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Hi to the newbies!

Queenie, I so know what you mean on buying clothes! Ds is now in 18-24 months. I swear he's got outfits he's never worn and some he's only worn once or twice. I keep waiting for the growth to slow down. Please let it slow down! It's hard lugging a 24lb. baby around most of the day. It's even hard using the sling!

I'm at my mom's house now, so things are much easier. I still miss dh and can't wait until Monday when he gets home. I think dd is a bit mad that he's been gone this long. She strongly refused to talk to him on the phone today! :LOL

I'm going to have to go read that announcement on the sex stuff.....
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I don't know who the sex stuff might have been bothering- but I feel that way about threads on CIO and all kinds of stuff. If you're not interested, don't read it.

Rowan is really into standing and even getting at stuff while doing so. I do NOT want an eight- or nine-month walker, but there are some 7 month walkers in dh's family.
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I gave Roland a haircut! Here's the story.

Mmmmmm! Homemade applesauce! She prefers to feed herself (she's only ingesting microscopic amounts of food so far)

Is anyone else having issues with hair? My post-partum hair loss must've stopped a month or so ago, because the top of my head is covered in 1 inch long hairs that stick straight up! I suppose I should just be happy that its filling back in

Monkey Boy We've since rearranged the bedroom, so he can't do that anymore, for obvious reasons.
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Mummoth - OMG! Her skin looks soooo much better!
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Mummoth-- her skin does look a lot better. And poor Roland! :LOL "I don't want to look like Dr. Phil!" Me niether! :LOL (BeanBean, as I'm reading: "What are you laughing at, mamma? What's so funny?" :LOL)

QoC-- he's seriously popping out of babyGap 12-18s? They run huge! BeanBean is *still* wearing his babyGap 12-18s. Amazing! I'm totally fascinated by the range of sizes babies come in, and how their growth patterns differ from one another. Miss BooBah has disproportionally short legs; her inseam is, easily and comfortably, a 3m size but her shoulder-to-crotch length in her giant diapers is a solid 6-9m. Her 6-9 pants look silly, though, the legs are way too long. :LOL Oh, and now she only has three "small" diapers she can wear, and only one small cover, which will be getting mailed to my SIL next week. All the rest are mediums . This is fantabulous, as fully 75% of my stash is mediums (BeanBean wore them from the time we started cd'ing until.. well, now, when he only wears diapers for long car trips and places he'll be very distracted).

When we get our tax refund, I may go clearance shopping at babyGap again, just to see what's left. I bought the snowsuit which BooBah is wearing now for $10 there last year (beautiful, down-filled, and super cozy). In fact, I've never bought anything full price in babyGap, it's just way the heck out of my budget, but their clearance prices can be really really good (I got BeanBean a pajama shirt for $.97 he's wearing it right now), and the stuff lasts forever and still looks beautiful even after a very active child (or three) has run around in them. In fact, I've got some babyGap clothing which belonged to my nieces, and a lot of it still looks new and could have been from last season if you didn't know any better.

I've actually found that the things I buy on clearance tend to be cheaper than garage sales, for better quality new stuff. Of course, you have to be willing to rummage through all the clearance racks, but I'm more than willing; the prospect of scoring a great deal is just too much for me to pass up! :LOL
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Hello to all the new mamas!!! Welcome! It is nice to meet you all. I have a few pictures in my sig line as well.

Ugh, we're sick!!! Landen has his first cold, and I have one right along with him. My head HURTS!!!! I am paranoid about RSV, and several of my other kids are sick too.

I haven't read the "Sex Talk" message. Whateva.....

Okay, I can't concentrate, and Landen needs mama time. Guess we're just going to sit and nurse tonight....
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Okay, let's see if I can remember everything...

First of all, to Kia! Glad to have you join us. I don't know how you are functioning with a sleep pattern like that. You are one strong mama!

