at 10 am because I was so hot and uncomfortable Ugh, this sucks. I should have known I wouldn't get away with being pg without puking.
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can eat like a horse
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Well, with ds I never had what you would call true morning sickness. But 3 or 4 days ago I really felt like I was going to throw up. I'm surprised I didn't. The feeling was coming over me when I was eating lunch...it was a chicken curry sandwhich and an avacado. I'm wondering if it was the chicken or the avacado or the combo. I don't know, I had a chicken aversion with ds, so maybe that is returning. I stopped eating and layed down and that queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach went away after about an hour.
I feel tired a lot!
Sore nipples still.

This is a cool one....I felt some movement today. I thought I may have felt it the last day or two, but today I really felt movement for sure. It was low down, and it was a wiggly and fluttery feeling. I have felt it several times today! I knew you could feel the baby earlier in subsequent pregnancies, but wasn't expecting so soon (at 10 weeks)
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I'm 9w2d today.....

*VERY nauseous. Some days it lasts all day. It isn't until about 9 or 10pm that I'm FINALLY getting hungry!
*It's very hard to find something that sounds appetizing.
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weird symptoms!

OK, here are my symptoms (our symptoms?):
--need to be asleep by nine every night
--alternatingly very hungry and repelled by food
--not too much nausea
--scatterbrained BAD
--light abdomenal cramping
--and here's the weird stuff: my abdomen has splotches all over it! They look weird, like I got gentle hickies or something. They appeared at about 8 weeks. Anyone else have this?? There aren't many splotches, and they are large or small. This is our fourth baby, I thought I'd had every weird symptom I was going to have by now. But I was wrong!
--occasional dizziness which doesn't correlate with whether I've eaten or not. It's mild and happens about once or twice a week, then I have to lie down for a few minutes, or even hours. Anyone else?
--need desperately to swim every afternoon or I feel icky, but I suppose that was before pregnancy too!
Good luck surviving the first trimester everyone! By the way, in case it matters to anyone, it has helped my energy level, nausea and whole body tremendously to exercise every day. Even though I'm older now than in my other pregnancies, I actually am having a better first trimester all around because this time I'm in slightly better shape. (But let's be real: I'm still pretty darned far from the Olympics lol lol.) It doesn't affect nausea that much but it does help my energy level hugely.
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End of 6th week and
~~sore nipples (ugh, and to think I only got my boobs back a mere 4 months ago, only to have them sore again...)

Fortunately I'm not sick or anything else, we'll see how it goes!
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I'm 9 weeks and have this awful ligament pain around my uterus. The midwife says its because my uterus is tipped backwards and as it gets heavier it pulls on the ligaments in an odd way. So now i ache and when i sit down it feels like i pulled a muscle for a minute.
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I think I have every symptom in the book...
-Huge, sore boobs
-Constantly hungry (but nauseous, how does that happen?)
-Horrible indigestion
-Tired all of the time
-Constipated (sorry if tmi)
-Occasional dizziness / light-headed
-Mild abdominal twinges / cramps sometimes
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-still puking
-super tired...i can't even walk like, 3 blocks without wanting to nap
-really emotionally needy. i think i might be driving derek CRAZY!!! well no, but i really appreciate how loving and understanding he is.
-sore boobs
-cramping...no, not even cramping. just discomfort. i can feel it stretching (the uterus that is, not the baby!) and it doesn't hurt...it just...i dunno. it's weird.
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