CIO-Not that we are talking about that, but anyway, my IL's tell me that dh's sister easily got over stimulated. They finally learned that they had to lay her down and let her cry for a little while before she could sleep. They said it was heartbreaking, they wanted so badly to hold her but every time they did, it made it worse. Once they learned that she needed her own space while going to sleep, they didn't have to wait until she was at wailing point to give that to her. It isn't unreasonable to believe that, just like adult humans, babies have personality tendencies that don't always jive with the norm, even when the norm is ap!

Mum-That story is so funny! I totally would have laughed too-in fact, I was it was just so easy to replace Roland with Tain and have the exact same behavior. I know you have talked about your hair, but whoa! I didn't realize it was that extreme! My hair loss was never that bad. In fact, I don't think my hair falls out more than is normally expected, I just haven't had long hair for about 6 years so it's hard to remember. And it is getting so easy to see how truly beautiful Caitlin is now that the eye isn't drawn to painful looking eczema.

(Ro must have gotten bored sitting on the floor by me b/c he just scooted himself out the door, through the hall to the room next door where he is happily playing-it's the playroom so I am not worried. He'll also go play in the bathroom when I'm on MDC and he's bored)

Clothing-Tain steadily grew until he was walking. I haven't heard the 6 mo thing, but I did hear that once they are more mobile, they won't grow so fast. And that pretty much held true. Well, at least in comparison. He still needs new shoes every 3 months and we always have to buy him new clothes around the middle of each season i.e. one set of summer clothes never fits for the whole summer. But that is better than buying clothing every month! Once I realized he was going to be a fast grower, I stopped buying new, nice clothes. I bought nice consignment clothing or cheap new clothing (I only shop the gap clearance too! Our local one isn't great (if you are a boy) but if you keep up with the website, you get awesome clearance clothing for cheap!). When they aren't wearing it long enough to wear it out, it doesn't matter that much if the quality isn't super great. I didn't worry about being able to pass things down, not only did I not know if I'd have the same sex child the next time, but you never know what time of year they will be born or how they will grow. I don't feel that bad about not having all of Tain's clothing. Tain was a spring baby and Ro was summer so there is overlap, but not much of one, especially since Ro is smaller than Tain was.

(he wants rescued now, but he made it back to the hall)
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I'd put pics in my sig line, but no matter how many times rynna tells me how to make a link w/o it being super long, i never remember.

i am a total thread hog today, but i seem to have a lot to say.

the boys went for their first wbc today with our new ped. it was ro's 1st ever and tain's 1st since he was 18 mo and we decided not to vax. even the nurse didn't give us crap about vaxing. when i told her we weren't, she just said ok and moved on to the next question. the doc told us there is no hurry to decide, ro wasn't going to be exposed to a whole lot until he went to school so we don't have to make up our minds any time soon (we are still undecided about whether we are selectively or not at all). Tain was current by the time we started questioning it, so he is irrelevant at this point.

ro is 18 lbs, 27.5" and tain is 34 lbs and 38"!! he definitely has a hernia and she referred us to a ped surgeon. anyone btdt who can tell me what to expect? she also thinks he has ocd. thank god i am not out in lala land with that belief! everyone i know (except dh) laughs it off, but i am serious. i really think he has it. she referred us to a great behavioral ped so hopefully i can get some skills for his sleep situation as well as helping minimize the trauma of change/things not being the way he wants them to be. it is hard not to feel like i did something, like tain's behavior isn't ap gone horribly wrong. maybe if i hadn't catered to him quite so much it would be easier for him to deal with change/not have things his way. but dh reminded me that if we weren't ap, poor tain's life would have been/be so much worse. those ap daddies!
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My brother had a hernia which was surgically repaired just before his 6th birthday. It was just a day surgery, and when he woke up and they asked him what he wanted to eat, he said he wanted a cheeseburger and a glass of juice and an ice cream cone. :LOL It wasn't a big deal, but of course I was not quite seven at the time; I'm sure someone else around here has a slightly older perspective.

I never heard about the growing-until-they're-mobile theory.... but I don't think it's holding true for BooBah. In fact, she had her first real growth spurt as she was starting to become really mobile. BeanBean fell off his curve at 6 months and that's when he started really taking off, so maybe it holds true for boys more than girls? Maybe it has more to do with the fact that she started taking Pepcid then and throwing up less food, and that she started solids, too.

So Mike was totally sent into shock when I told him how much our tax refund is this year. We're going to put most of it into a savings account for.... a down payment for a house! He also said that I should tell my brother I'll buy his laptop from him as soon as it's in our account. This is fantabulous, because it means I'll be able to continue writing my book. And of course, we'll get BooBah a new carseat and BeanBean some shoes and all that jazz. I'm feeling pretty decent right now, just hearing Mike in a better mood on the phone made a huge difference.

BeanBean is in the living room, watching a Sailor Moon dvd in Japanese (I always watch it in Japanese). He absolutely loves Sailor Moon, which thrills me no end as I am a huge fan. It was so cute, though; he woke up, came out here and instead of asking for nursies told me that he woke up on his Sailor Moon pillow and he wanted to watch the dvd. I was more than happy to oblige him! Anything to entertain him so that he doesn't wake up screaming to nurse! He just asked me for some ravioli for breakfast. :LOL Whatever you want, BeanBoy! :LOL
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Julie, I wish Id had that foresight regarding clothes! I kept most of Rolands clothes for the next baby. Roland was a winter baby (Jan 9th) and Caitlin is a summer baby (Jun 14th) So even the gender neutral clothes aren't much use to me! All of Caitlins stuff gets packed up & sent away the moment she doesn't fit it anymore. That way I can't get any silly ideas about having another baby (any of you having another baby isn't silly... but we're out of room & I refuse to move, so it'd be silly for us)

I think it was partly stress that made my hair fall out so much... it didn't happen to even nearly that extent after Roland was born. I didn't realize how much I'd lost until I noticed the 1 inch hairs wither... I has been thinking that maybe it just seemsed like more than it actually was, because I've got long hair now.

She is beautiful, isn't she? Of course, I'm her mom, so I could always see it. Looking back at pictures of her is shocking to me, at how bad it was. I love her dimples... one in each cheek & one in her chin, just like her daddy!

Caitlin's in 12 - 18 month stuff. The 18 month stuff is a bit long in the legs, but she likes sucking & chewing on the footies of the pyjamas, so it's all good.

I've found a good way to make Caitlin feel included at meal times when I'm not giving her something to eat... I give her some of Rolands play food to chew on!! Last night she had pizza with us.

I called Infant Development & they're sending someone out to see us on Monday. They didn't seem overly concerned about her not being able to move around much. Shewas really concerned that Caitlin doesn't seem to be able to move food back into her mouth to swallow it. My instinct tells me it's not something to worry about... shes 20+ pounds, after all. Not having that skill yet is natures way of preventing her from ingesting foods before her gut is ready to handle them, and it's stands to reason that she'd be a bit delayed in that, given that she has severe eczema (even though I wasn't able to figure it out, she *does* have food sensetivities, I'm sure of it) Anyway, its an in-home visit, and I'm open to hearing another perspective on it. My mom has a story that backs up my opinion, too. She says that my sister could only eat completely pureed food until she was 9 months old, and then one day at MacDonalds she ate a whole entire filet-o-fish, and the gag reflex was suddenly gone, just like that. Now, I'm not taking Caitlin to MacDonalds, but I suspect the sudden ability to consume foods to happen someday in the next few months. Anyway, I'm rambling.
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Well, Dakota got the climing thing down last night. She scared dh really bad. He was supposed to be watching her while I did laundry and dishes and I hear this screech come from him and I look over and she's standing on top of a box (she was leaning over with one hand supporting her though) dancing. She was naked so it was really cute. She was just on top of this box wiggling her little bottom around and laughing. :LOL Dh hadn't believed me that she could kind of climb until he saw it himself.

I can't believe I forgot about the nursing dances. It's amazing if I can get Dakota to stay still for half a second while nursing. I have scratches all over my belly, chest, and arms from her trying to climb and claw me while nursing. She also does the diaper change tango. She will lay perfectly still until I pull the diaper up to snap it. Then, off she goes. Her diapers never look right when they go on anymore and I always have to adjust them later. I tried swadling her upper half so she couldn't run away, but then she just screamed and cried and I felt terrible. Maybe I should just buy her a potty and do EC? I really should. Her skin is so sensitive. She has another bloody rash. I don't know what she touched. I've bought quite a few new diapers this month so I'm thinking that might have been it. I washed them all a bunch with vineger, but I guess I just didn't do a good enough job. *sigh* I feel so bad for her...

Ok, picture, picture. How do I do this? I don't know. Here's a link to some pictures Pictures
The picture of the three of us is a really bad picture, it was really really cold, but it was the only picture of all three of us on the computer.
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Kathryn, I really wanted to do EC with BooBah, I did a lot of research and even made sure that we had two Little Potties, and I was all set to go... and then I found out that I couldn't do it with her. I was so disappointed! But you've got to do what you've got to do. Anyway, there's always the next one! If you do start EC, lemme know how it goes! I'm really interested in the concept.

BooBah doesn't do the nursing gymnastics they way BeanBean did, she just turns her head while she's still attached. : Then she gets mad at me when I won't shove my nipple right back into her mouth! She also leaves for diaper changes, just as soon as you take the old one off those mini buns are gone. :LOL It's really funny most of the time. :LOL I know, laughing only reinforces the behavior, but most of the time it's really hilarious. :
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Originally Posted by eilonwy
Kathryn, I really wanted to do EC with BooBah, I did a lot of research and even made sure that we had two Little Potties, and I was all set to go... and then I found out that I couldn't do it with her. I was so disappointed! But you've got to do what you've got to do. Anyway, there's always the next one! If you do start EC, lemme know how it goes! I'm really interested in the concept.
Sorry it didn't work for you.
I have already kind of done EC with her a little bit. For a couple of weeks, I was getting her to go on the potty 2 or 3 times a day. I had stopped because we all got sick and we're all just too stressed right now between TTC and buying a new house. I'm going to look at buying a bjorn potty for each room (I think I'll go for 5-7) so I don't have to run her around the house looking for a potty.
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I give Caitlin something to hold onto/chew while I change her diaper. When she's occupied with something, she doesn't wriggle as much... otherwise she alternates between doing The Windmill and The Bicycle. When she wakes up form a nap, shes got snacking on her mind. When she realizes we're going for a diaper change she starts to cry... she knows what "diaper" means... and
jump" If I ask her "Do you want to play in your jump-a-jump?" and she does, she starts jumping right then! (jolly jumper)

Caitlin doesn't wriggle too much when she's nursing.... she just pops off every 30 seconds to peek at what Roland's doing!

Kathryn, what are you wiping with? We use cloth wipes with plain water. I have some disposable wipes, that I thought would be fine occasionally (like if I'm halfway through a chnge & realize the water bottle is empty etc) but she breaks out in a rash from using them even once.
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Mummoth, OMG I am so sick of my hair coming out. I thought it was done, and I started getting major clumps again. I just had my thyroid checked so that isn't it. And I totally have the peach fuzz....

The teething thing subsided and whammo I caught a cold. I am feeling so sorry for myself I am barely tolerable.

We've been playing a bit with EC, I got a little potty and love it. Nothing too major yet, but when I *know* she has to go, I put her on and she goes. It's so cool to see that it's addictive...

On the CIO/nightweaning front, I think there's dogmatism and then there's experimenting. Like with the occasional bottle of formula, sometimes a short walk on the "dark side" might be just what a family needs to get back on track. Certainly neither is my first choice but there are times (usually in the late afternoon) when R needs her space from me and I would not want to be so dogmatic as to never respect that. And, she does cry sometimes and I do let her, like me she is a little drama queen--sometimes she can fix things herself and sometimes she needs my help, and sometimes she is just blowing off steam. She *really* needs me to help her get to sleep though so I'm hoping neither CIO or nightweaning will ever be an issue for us. I guess what is sort of depressing to me about the kind of talk floating around is that it seems anti-experimentation, and I think finding the dynamic that works well for a particular baby is really important. Not that a lot of mainstream people don't justify CIO because they the parents are tired so they are convinced it is a problem the child has... and it kills me to see people repeat sleep training instead of realizing that development, growth and whatnot is just going to make sleep unpredictable...

There's more I wanted to post but my head is too fuzzy. I think I'll send this before I lose it.
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Originally Posted by Mummoth
Kathryn, what are you wiping with? We use cloth wipes with plain water. I have some disposable wipes, that I thought would be fine occasionally (like if I'm halfway through a chnge & realize the water bottle is empty etc) but she breaks out in a rash from using them even once.
I was using disposable, but after the last bloody rash (got it at thanksgiving, finally healed up at christmas) I'm now using cloth wipes with just plain water. I've tried using different detergents, I've tried cutting out certain foods from my diet. Nothing really helps. I think she's just really sensitive to anything with dyes or scents. I don't know what to do.
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"I guess what is sort of depressing to me about the kind of talk floating around is that it seems anti-experimentation, and I think finding the dynamic that works well for a particular baby is really important. Not that a lot of mainstream people don't justify CIO because they the parents are tired so they are convinced it is a problem the child has..."

EXACTLY. By the time James was six months old, I had adapted my sleep patterns and was *enjoying* cosleeping and night nursing. But then HE stopped enjoying it. At the same time, he stopped wanting to be rocked down for naps. He is just somebody who relaxes into sleep most easily when he is alone. I gave myself a whole lot of guilt when, in retrospect, I was simply honoring his need to have his own sleeping space.
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Hair loss....it is the story of my life. I have thick, almost unmanageable hair during pregnancy, then it falls out at warp speed about 2 months after birth. It didn't stop after Gunnar until I got pregnant with Landen, 21 months later. Huge clumps. I have to catch it and drop it in the trash while I am showering so it doesn't go down the drain. It is starting to grow back in too, and I have this weird hair all around my face, and it will start standing straight up on my head too. I hate it. I found that if I use a round, natural bristle brush to bow dry my hair, it tames it down quite a bit. I also use hair oil to help smooth it down. I had thyroid surgery last summer, and am on replacement, so I have had my levels checked frequently, so I now without a doubt it has nothing to do with it.

CIO....I can't do it. But I think there is a difference between a baby that needs to settle themselves and one that is being left to CIO. A baby who needs space will calm down, a mother just knows when it is right. A baby left to CIO will not settle, will just get more worked up, probably eventually puke, and be left spasming with sobs, even after they fall asleep from exhaustion. When a baby needs their own space, you can almost see the relief, see them relax a bit, when they no longer feel onver-stimulated. My #4 baby was exactly like that. He slept with me until he was 3yo, but he always needed his own space, and he didn't cuddle during the night.

I finally learned to knit, and I have been a knitting fool!!! I took an on-line class at another forum, and I am taking another one. I have made Landen 2 pairs of shorts, and I got a bunch of new wool to make him 6 more, hopefully. Those will be his summer wardrobe. I started making Landen pants, but must have had my gauge wrong because they are huge, so now they will be Gunnar's.

I am feeling a little better today. Night time is worst because I am just so tired. Landen is still yucky, but not horrible. 3 of my other kids are sick too. UGH!!

I am so glad to be back here posting again.
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I just learned to knit too, but only the basics. I don't think I'll be making longies anytime soon.

CIO - We don't do it, but there are times when everything seems to be crashing down at once and I just can't pay attention to Andrea. Like, both she and Linda will be getting into something, the phone ringing, the pasta on the stove boiling over, something in the oven that needs to come out, a huge mess on the floor, all at once so I will put Andrea in the crib or playpen and get to her when I've stabilized all the other situations. She usually ends up being left for 10 minutes - sometimes she sleeps, sometimes not. So I guess that's a form of CIO.

I've always been one of those people that leaves hair everywhere. When I sell a diaper I have to make sure there aren't hairs on it.
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try my link now-thanks Rynna, you rock!!
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